Paranoia In The News

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

1) Paranoia

2) Political Correctness3) Progressive-fascism4) Neoracism

Paranoia is the first of four primary symptoms of creepleism evident in the news everyday (the other three being political correctness, progressive-fascism and neoracism).

By far the most humorous news items are the stories (many are just plain kooky) which illustrate that creeple and sheeple are possessed by Ameriphobia – the fear of a liberated America as envisioned by the founding fathers. Sheeple and creeple are societally programmed to be paranoid of evil monsters everywhere attempting to destroy their lives and America itself. See if you can spot the imagined evil monsters in each of the following headlines.

Scenes from the liberal meltdown

Obama Lobbies Against Obliteration by Trump

LGBT Suicide Hotlines See a Spike in all Volume After Trump Win

´We respect all people in New York´: Governor Andrew Cuomo takes a stand against Trump and offers people ´under attack´ to take refuge in the Empire State

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich ´Sick to My Stomach´ Over President Trump

´I feel like I did after 9/11´: Robert De Niro shares his anger following Trump´s victory

Anti-Trump backlash enters the fourth night: Police brace for violence across the country as demonstrators take to the streets – and counter-protests raise fears of heated clashes

Sidney Blumenthal: ‘Right-Wing’ FBI Agents Took Down Hillary In A ‘Coup D’Etat’

‘Safe spaces’ balloon on college campuses following Donald Trump win

‘That Frightens Me’: Capehart Tears Up Discussing Trump Presidency

Roger Goodell: Donald Trump´s comments on women could hurt NFL efforts to curb domestic violence

After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union

Celebrity Meltdowns

Southern Poverty Law Center Facing ‘New Reality,’ Calls Trump Advisers ‘Far-Right Extremists’

Rudy Giuliani calls college kids ´a bunch of spoiled crybabies´ – as universities bring in therapy dogs and Play-Doh to soothe Hillary supporters

Report: Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Stop Crying, Blamed Comey and Obama for Her Stunning Loss

Rigged Election Claims May Leave Lasting Damage

Wikileaks Reveals–Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs: Americans Who Want to Limit Immigration Are ‘Fundamentally UnAmerican’

Journalism group: Trump an ´unprecedented threat´ to press freedom\

Bill Clinton: Trump’s Base Is ‘Your Standard Redneck’

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Maybe the country needs Trump to show ´authoritarian power´

WSJ columnist urges voters to pick Clinton over ´unstable´ Trump

Navy Removes All Historic Job Titles After Study On Gender Neutrality

Obama Cabinet Official Says It’s A Good Thing Justice Scalia Died

Court Judge: ‘No One Should Have’ Guns – ‘Not Police, Not Security’

Global warming milestone as scientists warn Earth has passed carbon tipping point ´for good´

Obama Blames Fox, Limbaugh for Hillary Clinton’s Struggling Campaign Against Trump

Social Justice Warrior Has Total Meltdown Over Guy Wearing Make America Great Again Hat

Obama: We Have Conversations About Climate Change in the Situation Room

Bubba Panic: ‘Make America Great Again’ Racist Slogan

Media Spin Louisiana Flooding as ‘Climate Change’ After Obama Report

Cyndi Lauper Compares Trump to Hitler

Daily Kos Writer: If America Turns Fascist, ‘Goose-Stepping’ Anti-Hillary Media Will Help Make It Happen

NYT Columnist Blames America for Holocaust, Syrian Genocide

Poor Hillary Still Faces Sexist Double-Standard

Padded New York Times Opinion Piece Equates Trump With Hitler

Streisand: I Will Leave Country If He Wins

Students add trigger warnings to posts on Pokemon GO, U.S. Constitution, ‘white men’

Ex-Obama Campaign Chief David Plouffe Maligns Trump as a ‘Psychopath’

Former Obama aide calls Trump a ´psychopath´

´I´m coming if you´ll let me in´: Barbra Streisand claims she will relocate to Australia if Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton in US election

Herky the Hawk’s grimace too ‘aggressive’ for fragile students, Iowa professor says

Kaepernick sits out national anthem; says he did so because U.S. ‘oppresses black people’

Hillary Says ‘Alt Right’ Is Connected To Putin, Without Any Evidence

Tinfoil Hillary: ‘Alt-Right,’ Alex Jones, Brexit, Putin All Part of Global Conspiracy Against Her

Despite the hundreds of headlines below illustrating the deep paranoia of creepleism which imagines new evil monsters on a daily basis, no one media example exemplifies this paranoia more succinctly than a Hillary Clinton campaign advertisement from late August, 2016. It actually concludes that if Donald Trump is elected President, “the neo-Nazi and white supremacist movements … could be running the country.” This is well beyond plain ole societally programmed paranoia, and instead enters into the territory of truly psychotic derangement. If you had anything to do with creating, promoting or believing this advertisement, you should immediately check yourself into the closest psych ward – your condition is well beyond any help that The Paranoid Quiz can offer.

And then there was this headline from California: KKK Grand Dragon Endorses Hillary Clinton Oops…

EPA goes ‘local’ with state-by-state climate scare campaign: ‘What Climate Change Means for Your State’

Krugman blames AGW for ‘a proliferation of disasters like the one in Louisiana’

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. slaps down NYT’s Krugman for linking floods to AGW: ‘How does Krugman get away with this?’

MTV Claim: ‘plenty Of Republicans Care About Climate. It’s Just Hard To Hear Them Above The Anti-science Din’

UK Guardian: ‘Climate change is thawing deadly diseases. Maybe now we’ll address it?’

