How to Destroy the Democratic Party

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

The Goal: The epicenter of creepleism in America is the Democratic Party. So, to destroy creepleism in America the Democratic Party must be dismantled.

There are a number of elements to this strategy. Make these tactics go viral and the Democratic Party as a major influence in America should be history within a few years.

Understand that there are two types of Democrats; the con men (creeple) and the marks (sheeple). The con men are our targets. The marks need to be saved from the con men. Of course, if all sheeple can be transformed back into freeple (who they were born as), the Democratic Party will collapse on its own (without the marks, the con men have no one to prey on). This can be done by undermining and stigmatizing Democratic Party policies and attitudes. The following links on the Home Page provide tactics to achieve this goal.

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