A Message for Established Freeple

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Long-Established Freeple: From now on I will mostly address readers as former sheeple who have just become freeple, but this site is as much for you established freeple as it is for them.

Of course, the Solomon Asch study implies that about 1/3 of Americans have remained freeple from their birth, having had their inherent desire to direct their own lives on balance reinforced throughout their lives. (Lucky you.) However, you may have doubts about me and this site, like whether I can actually deliver on my promises of converting sheeple into freeple, and reacquiring a freedom based society for America. I can assure you that I would not make these promises if I were not confident that I could deliver. Let me ask you a few questions:

Have you ever read a more concise explanation of how American society works than The Paranoid Quiz?

Have you ever seen anything like The Paranoid Quiz which by itself can convert a sheeple into a freeple?

Have you ever read a more succinct description of a creeple than that of the late Senator Ted Kennedy?

Have you ever witnessed an example of exposing creeple propaganda with a clearer, more convincing explanation than how there were no Clinton surpluses?

Have you ever been presented with a more concise and poignant comparison of freeplenomics with creeplenomics than the comparison of the Roaring Twenties and the Dirty Thirties?

Have you ever heard of a more delightful tactic for putting creeple in their place than insisting that they pay back their stolen tax cuts from the last thirty years?

Have you ever seen a more effective tactic to destroy the Democratic Party than by demanding that they pay billions of dollars in slavery reparations to black Americans (and the Republican Party)?

These are just a sample of my unique counterarguments that can dismantle creepleism and replace it with freepleism, almost all of which you have never read or heard of before, because no one else has ever made them before. Will you join me in rebuilding an America based on freedom by neutering creeple and transforming sheeple into freeple?

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