Report: Millennials could lose trillions in lifetime income because of ‘climate change’

Al Gore Blames Deadly Louisiana Floods On Global Warming — Just As New Studies Debunk His Claim

CNN’s Rye Reminded of Slavery by Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’

WashPost Art Critic Hyperbolically Imagines Arts Stifled by Trump’s ‘Authoritarian Leadership’

DNC Ad: Breitbart Headlines Not Politically Correct Enough For Democrats

Kirsten Powers: Questions About Hillary’s Health ‘sexism’

Biden Says Trump Can’t Be Trusted With Nuclear Codes

De Niro: Trump ‘totally nuts’

Clinton says Trump incited violence with ´Second Amendment´ remarks

Clinton Campaign Spins Trump 2nd Amendment Comments as ‘Threat’

Hillary Slams Trump for ‘Casual Inciting of Violence’

Feminists: He Threatened to Assassinate Hillary Because She’s a Woman

Two murals at University of Wisconsin-Stout to be removed: ´Psychologically devastating´

Climate Hysteria Goes Global On ‘Earth Overshoot Day’

BuzzFeed Fears Trump’s Policies Could Lead To Mass Lynchings

Cokie Roberts: Trump Calling Hillary ‘Unhinged’ Is ‘Code for We Shouldn’t Elect a Woman’

Clinton says Trump appeals to ‘ugliest impulses of our society’

WH wants all agencies to consider climate change

Kaine: Recognizing Marriage as ‘Between a Man and a Woman’ Creates a ‘Hostile Place’

Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Struggles With White Men Because Of “Guns, Gays, And God”

Clinton camp: Trump urging Russian ‘espionage’ in email flap

Rep. Ellison: ‘Situation With These Guns…Not Unlike Climate Change’ Not Unlike ‘Banning Tobacco’

As ISIS Attacks Mount, Dems Target The Real Threats: Refrigerators And The Rich

Obama accuses Putin of helping Trump with Democratic Party email hack as The Donald calls conspiracy theory ´crazy´ and Kremlin issues ´four-letter words´ denial

How do you know Russia hacked the Hillary emails? Clinton campaign is asked. ´We saw it on CNN.´ Democrats admit they have no evidence of Putin link to disastrous leak

Senior Hillary Clinton Supporter Blames “Stupid White People” for Trump Success in Polls

Clinton campaign so desperate that it implies treasonous Trump

Clinton Campaign Manager: Russia Is Secretly Helping Trump

John Kerry says air conditioner and refrigerator chemicals are as threatening to human life as ISIS

First It Was Killer Bathtubs, Now It’s Killer Air Conditioners

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy

Donald Trump Is Crazy, and So Is the GOP for Embracing Him

Of Course: MSNBC Connects Munich Terror Attack Talk to GOP Convention

How Many People Were Shot by Open Carriers at the RNC?

SALON: ‘Climate change denial much worse than Holocaust denial’

Wasserman-schultz: Republicans Want To Kick Women Out Of Country!

Pope Francis to the UN: environmental degradation threatens ‘the very existence of the human species’

‘The Next Genocide’- NYT OpEd: Climate ‘deniers’ present ‘intellectual stance that is uncomfortably close to Hitler’s’

Obama Paints Doomsday Scene of ‘Global Warming’ – ‘Entire nations submerged underwater, cities abandoned & refugees fleeing’ – Unless Government Controls Climate!

Obama Warns of Planet Beyond Repair: ‘Submerged Countries. Abandoned Cities. Fields No Longer Growing’

Obama Prophesies Climate Nightmare: Famine, Floods, Fire, Fumes and Fighting

Obama paints doomsday scene of global warming in Alaska

NY Times’ Charles Blow: ‘All Of America Is Arrayed Against Black People’

Clinton Compares GOP Candidates’ Stance on Women to Terrorists

‘Recharged’ Obama calls opponents ‘the crazies’

Papal Advisor Naomi Klein: ‘It’s Clear’ Climate Change Is Making Racism Worse

Lefty Blogger: Planned Parenthood Videos Part of Conservatives’ War on Female ‘Autonomy’

Actor Michael Rapaport on The Nightly Show: Trump Has An ‘Old School, Slave Owner Mentality’

Jonathan Alter: Grover Norquist’s Anti-Tax Pledge ‘Helped to Wreck’ the U.S.

Obama Summer Book List Includes Doomsday Climate Change Extinction Book

Claim: ‘Climate change is giving child marriages a boost’ – ‘Marry before your house is swept away’

SLAP: Obama Compares ‘Iranian Hardliners’ to Republicans

NYU Ethics Director slams Trump as ‘proto-Hitlerite’

‘By 2018, no new cars, homes, schools, factories, or electrical power plants should be built anywhere in the world’

UN climate chief: Paris to set 50-year agenda – ‘Science is telling us that time is running out…We are at 5 minutes to 12′

Watch: Martin O’Malley: Climate change conditions led to rise of ISIS and extreme violence

Al Sharpton: Climate Change ‘Civil Rights Issue,’ Blacks ‘Suffer Disproportionately

Jerry Brown’s climate warning: ‘We are talking about extinction’

‘Offended’ flea market shopper calls 911 over Confederate merchandise – ‘I was shaking and almost vomiting’

‘The View’ Crazy Conspiracy Theory: SF Killing Timed to Help Trump?

Chris Matthews: Donald Trump Can Be as Dangerous as Saddam Hussein

CNN’s Bernstein Implicates GOP ‘Attacks’ in Hillary Clinton Dishonesty

HuffPost Headline on AP Story Hypes Major GOP Donors as ‘Billionaire Overlords’

Salon Writer Tantrum: Pro-Choice Advocates Care Most About Family, Pro-Life Movement ‘Downright Dangerous’

Ryan Reynolds: ‘Monsters’ Oppose ‘Humane’ Gay Marriage

Study: ‘Society will collapse by 2040 due to catastrophic food shortages’ – ‘Based on plausible climate trends’

Papal & UN Advisor Jeffrey Sachs: We’ve got six months to save the world or we’re all doomed

New Yorker Writer: In Gun Debate, It’s ‘Facts’ and ‘Truth’ Versus ‘Dark Fantasies of Individual Autonomy’

Stanford Prof: If Dylann Roof Is Convicted, Fox News Should Be Considered ‘An Accessory After the Fact’

MSNBC Guest: ‘Voter Suppression’ a ‘More Sophisticated Form of Lynching’

Obama: ‘Within Our Children’s Lifetimes, On Our Current Pace, the Oceans Go Up Maybe 2, Maybe 3, Maybe 4 Feet’

Climate change poses “medical emergency,” major report says

‘A child born today may live to see humanity’s end, unless…’ ‘Humans will be extinct in 100 years’

NY Times Increasingly Using ‘Denier’ To Describe Global Warming Skeptics

EPA Chief: ‘Climate Deniers’ Aren’t Normal Human Beings

University of California seeks to ban phrase ‘melting pot’

Earth enters sixth stage of extinction — and humans are among ‘walking dead’

Mankind will be extinct in 100 years because of climate change, warns expert

WH Science Adviser: ‘Cars, Trucks and Planes Are Going to Have to Run on Electricity, Biofuels or Hydrogen´

