Deprogramming and Exit Counseling

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Creepleism is in many ways similar to a cult, so some of the same principles that deprogrammers and exit councilors use for extracting victims out of cults can be used to release sheeple from their bondage to societally induced paranoia. However, since the precise rules of cults do not directly apply to the societal conditioning of sheeple, neither deprogramming nor exit counseling are in of them self useful to us, but their techniques can help guide us in our tactics to be used on sheeple.

Exit councilor Steven Hassan:

~ “First, I demonstrate to him that he is in a trap—a situation where he is psychologically disabled and can’t get out. Second, I show him that he didn’t originally choose to enter a trap. Third, I point out that other people in other groups are in similar traps. Fourth, I tell him that it is possible to get out of the trap.”~

This mostly describes The Paranoid Quiz (this is why it is important to first direct sheeple to read the quiz). First, I illustrate to the sheeple reader who they really are in the core of their being – a freeple. Then I expose who they have been turned into by societal conditioning – a sheeple. We then explore how the trap was executed, and that they are not unique in falling for it – indeed, what has happened to them is common in American society. We also examine how they have been manipulated by creeple, and how to get out of the trap.

However, cultists have usually been directly programmed with their beliefs by cult leaders, whereas sheeple pick up their beliefs more spontaneously through their paranoia by reacting to the news and creeple propaganda (often the same thing), and other societal influences. The cultist is confident since he has been trained with how to deal with challenging situations to his beliefs. Sheeple are insecure and instead respond to challenging situations with their scoff reflex, again, a result of their paranoia. In many ways this makes sheeple more difficult to deal with than cultists. At the first sign of a challenge, unlike the cultist who is eager to prove his correctness, sheeple simply shut down their mind to counterarguments. The difference is that cultists are cultists because they believe certain things. Whereas, sheeple are sheeple because they fear almost everything. And most of all, they fear having their fears challenged. The scoff reflex is always on alert for imagined evil monsters trying to trick them out of their fear.

Deprogrammer Ted Patrick:

~ “When you deprogram people, you force them to think. The only thing I do is shoot them challenging questions. I hit them with things that they haven’t been programmed to respond to. I know what the cults do and how they do it, so I shoot them the right question; and they get frustrated when they can’t answer. They think they have the answer, they’ve been given answers to everything. But I keep them off balance and this forces them to begin questioning, to open their minds.”~

This also describes The Paranoid Quiz. First I set up a premise that can be more or less agreed upon by the sheeple reader (for instance, the definitions of a deficit, a surplus and debt). Then I present a quandary based on the premise by asking them to find a surplus in the provided graph of national debt based on the definitions in the premise. Next is to spell out the conundrum so that the sheeple reader definitely gets it (I explain why they can find no example of a surplus in the supplied graph – creeple lied). Then we deal with how they have been trapped and manipulated by creeple. Finally, once their mind begins to open up they realize that they had been spoon fed a lie and that they had swallowed it whole.

Another example is the Roaring Twenties/Dirty Thirties page which presents what becomes a choice for the sheeple reader between the historic prosperity of freeplenomics and the crippling disaster of creeplenomics. And in another page, reparations are used as an example of a demand for justice (sheeple love a demand for justice), with the Democratic Party being revealed as the real villain of American history that has yet to pay for its injustices.

Deprogrammer Ted Patrick:

~ “When the mind gets to a certain point, they can see through all the lies they’ve been programmed to believe, and they realize that they’ve been duped and they come out of it. Their minds start working again.”~

This is the purpose of The Paranoid Quiz – to disable the scoff reflex and open sheeple up to freedom. But it is much more than just a quiz. Based on these and other examples I offer many more tactics for removing their paranoia and getting sheeple minds working again.

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