Ideological Walls

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

The Enemy Is Within: Creeple are forever erecting walls to fight the enemy within which they see as an uncivilized society in need of civilizing, and thus they create incivility through the controls they implement. Who are the enemies that are the targets of their paranoia? Enemies are those who have not accepted the propaganda taught by the government-run public education system, so financial and regulatory walls are built to force even those who do not wish to participate in public education to send their children to public schools and/or financially support public education anyway. Workers are walled in by being forced to join unions and pay dues that is then used to support the same politicians that erect the walls that enclose them. Whatever is beyond the rulers’ control they wish to have control of – like healthcare. Despite that 89% of the American people liked the healthcare they received without additional government interference, Obama built Obamacare to wall them in anyway.

Of course, the ultimate healthcare wall for creeple rulers is when everyone is forced to participate in a universal government healthcare system where all choice has been removed – the end goal of creeple. We could go on with so-called environmental protections used as excuses to erect more walls. Commerce regulations build walls that stifle business. Almost any issue can be recognized by whether it builds up interior walls that restrict and remove liberties or reduces the security of exterior walls, or whether it instead tears down interior walls and strengthens exterior walls that preserve and strengthen the liberties within.

Balance of Control: Today’s creeple politicians have as a goal to change the balance of control between voters and government. The Constitution was created to make politicians dependant on and fearful of voters. Creeple are attempting to reverse this and make voters dependant on and fearful of government by erecting more and more walls of control over society and individuals.

How is a resort or a secure community or a castle built? They are surrounded by secure exterior walls that preserve the quality of life within. Then how is a maze devised? It is an endless building of interior walls that limit a person’s liberty at every turn. Creeple Ameriphobia is furiously erecting a maze in America where every turn and corridor eventually leads to government regulation and dependence. This is not how one directs one’s own life. Creepleism is about others directing your life, walling you in at every turn. Only by demolishing interior walls and focusing on building and maintaining exterior walls can a secure American Dream castle be built for everyone.

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