Lefty Blogger: Right-Wing ‘Malevolent Force[s]’ Have Chipped Away at ‘Decency of Everyday Folks’

Salon Writer: Conservatives’ Comedy Based on Meanness and ‘Awful Thoughts’

Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards Attacks Republicans for ‘War on Women’

Flashback: ABC´s ’08 Prediction: NYC Under Water from Climate Change By June 2015

Shorter MSNBC: Seinfeld’s Jab at ‘Creepy PC’ Isn’t Valid Because He’s Rich

Pittsburgh ‘News’ Room, Lobbyists Demand Columnist Firing for ‘Jenner Still a Mister’ Piece

Chris Matthews: Tom Cotton = ‘Psycho’ Killer Norman Bates

Lefty Blogger Charles Pierce Likens Dick Cheney, ‘The Most Inexcusable American’ Ever, to Pol Pot

Newsweek’s Burleigh: McVeigh’s ‘Ideals’ Now Mainstream of GOP

Obama frames global warming as national security threat

White House doom: Climate change causes allergies, asthma, downpours, poverty, terrorism

The root of nearly every free-speech infringement on campuses across the country is that someone—almost always a liberal—has been offended or has sniffed out a potential offense in the making.

WashPost Columnist: People Who Give Flowers ‘Are Terrible For Mother Earth’

LA Times Critic: ‘Hateful Ilk’ at Texas Art Contest Just Showed ‘Freedom’ to Be ‘Stupid’

Joan Walsh: On Race and Poverty Issues, the GOP Is ‘Trying to Reanimate Zombie Reaganism’

Professor: If You Read To Your Kids, You’re ‘Unfairly Disadvantaging’ Others

Joy Reid: Young Man Told Me Baltimore’s Oppression is Almost Like Gaza

MSNBC’s Hall Lets Guest Compare Gay Marriage Plaintiffs to Interned Japanese-Americans in World War II

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist. 52 percent of Democrats are OK with that.

Police Told To ‘stand Down’ During Baltimore Riots

CNN Enters New Round of Climate Panic Based on Two Degrees of Warming

White House defends Hillary: ‘Conservative authors’ can’t be trusted

Jonathan Martin: Part of GOP Driven By ‘White Resentment Politics’

ISIS Has Camps On U.S. Border, But Obama Says ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Are Greatest Terror Threat

Ed Schultz: ‘Republicans Aren’t Going to Be Happy Until They See a Mushroom Cloud’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Super Concerned Rand Paul Will “Let Women Die”

Gawker’s Deadspin Blog Smear: ‘The Police Are America’s Terrorists’

CBS’s LaPook Helps Obama Advance Narrative Climate Change Is Harmful to Personal Health

‘Hardball’ Gives Platform to Rep. Clyburn to Blame Conservative-Leaning ALEC for South Carolina Police Shooting

Obama: Daughter’s asthma attack made climate change personal

Obama presents climate change as hazard to your health

House Dem: Global Warming Could Force Women to Trade Sex for Food

Rep. Barbara Lee: Stop Global Warming Before Everyone Gets an STI

Gaseous Hyperbole From Ed Schultz: 2014 was Hottest Year ‘In The History of Our Planet’

Bob Costas: Gun-Rights Backers Want Ability to Buy ‘Cop-Killer, Armor-Piercing Bullets’

Nation Columnist Eric Alterman: Conservatives Are ‘Making Calculated Attempts to Undermine Our Democracy’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Falsely Charges That Sen. Ted Cruz Voted Against Every Single Obama Appointee

NYT on Ted Cruz’s Debut: A ‘Demagogue’ and ‘Flamethrower’

On Day Cruz Announces for President, Hardball’s Matthews Spends Much of Program Blasting Him As Latter-Day ‘McCarthy’

MSNBC’s Jonathan Alter Spins Cruz’s Message: ‘Extremism Is Good’

Donny Deutsch Attacks ‘Scary…Dangerous…Slimy’ Ted Cruz

Former NY Times Reporter Timothy Egan Goes Full Marxist on GOP: ‘Traitors to Their Class’

Ed Asner on U.S. Media: All ‘Republican-Dominated Newspapers, At Best Centrist TV’

Time’s Joe Klein: ‘Bigoted’ Netanyahu Won a ‘Tragic Election’ for ‘Tyrant’ Israel

MSNBC Contributor Insists ‘Fraternities Need to Be Abolished’; They’re Like Mafia, Biker Gangs

White House: Bibi´s Election Undermines ´Democratic Ideals´

CLAIM: Earth reaching limits for hospitable life

Lefty Blogger Charles Pierce: ‘The Republican Party Is a Mechanism For the Subversion’ of America

Hardball´s Chris Matthews Suggests GOP Senators May Have Committed ´Sedition´ Over Iran Letter

James Carville Slams ‘Right-Wing’ NY Times for Covering Clinton Email Scandal

Carville to MSNBC: Let’s face it, you and the Times are in the tank for the right on this Hillary e-mail thing

Boehner Guilty of ‘Treason’ for Inviting Netanyahu, Whines Radio Lib Bill Press

NY Times Panders Over ‘Vital’ Nancy Pelosi, Victim of Personal Republican Attacks

Lefty Blogger Jonathan Chait: ‘Unique Power’ of Conservatives Destabilizes American Politics

Amanda Marcotte: Conservatives Portray Obamacare As a Giveaway to Black People and ‘Hot Young Sluts’

MSNBC, Post, Other Media Still Link Snowfall to Global Warming

Shorter Chris Matthews: Republican Critics Partly to Blame for Hillary Email Mess

State Department Tweets Speech by Cleric Who Blames Unrest on Global Zionist Conspiracy

Climate change key in Syrian conflict – and it will trigger more war in future

Statist New York Times: Government Must Urge People to Drink Water When Thirsty

Chris Matthews: GOP Would ‘Scorn’ Pro-Civil Rights Republicans of the Past

Nets Tout Dem Fear Mongering on DHS Shutdown, Hit GOP as Dangerous

Slate Writer: If We’re Going to Call Out Extremist Groups, ‘We Could Start at Home With Republicans’

Bloggers Wonder How Walker Will Handle GOP’s ‘Ample Population of Lunatics’ and Their ‘Stark-Raving-Mad Beliefs’

DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat

Lefty Blogger Charles Pierce Likens Conservative Federal Judges to Extremely Venomous Snakes

Hyperbolic Maddow Guest Claims Muslim ‘Kids’ Being Executed in US

Climate Craziness of the Week: ‘climate denial is a form of murder’

University of CA student government passes resolution to divest from America

Joy Behar Smears Conservatives As Being Anti-Vaccine

Michael Moore: My ‘Fatwa’-Issuing Conservative Critics Are an ‘American ISIS’

Daily Beast Writer: Huckabee’s a ‘Christian Wahhabist’ Eager for Christian Sharia Law

Ed Schultz Guest Sounds Alarm: Keystone Tar Sands Will Kill All the Forests and Oceans

I call them the Busybody Brigade (The BB for short). The Left’s army of activists who look for problems that don’t actually exist, and solve them with restrictions that don’t actually work. Their motto: “There should be a law….”

