Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Administer and Rule: There are basically two ways to govern a society. One is to administer a society. The other is to rule a society. An administering government has as its prerequisite view to interfere as little as necessary to maintain order in what it sees as a civil society. A ruling government has as its prerequisite view to coerce a ‘proper’ order from disorder in what it sees as an uncivilized society.

Walls are a good representation of a government’s intentions. The West Bank wall in Israel was erected to keep terrorists out. This was an administrative move to preserve the civil society within Israel from attack from without. The Israelis see themselves as a civil society threatened by those who would damage that civility from the outside. This is how freeplism views the governing of a society – the enemy is without.

Whereas the Berlin Wall was erected between the two Germanys shortly after the Second World War to ‘civilize’ what the government of East Germany viewed as an uncivil society within, that given its choice would leave and migrate to a free West Germany. The East German government did not trust its own citizens to make ‘proper’ choices, so it imposed its own choices on them. Anyone who disagreed and attempted to cross over to the West was shot on sight. This is how creeple view the governing of a society – the enemy is within.

A creeple views his own society as uncivilized and only civilizable through coercive government action. So walls must be erected to this effect. The incredibly sad irony is that creeple think that to civilize a society, freedom must be removed by building restrictive interior walls. However, the exact opposite is the truth – a civil society can only be produced by removing these domineering interior walls and allowing freedom to flourish. (Note: Libertinism is not freedom, but an opposition to civil society. This will be explored later.)

Proud and Ashamed: This is why freeple are proud of America and creeple and sheeple are ashamed of America (Ameriphobia). Freeple view America as civilized. Creeple view America as yet needing to be civilized (the process of destroying perceived evil monsters and creating utopia). When you have a freeple President like Ronald Reagan he describes America as a “shining city on a hill”, but when you have a creeple President like Barack Obama, he goes around the world apologizing for America (again – Ameriphobia).

Reagan saw his job as President to lead America by removing restrictive interior walls like overbearing taxation and regulation, and erecting exterior walls like a strengthened military to defend America and defeat the enemies without.

Barack Obama sees his job as President to rule over America to ‘fix’ its supposed uncivilized deficiencies of imagined evil monsters by erecting walls within, like sicking the IRS on the tea party, forcing Obamacare on the nation, punishing the coal industry, restricting the oil industry from drilling on public lands, and increasing taxation and regulation – whether Americans want these things ‘fixed’ or not. Obama also believes in tearing down walls that protect America from enemies without, by crippling the military, by giving terrorists Miranda rights, by trading five terrorist leaders for one deserter, by implementing highly restrictive rules of engagement in war which often lead to frivolous prosecutions against America’s own armed forces who are heroically defending their country, and by encouraging and rewarding a criminal alien invasion of minorities to dilute the white American populous that he hates (Obama hates whites so much that in order to “get whitey” he is willing to take what few jobs are available for poor blacks and give them to criminal aliens instead).

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