A Message for New Freeple

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Doubts: Your many questions will be answered.

If you are doubtful that sheeple and creeple really are paranoid of virtually everything, soon you will see that there is evidence of new paranoia in the news everyday, with hundreds of examples offered.

If you are still doubtful as to how hypocritical creeple really are, your doubts will be put to rest with more examples as well.

If you are still doubtful that creeple base everything on deception, lies and propaganda, soon you will wonder why you ever bought into any of it.

If you want more examples of how creepleism fails and freepleism works, dozens more are offered.

If you are reserved about how altruistic freeplism may really be, your reservations will be allayed.

If you still fear really committing to becoming a freeple, your fears will be alleviated.

If you think that freeple are racists, sexists, bigots, etc. you will see that no freeple can be and remain a freeple – bigotry is a contradiction of freepleism.

If you still suspect that I may be an evil monster in disguise attempting to lure you into a trap, you will find that I am thoroughly honest and can back up my contentions with empirical evidence and logical reasoning – just as I did in The Paranoid Quiz.

Let me reiterate that promise I made to you in the quiz: Give me a couple of weeks of your spare time and you’ll never look back…

[This page is from The Paranoid Quiz website. To understand the context take the quiz.]