Craven: Senate Dems insist GOPers ‘dislike dreamers more than they dislike ISIS’

Blame De Blasio and Cuomo and Christie for the Blizzard Snow Job

Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World

The climate is ruined. So can civilization even survive?

Scientists: Human activity has pushed Earth beyond four of nine ‘planetary boundaries’

Conspiracy! Liberal Oliver Stone Says CIA Behind Ukranian Revolution

Left-Leaning Michigan Professor Says It’s OK To Hate Republicans

Four Times in One Show, Chris Matthews Compares Ted Cruz to Joe McCarthy

More Climate Alarmism From NYT’s Davenport: Without Restrictions, World Going From ‘Unpleasant’ to ‘Uninhabitable’

NYT: Unidentified “Scientists” Predict “Human Extinction” Absent Climate Treaty

Heed the Warnings: Why We’re on the Brink of Mass Extinction


Schumer: Election Results Show That Dems Need to Go Further Left

Charlie Rangel- Calling tea partyers ‘white crackers’ actually ‘term of endearment’

Congressional Black Caucus Chair- Dems Lost Midterms Because of Racist White Southerners

Charlie Rangel- Some Republicans ‘Believe That Slavery Isn’t Over’

Huffington Post- Mia Love ‘Looks Black,’ But Her GOP Win in Utah Proves ‘White Privilege’

Obama Calls Republicans ‘Un-American’ In Late Election Appeal to Black Voters

Chris Matthews Refers to Meeting of Pro-Israel Group Backed by Adelson as a ‘Whore Bar’

Rosie O’Donnell- Fox News ‘Likes to Incite a Lot of Hate’

Sharpton Claims Clintons Are More Responsible Than Obama For Dem Debacle

University Instructor- U.S. Troops Worse than the Islamic State

After Huge Dem Loss, Bitter NYT Columnists Ponder ‘Broken Politics,’ Sabotage’ by Victorious GOP

Wasserman Schultz- Republicans Are Scarier Than Ebola, ISIS – Video

Matthews Suggests GOP Senate Candidate Joni Ernst ‘Has Talked About Killing Politicians She Doesn’t Agree With’

Major consumer media study finds liberals far less tolerant than normal people

Far-Left Celebrity Russell Brand Is ‘Open’ to 9-11 Trutherism

Andrea Mitchell- ‘Voting Restrictions’ Could Make It ‘Really Hard For Democrats’ In November

Charles Pierce- Public Needlessly Frightened of Ebola Outbreak Because of George W. Bush

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Ebola- ‘Consequence of Deforestation and Climate Change’

Video- ACLU Member Says Christians Just As Extreme As ISIS

Correction Needed- WashPost Book Critic Indicts Fox News (Born In 1996) for Gary Hart Scandal In 1987

Lefty Rock Critic- Killings of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Result of ‘Hatred’ for Obama

Daily Kos- The NRA’s No Gun-Rights Outfit — It’s a ‘Conservative Conspiracy and Propaganda Machine’

‘White boy’ Biden calls tea party ‘crazy’

Mike Barnicle- Shut Up, Jimmy Carter! People Would Rather Have Obama Than You as President

Chris Matthews To Dem. Senator- Does GOP Push Voter ID ‘Because They Don’t Like Blacks-’

Salon’s Joan Walsh Charges It’s ‘Probably No Accident’ Ebola Victim Died in ‘Rick Perry’s Texas’

-Ugh- World Bank Chief Lectures Audience- “Climate Change Is Like Ebola”

Barbra Streisand on HuffPost- GOP Budget Cuts Stopped Ebola Vaccine

Comparing American Cops with Islamic Terrorists – Obama the Ameriphobe.

FCC Mulls Banning Redskins Name

CBS Medical Correspondent- ‘Climate Change’ Linked to Ebola, Child Paralysis Virus

2014 Midterms- CBS Sees ‘Very Conservative,’ ‘Far Right’ Problem in Kansas

Cosmo Attacks Jessa Duggar’s ‘Radical,’ ‘Deranged,’ ‘Extreme’ Pro-Life Views

Rosie O’Donnell- Penalizing Muslim NFL Player ‘Propels Us to War’

Comedy- Angry Daily Show Attacks Redskins- ‘Change the F—ing Name’

Maddow Cites Candidate Calling Reporter ‘Sweetheart’ as Example of GOP’s ‘War on Women’

MSNBC’s Diaz-Balart Ignores Oklahoma Beheading Suspect’s Islamic Faith

GQ’s Ana Marie Cox on MSNBC- Christian Value Voters Summit Wants ‘What The Islamicists Want’

Mark Landler Bids Adieu to Imaginary ‘Era of Single-Minded Deficit-Cutting’ in New York Times – Paranoia addles the brain.

President Obama made a case Tuesday night for closing out the politics of austerity – See?

Maher: Rubio’s a ‘Shameless Liar’ for Saying Obama Created More Debt Than Bush – Truism alert!

Clueless Chris Matthews on State of the Union: ‘There’s Nothing Lefty in Here; What’s the Left-Wing Part?’ – Playing stupid.

Charles Blow Cheered By Obama’s Vision Of ‘Expansive Government‘ – When you are fearful of everything mommy government can never be too big.

Univision Employee Calls Marco Rubio ‘Token Slave Boy’ – Apparently Hispanics can be neoracists too.

Facebook Temporarily Suspends Tea Party Mom – An example of an elephant being paranoid of a mouse.

Dan Rather on Reddit: No one proved that Bush documents were forged – An example of “They’re all out to get me!” paranoia.

