The Bush Deficits

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Premise: Do you remember back during the George W. Bush administrations when creeple vociferously gnashed their teeth about the Bush deficits and how Bush had ruined the budget since the supposed Clinton surpluses? (Of course, we saw on the page, Clinton Surpluses that the so-called Clinton surpluses were nothing more than creeple propaganda anyway – there were NO Clinton surpluses.) Creeple continuously complained throughout the Bush presidency about the unnecessary and wasteful spending of the administration that was hurting the economy.

Question: So wasn’t it a relief in 2008 when creeple Democrats won the Presidency, the House and the Senate and immediately eliminated all of that unnecessary and wasteful spending added by the Bush administration that had been hurting the economy over the previous eight years?

Conundrum: Wait – you don’t remember that? Oh yeah – it didn’t happen. Instead, creeple Democrats implemented a trillion dollar deficit budget in their first year in office, called it a “stimulus program” – on top of all that unnecessary and wasteful spending from the Bush administration that had been hurting the economy. Funny how Bush’s deficit spending was never seen as stimulus spending though, huh? As soon as Bush’s budget was changed into Obama’s budget all of that extra spending by Bush suddenly became a brilliant economic strategy from “the smartest President evah!”

[Numbers expose creeple lies and hypocrisy rather well.]

Explanation: But wait, you say Obama was reacting to an economic bubble bust, market crash and recession. But so was Bush. The tech bubble went bust in 2000, the stock market crashed, and the economy went into a recession, and in addition there was 9/11 (all elements of the Clinton legacy). So again, why wasn’t Bush’s deficit spending considered stimulus? Creeple Democrats could have eliminated all of Bush’s deficit spending increases (which were all unnecessary and wasteful according to creeple) by going back to Clinton’s last budget and adding a bit for inflation. By my calculations back in 2010, $1.6 trillion in savings could have been had in the 2011 budget. Instead the budget was set to add another trillion dollars in debt on top of the two trillion dollars of deficits from the previous two years. Can you say propaganda and hypocrisy?

We’re also told by creeple that spending on WWII ended the Great Depression (except that it didn’t, as we saw in The Roaring Twenties vs. The Dirty Thirties). So, according to creeple, war spending stimulates the economy. Well, Bush started two wars, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Why don’t creeple credit those wars for stimulating the economy? Hmmm?

Conclusion: When it comes to the federal budget, creeple are just flat-out liars. Were the Bush deficits necessary and good economics? As a freeple I say no. Are Obama’s much larger deficits necessary and good economics? No, they are even worse for the country than Bush’s were. We should go back to the freeplenomics of the Roaring Twenties – freedom and prosperity.

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