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Premise: There are two kinds of people. A freeple is a person who believes in the freedom of individual liberty – the right to direct their own life. A sheeple is a person who buys into collectivism – a voluntary slavery to a governing authority that coercively directs everyone’s lives and restricts everyone’s choices supposedly for the good of the common interest of society.

Question: Do you consider yourself a freeple or a sheeple?

Conundrum: In your inner core you were born as a freeple who desires the individual liberty to direct your own life. However, your societally conditioned social personality has perverted you with the paranoid attitude of a sheeple. You fear to direct your own life (self-responsibility), so in many areas of your life you accept and maybe even demand that government-empowered elites direct your life for you – and everyone else’s as well. Your paranoia turns you into a voluntary slave to the collective – a sheeple.

[The anxiety that you sense in your mind right now is cognitive dissonance resulting from a battle between your reasoning and your ingrained paranoia. Like any rational person, you’d rather look in the mirror and see a freeple, but to your horror, you realize that you actually identify more with your social personality as a sheeple.]

[Don’t let your paranoia scoff this off…]

Explanation: You are two people in one mind –  your inner core is a freeple, but your social personality is a sheeple. However, you have given over the control of your mind to the fears of your sheeple. You must make conscious decisions to reject these fears and begin thinking as a freeple – who you were born as – who you really are.

Conclusion: Sheeple fear the responsibilities of freedom.

Do not let your scoff reflex prevent you from continuing…

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