LAPD manhunt: Some cheer on fugitive Christopher Dorner with anti cop, gun control, race agendas – Sicko-paranoia.

Jersey News Outlet Cries ‘Global Warming’ as Blizzard Approaches – Sounds more like “Momma!” to me.

Capehart Warns On Drone Strikes: Remember, A Republican Could Become President! – This is upside-down reasoning. If Guantanamo Bay is a precedent, it is Republicans who are held accountable for everything, and Democrats who can get away with anything.

Tony Bennett: Without Gun Control, U.S. May Turn Into Nazi Germany (Godwin’s Rule alert!) – Uh, Tony – the Nazis had strict gun control.

Dem Congressman Warns Of “Mob Scenes” Without “Equity In Society” – Sort-of like Occupy Wall Street paranoids?

Hyannis 5-Year-Old Threatened With Suspension For Making Gun Out Of Legos – Paranoia of boys being boys.

President Obama Laments Rush Limbaugh And Fox News’ Influence On Public Debate – Damn those evil freeple questioning Dear Leader’s agenda!

Your Biggest Carbon Sin May Be Air Travel – Everybody’s a sinner.

GOP ‘Thugs’ in Congress Guilty of ‘Assaulting’ Hillary, Bill Press Whimpers – Hillary, the perpetual victim of evil Republicans.

‘March for … ?’ Nets Don’t Use ‘Life’ in Abortion Debate – Now creeple are paranoid of the word life.

Piers Morgan Accuses GOP of ‘Misogyny,’ ‘Political Grandstanding’ at Clinton Hearing – Can’t challenge the girl – the creeple girl, that is.

NBC Applauds Clinton’s ‘Vigorous Defense’ Against ‘Hostile Interrogation’ – By GOP Evil Republicans again.

Rev. Al Sharpton Hosts ‘Politics Nation Science Lab’ To Slam GOP Over Global Warming – Apocalypse paranoia.

New York Times’ Andrew Rosenthal Again Accuses GOP of Anti-Obama Racism – Can’t challenge the guy either, apparently.

CNN Weatherman: Don’t Laugh! Cold Temps Come from Global Warming – Apocalypse paranoia scrambles the brain. Up is down, black is white, and cold is hot.

NYTimes Celebrates Mag of ‘Mainstream’ Marxism vs. ‘Tea Party Invective,’ ‘Capitalist Vampire Squid’ – More up is down, cold is hot – you know the drill.

Glendale Council Bans Gun Shows From City Property – Somebody tell these councilors that nobody gets shot at gun shows.

Paul Ehrlich: ‘Nobody Has The Right to Have 12 Children – Or Even 3’ – A true apocalypse nut over the decades pops his head out of his hole.

Biden’s claim of brush with gun massacre questioned – Paranoids need to embelish their creds through lying.

CBS News Political Director: ‘Obama Can Only Cement His Legacy If He Destroys the GOP’ – Utopia trumps all.

Dem Rep: ‘Gangster’ GOP Threatening U.S. With Another Depression – Evil Republicans… (yawn)

Food Police Group Bashes Restaurants, CBS Eats it Up – CSPI are classic paranoids, popping up out of their hole every six months or so to warn that someone is thwarting progress toward utopia.

How Liberals Argue: Democrats Voting Against Debt Ceiling Wasn’t “Real” – Double standards anyone?

NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama’s Tactics – Irony much?

Rep. Hank Johnson on NRA: ‘They Still Cannot Get Over’ That Obama Is ‘Black’ – Neoracist paranoia.

Bob Schieffer Likens Obama ‘Taking on the Gun Lobby’ to Hunt for Bin Laden, ‘Defeating the Nazis’ – Evil monsters on the loose.

Is the White House freezing Fox out of pressers? – Evil monsters with press badges.

Obama: GOP Pointing ‘Guns at the Head’ of Americans Over Debt Ceiling – Playing on creeple paranoia.

NJ State Senate Votes to Exclude Non-Union Workers from Hurricane Sandy Cleanup Projects – Legislated paranoia.

ABC Touts Liberal Worries: ‘Most Controversial’ Zero Dark Thirty ‘Glorifies Torture’ – To a creeple, telling the truth is outrageous – better to lie and keep down creeple anxiety.

WaPo Book Reviewer Shoe-horns Slam of George Bush Into Book Review on Irish Potato Famine – They can’t help themselves.

No Shame: MSNBC’s Martin Bashir Disgustingly Compares the NRA to Hitler – Poor choice – everyone knows that Hitler was a gun control nut.

Left-wing Radio Host Who Fantasized About Beheaded Tea Party Members Offended by ‘Gun Appreciation Day’ – Paranoia has a radio talk show.

NRA Akin to Terrorists, Prostitutes Sneer Unhinged Ed Schultz Guests – And another one.

Obama: Conservative media ‘demonizes me’ – Creeple paranoia leads to projection. (Was Bush a crybaby like this?)

Obama demonizes anyone who disagrees with him. See?

Oscar-Nominated ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Picketed By People Who Say Movie Advocates Torture – Politically incorrect movies should not receive Oscars: Martin Sheen, Ed Asner.

Superintendent seeking termination of teacher accused of stomping on American flag in class – Stomping on the flag is ultimately a sign of self-hate – and paranoia.

Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones – Of course they were just joking around, but if freeple had said this on national television these same creeple would be horrified.

Alan Grayson is back: Extreme ‘bath salts’ Republicans ‘would rather eat your face’ – The thing is, you can never be quite sure when creeple are joking. Grayson is an extreme paranoid who often feels compelled to express his deep paranoia in over the top vitriol like this.

Gawker Posts Full List of All ‘A**hole’ New York City Licensed Gun Owners – Media paranoia.

Piers Morgan: AR-15s will lead America to ‘utter Wild West hell’ – The “Wild West” did not have rule of law. “Legally” owning an AR-15 does not fit that criteria. There will be no shoot-em-ups at the OK Coral between owners of “legally” owned AR-15s. Sheesh!

Food allergy discrimination fight — Justice Department says set my gluten free – Administration paranoia.

NJ Dem: GOP’s Christie may have ‘prayed’ for storm – So Governor Christie prayed for a disaster so it would create jobs? That is kookie-paranoid!

Crowd Laughs, Applauds Chicago Teachers Union President After She Jokes About Beheading The Rich – She’s a union president. They get paid very well. How much you wanna bet that she is one of the 1%?

