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Kinds of People: Earlier I stated that there are two kinds of people in America – freeple and sheeple. However, there is also a subcategory of creepy sheeple that are known as creeple. Creeple are sheeple who have discovered that fear provides a great power of influence over others, and that they very much enjoy taking advantage of that power – creepleism. They are paranoid of anything that they do not control.

Who Creeple Are: Creeple are considered by sheeple to be elite visionaries. However, it is creeple who manipulate regular sheeple through playing on their fears and insecurities. They are the ones who create and propagate the collectivist lies and propaganda that lead sheeple astray. To borrow a phrase, creeple are like mushroom farmers – they keep sheeple in the dark, and feed them manure. Creeple created the evil monsters listed on the previous page (and the hundreds more that will be presented later). Creeple decide what and who are evil. Creeple decide what and who to fear. Creeple enjoy attacking freeple, and will use any tactic to deceive sheeple – creeple are aggressive, extreme paranoids.

[Stop imagining evil monsters everywhere.]

To sum up: Ideologically, there are three kinds of people in America (and the world). Freedom-people (freeple) always stand for the principle of freedom. Sheep-people (sheeple) to at least some extent fear freedom. Creep-people (creeple) fear and hate freedom.

Promise: If you are not already established as a freeple, you will be on your way by the end of the quiz. Of course, not all of your questions will be answered in just a few more pages, but you will begin developing the appropriate attitude of a freeple which will prepare you to be able to deal with more issues later when you desire.

Opening Your Eyes: The next page offers a textbook example of creeple propaganda – societal conditioning. (To keep the quiz brief only one issue is presented here of the dozens available on the website – however, only one is necessary, as you will see.) Over the decades, societal conditioning has even kept freeple from grasping the implications of this propaganda example, and sheeple have eagerly embraced it without ever questioning its veracity, or the integrity of creeple who promote it. Now all eyes will be opened to the true nature of America’s creeple “betters”.

To have your eyes opened about creeple please continue…

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