Climate News: Only ‘Hobbit-Sized Humans’ Capable of Surviving Global Warming – Apocalypse alert! Perhaps webbed toes might help as well.

Nat Geo Producer: John Wilkes Booth ‘Could Be the Poster Child for the Tea Party’ – Creeple mantra – Tea Partiers are all crazy people capable of anything. Reality – no Tea Partier has ever been arrested at a Tea party event.

Jason Whitlock strikes again: Likens Thomas Sowell to ‘house negro’ film character – Projection.

NAACP Shamefully Plays Race Card With Tim Scott – More projection.

On First Day of New Congress… Blowhard Alan Grayson Accuses Republicans of Terrorism – And Daily Kos cheers.

An Appeal for Dictatorship Comes Out of the Closet at the New York Times – Utopia!

What some creeple really think of gun owners – More utopia!

New Hampshire Legislator: We Need to ‘Restrict Freedoms’ of Conservatives – Ultimate utopia!

Occupiers Arrested With Weapons, Bomb Making Materials – Surely they meant Tea Partiers.

Obama Contradicts Own Admin: ‘I Cut Spending By Over A Trillion Dollars In 2011′ – Emphasizing the delusion in paranoid delusion.

Thom Hartmann Year in Review: ‘Right-wingers Are All About Fear and Control’ – Classic projection. Richard Hofstadter warned us to look out for this.

Death Threats in Des Moines: Retired Columnist Wants to Kill NRA Members, Drag GOP Leaders Behind Trucks – This is what a career as a creeple journalist leads to.

Georgetown Law professor: Scrap ‘archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil’ Constitution – Even the Constitution is “evil” to some creeple.

Time’s Klein: Last Time Conservatives Were Rational, ‘Norquist Was in Diapers and Limbaugh Was a Disc Jockey’ – And the last time creeple were rational, they were freeple.

Rep. Schakowsky: GOP Voted To ‘Take Food Out Of The Mouths’ Of Babies – Damn, those evil Republicans – always takin’ food out the mouths of babes.

Aspiring Bolshevik Thom Hartmann Wants US to ‘Outlaw Billionaires’ – Perhaps Thom could name for me just one successful country that drives away its rich. Just one Thom…

Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge – Oh-oh – Gandhi was supposed to be a creeple.

Quentin Tarantino Has No Business Using the N-Word – Classic contemporary creepleism – political correctness enforced with a threat of violence.

Phila. police tie construction-site arson to union sabotage – Unions and violence – tell me it isn’t so…

Barney Frank: GOP Convinced Hispanics, Blacks Not To Talk To ‘Gay People’ – This is rich…

CNN Throws Liberal Smears and Talking Points at NRA – What else have they got?

Piers Morgan Strikes Again: Claims Bible ‘Inherently Flawed,’ Needs to Be ‘Amended’ – Creeple always want to amend history.

NPR Host Tweets That al-Qaeda Can’t Compete with How (GOP) Congress ‘Terrorizes Americans’ – Medication needed…

Boston Globe Critic Compares Tarantino’s New ‘House Negro’ Character to Justice Thomas, Keyes, Cain, and Steele – Neoracism.

Prof says Pope should be executed for ‘premeditated mass murder’ – And fascists cheered…

Ed Schultz Producer Insists: I’m ‘Behind Brent Bozell to Try to Destroy This Country’ Brent Bozell = freeple motivated by evil.

Raising a child as Christian worse than sex abuse? Oh, do put a sock in it, you atheist Scrooge – I dare ya to say that raising a child as a Muslim is worse than sex abuse.

Death threats anyone? Austrian Prof: global warming deniers should be sentenced to death – OK – he’s not an American creeple, but he is certainly paranoid enough to be one.

UC Berkeley professor: Ignoring Global Warming a “Sin” Akin to Manslaughter – See?

MSNBC: People Against Gun Control Are Scared Of “Black And Brown People” Rising Up To Get Them… – This is rich – a creeple speaking about ascribing evil to other people.

Former Clinton aide: Obama ‘complicit’ in perpetuating white supremacy – Sometimes creeple paranoia leads to creeple-on-creeple demagoguery.

Philly teen who says she was mocked by teacher for wearing Romney T-shirt sues school district – Role reversal: The student is the adult and the teacher is the child.

CNN Anchors Slam ‘Murderous’ NRA During Press Conference – Freeple are motivated by evil, don’t-you-know.

MSNBC Host Suggests NRA Would ‘Want’ Mass Killing of Children – creeple paranoia often leads to the most illogical conclusions.

Have You Bought Your ‘Abornament’ Yet? – Some creeple combine their paranoia with having a lot of time on their hands.

Lawrence O’Donnell: NRA Chair ‘Lobbyist For Mass Murderers’ – Paranoia = self-righteous enough to pronounce judgment.

Local gun store owner receives death threat – Will he be shot to death with an “assault” rifle?

Professor Becomes Unhinged on Twitter, School President Apologizes – Paranoia drives creeple to do strange things with their spare time.

Chris Matthews: ‘Outlaw’ Semi-Automatic Guns – Panic time!

MSNBC’s Roberts: ‘We Need to Just Be Complacent in the Fact That We Can Send Our Children to School to Be Assassinated?” – More panic time!

Actress Marg Helgenberger: ‘One can only hope’ NRA members get shot – It is amazing how blind creeple are to their own irony.

NYT: Tim Scott, Black Republicans ‘Tokens’ – Neoracism.

“Progressive” talk radio station shuts down, feels betrayed – Why would sheeple waste time listening to creeple talk radio when almost all of the other media is predominantly creeple as well. Think about it. Why does freeple talk radio draw so many listeners? Because virtually all of the rest of the media is creeple.

Parents Say Christmas Carols are Form of Bullying – Irony.

Professor: I Want NRA Vice President’s “Head on a Stick” – More irony.

Founding Fathers Just ‘Some Dead People’ Spews Ed Schultz in Anti-Second Amendment Rant – Creeple hate that they have no respectable founding fathers of their movement, so all founding fathers must be evil.

Civility: NRA Leaders and Members Getting Death Threats – Even more irony.

Why Occupy Values Lead to Occupy Violence – Because they’re creeple values.

Radio Host on Tim Scott: ‘Black Only in Skin Color’ – Unsurprising creeple neoracism.

WaPo Blogger Compares Gun Lobby to Pagan God Demanding Child Sacrifice – Paranoia illustrated as hysteria.

Newsweek Mocks Bill O’Reilly for Still Fighting for Christmas — While Its Cover Story Fights Against Christmas – Christmas is always the scariest time of the year for sheeple and creeple.

Even in Medical School, Affirmative Action Rules – Creeple are afraid that minorities are not smart enough to make it on their own.

Not News: Detroit-Area Pastor Threatens Campaign of Harassment Against Mich. Gov. and Family (‘You Won’t Get No Rest’) – Paranoia of imagined monsters justifies the use of demagoguery and harassment in the creeple mind.

MSNBC Contributor: Rice Criticism Racially Motivated – A staple of creeple paranoia – neoracism.

White House knocks McCain for Palin pick – Creeple are still terrified of Sarah Palin.

WashPost Gossips Mock TMZ Divorce Notes on Palin’s Eldest — Unlike Their 2010 Tribute to Eldest Gore Child’s Talented Divorce – See?

Those cigarette taxes are sure working out, eh? – Creeple always want to save us from ourselves – especially when it means more taxes. This almost always leads to negative unintended consequences in lost liberty with no actual solution to the problem attempting to be solved.

Dem Lawmaker: Obama Must ‘Exploit’ School Shooting To Get Gun Control – Paranoia leads creeple to “exploit” tragedies.

NY Congressman Calls NRA ‘Enablers of Mass Murder’ Congressman – Nadler piles on.

My long car ride mourning the victims “regardless of the politics” – Need more evidence of exploitation?

Belafonte’s Advice to Obama: Imprison Opposition “Like a Third World Dictator” – In the name of utopia, of course.

Michigan Unions Targeted Obama Enemy: Koch Brothers – Paranoids always look for witches to burn.

Pro-Union Activist Threatens the Michigan Governor: ‘We’ll Be at Your Daughter’s Soccer Game’ – Even daughters are not off limits when creeple paranoia is at its height.

Matt Damon: ‘I Need To Pay More Taxes’ – My gawd! Someone has taken Matt Damon hostage and is forcing him not to pay more taxes!

Michael Moore: The NRA hates freedom – This from the man who thinks the free market is “evil”.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Republicans Forced Out ‘Woman of Color,’ Susan Rice – Inherent paranoia drives creeple to think of almost everything regarding minorities as about racism.

Breaking: ESPN Suspends Analyst Rob Parker for Insulting Redskins QB Robert Griffin III – See?

MSNBC: Matt Drudge Is Racist for Criticizing N-Word in Movie – See again?

MSNBC’s Toure Slams Barbara Walters From the Left for Sexist Interview with Hillary Clinton – OK – so sometimes its about gender.

Giuliani Smacks Down Piers Morgan’s Liberal Talking Points – And here we go again.

Kochs Open Up to Forbes: ‘We Get Death Threats …’ – Witches…

Barbra Streisand Insists She Could ‘Never’ Fall in Love With Republican – Good news for Republicans!

Media Claims Conservatives Staged Union Violence in Michigan – Creeple projection at its finest.

Jimmy Hoffa Warns Of “Civil War” As Michigan Governor Signs “Right-To-Work” Into Law – Well, maybe not a “civil war”, but probably a lot of violence since unions are saturated with creeple paranoia.

Steven Crowder Challenges Protester Who Punched Him To Come Forward: ‘Jail, Or Face Me Like A Man’ – Woe – this story of creeple paranoia just got a whole lot more interesting!

Do We Really Have to Condemn the Union Protestor Who Punched Fox News Comedian Steven Crowder? – Paranoid creeple are convinced that sucker punching Steven Crowder was legitimate. (Read the comments.) Apparently, questioning union protestors is the equivalent of asking for it. There is no length too far to go for creeple to justify their own violence as a result of their paranoia.

Religion Writer Forwards New Feminist Complaint: We Never See Depictions of Virgin Mary Breastfeeding Jesus! – It’s Christmas – the season of creeple paranoia of Christinity.

Sean Penn Expresses ‘Love’ for Ailing Chavez: ‘One of the Most Important Forces We’ve Had on This Planet’ – Creeple certainly do love their socialists – they envy their ability to create utopia without that niggling rule of law thang.

Proposed CA Law Would Grant Homeless ‘Right’ to Urinate on Sidewalks – More utopia!

Union Goons Destroyed Man’s Hot Dog Cart While Calling Him ‘N*gger’ and ‘Uncle Tom’ – Socialism beats up capitalism.

Union Mob Destroys Tent With People Inside – Unions and violence go hand in hand.

Michigan Dem on right-to-work law: There will be blood – Call for violence from on high.

Chris Hayes: Price Of Energy Is “Too Low” Right Now – Only a creeple in full paranoia mode would think that a lower natural gas price isn’t “efficiency”.

Navy Cancels Nativity over Atheist Complaint – Even the military is not immune to the effects of creeple paranoia.

Climate Talks Yield Commitment to Ambitious, but Unclear, Actions – The global mean temperature is the same this year as it was in 1990, but envirotheists continue to chant out their mantra of it getting worse each year.

Union Official Compares GOP Push for Right to Work Law in Mich. to Attack on Pearl Harbor – The casualty numbers for both incidents are at the end of the column.

Arrest This Man: Obama’s Union Goons Assault Steven Crowder – Ho-hum. Union thugs demonstrate their paranoia.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Fox News Has Divided America In a Way Not Seen Since the Civil War – And Barack Obama is the great uniter – right…

Dems look to Obama to punish Michigan over labor vote – Paranoids are nothing if not vindictive.

Mike Malloy: Boehner Should ‘Drown Himself In a Vat of Wine’ – Paranoia leads some creeple to become just plain juvenile.

‘Get Your F*cking Teeth Knocked Out’ Union Goons Scream Down Demonstrator Honoring Breitbart – Unions are by far the largest and most violent of paranoid creeple groups.

Michael Moore Calls Michigan GOP ‘Political Serial Killers,’ – Calls for Revolt – Raving paranoid.

Black boxes in cars raise privacy concerns – Only a society saturated with paranoia would do this.

O-kay … Mike Papantonio Compares Tea Party to Invasive Fish That Feasts on Blood – Of course Tea Partiers are motivated by evil.

Maher: Obama Should Implement Carbon Tax As A ‘Personal F–k You to the Koch Brothers’ – Bill Maher is one of the most paranoid creeple in the media.

MSNBC Anchor Sneers: ‘Is the South Ready for a Black Senator?’ – Prejudice is a symptom of creeple paranoia.

NBC’s Williams Fantasizes Over Change in Constitution Allowing Obama to Control Business by Fiat – Creeple paranoia leads to fantasizing about individual liberty being sacrificed to achieve utopia.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee: It’s a Holiday Tree, Not a Christmas Tree – How fearful must one be to be so afraid of political correctness that one cannot call a Christmas tree a Christmass tree?

Fmr. Thatcher advisor Lord Monckton evicted from UN climate summit after challenging global warming – Lord Moncton should feel lucky. Galileo was jailed for stepping on the toes of the consensus establishment of his time.

White House Swats Away McConnell’s Suggestion – So, proposing legislation that can’t even get support from their own party isn’t “political games that aren’t serious”, but proposing to vote on it is. Can someone please tell Mr. Carney that he is standing on his head – that is why he sees the world upside down.

Seniors decry ban on Christmas tree in their complex in Newhall – The horror! A Christmas tree in a senior’s home. Imagine what a house of horrors the White House is with 54 Christmas trees this year.

Berkeley students seek Christmas ban on Salvation Army bell ringers – Maybe they could bring some Hamas or Hezbollah bell ringers instead. They don’t abide homosexuality either, but at least they hate the Jews…

Roland Martin Compares Non-Religious Cadet’s Plight at West Point With Racism – Yawn…

Former NAACP Chapter President: No Reason For Blacks To Vote For Obama Except Race – Oh – oh… A black man just spoke out of his place – he spoke the truth about race. Let the name-calling begin…

NBC’s Lauer Cites CIA ‘Torture’ Scenes in Bin Laden Movie, Asks Whether ‘Ends Justified the Means’ – This is truly hilarious – a creeple asking whether the “ends justify the means”.

ABC’s Avila Launches Another Fishy Food Attack – Here we go again with progress being attacked by creeple using the Rachel Carson strategy of dubious cancer alarm with no evidence whatsoever.

Van Jones: Republicans Want To Let American ‘Dead Bodies Pile Up On The Beach’ – Typical freeple are motivated by evil speech.

Reid blocks Senate vote on Obama’s deficit-reduction plan Democrat – Senators are so paranoid they won’t even allow a vote on President Obama’s supposed fix of the fiscal cliff.

NYT’s Krugman on PBS NewsHour: Democrats’ ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Proposal Serious, GOP Plan Is ‘Blackmail’ – So, if Obama’s plan is so great, why won’t Harry Reid allow a vote on it? And of course, in a creeple’s mind, Republicans are motivated by evil, so they are only interested in “blackmail”.

Republicans Can’t Govern Because They Hate Government, Bill Press and Guest Airily Agree – Didn’t you mean rule, Bill?

GOP Wants to ‘Turn Poor People Into Mulch,’ Claims Ever-Inane Stephanie Miller – Just another example of how creeple paranoia views freeple (and Republicans) as motivated by evil.

NYT Sports Columnist William Rhoden Wishes NFL Would Ban Gun Ownership by Players – Sorta like outlawing inner city gangs from owning guns?

Ed Asner Narrates ‘Tax the Rich: An Animated Fairy Tale’ – This cartoon is like a caricature of creeple paranoia from some witty freeple blog. But it’s actually a creeple production. Yikes!

AmericaFAIL: Majority of Young Voters Favor Bigger Government – This is where creeple paranoia ends up – with a perennial trillion dollar plus deficit viewed as not enough.

Pelosi: Republicans Are “Hostage Taking” Over Fiscal Cliff – So let me get this straight. First she says that taxes will stay the same for the middle class. Then she claims that Republicans want to hold the status quo “hostage to giving an additional tax cut to people making over $250,000 a year”. Where exactly is this “additional tax cut”? All that the Republicans want to do is hold the status quo. And how exactly is holding the tax rate at a status quo “hostage taking”? Paranoia seems to have addled Ms. Pelosi’s mind.

With Carbon Dioxide Emissions at Record High, Worries on How to Slow Warming – What warming?

Howard Fineman Smears ‘Ayatollah-Style’ Grover Norquist – Howard – your creeple paranoia is showing…

Showtime Orders Up ‘Titanic’ New Documentary Series Pushing Global Warming Panic in 2013 – Nothing says “paranoia” more than Hollywood money, Hollywood names, and an apocalypse to hype.

Breaking News: People Like the Government Giving Them Other People’s Money – And nothing says utopia more than satisfied customers of government handouts.

Ken Burns Blasts Tea Party for Rampant Use of ‘N-word’ – Has Mr. Burns never heard of the iPhone? Where are the videos? Evidence, Mr. Burns – evidence. Otherwise, one just sounds like a raving paranoid – oh, wait…

Columbia prof calls anti-tax Republicans ‘seditious’ and ‘treasonous’ – Here’s one of those Republicans just want “to destroy the government” mantras. This guy is so convoluted. He wants to increase taxes supposedly for “deficit reduction”, but ignores that Republicans are the only ones who are actually proposing the only way to cut the deficit – spending cuts.

Obama Aide: With These Republicans, ‘There’d Still be Slavery’ Today – Apparently Chuck Todd thinks creeple paranoid delusion is “an interesting and depressing observation from this very smart White House aide.” So we have one paranoid impressed with another paranoid’s paranoia. (The genesis of a groupthink.)

Left-wing Radio Host Fantasizes About Beheading of ‘Tea Baggers’ – Creeple see freeple as motivated by evil. In some creeple’s minds this naturally leads to fantasies of divine judgement.

WashPost’s E.J. Dionne Compares Obama’s Tax-Hiking Resolve to Lincoln’s Push to Ban Slavery – So standing for a tax increase on the rich is equivalent to banning slavery?!? Only in a paranoid creeple mind, I guess.

Creator of Controversial Obama Painting Admits He Thought the President Was Being ‘Crucified by the Right’ – So, was this guy living in a cave throughout the Bush presidency?!?

We’d better stop drilling to save this bird – Why is it that progressives are always the one’s who halt progress?

Columnist Who Inspired Bob Costas Drops New Bomb: ‘The NRA Is the New KKK’ – The KKK were domestic terrorists who shot up blacks’ houses in the dead of night. The NRA would have been for legally arming those blacks to shoot back.

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