Creeple Apocalypses Since The 1960s

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Premise: The same paranoia that drives creeple and sheeple to imagine evil monsters out there everywhere also drives them to hallucinate about apocalypses around every corner. See for yourself:

• 1960s – Perhaps no single person is responsible for more deaths in human history than creeple Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring. Her hysterical book claimed that the extremely effective pesticide DDT caused cancer in humans and bird population depletion. Neither turned out to be true, but her passionate, radical stance birthed the environtheist movement in America and a worldwide ban of DDT. Consequently, there have been tens of millions of needless deaths as a result of mosquito-borne Malaria. [42lu2jy, 24gns3]

• 1960s – Envirotheist apocalypse prophet Paul Ehrlich wrote the book The Population Bomb predicting that a cataclysmic worldwide famine due to overpopulation would cause mass starvation. This made Ehrlich instantly famous, but the eventual failure of his prophesy has not diminished him in sheeple eyes – he is still surprisingly viewed as an ‘expert’ on overpopulation. Recently, he made the news for actually claiming all of his predictions were accurate. [insert Twilight Zone music here] [422syw9, 6bagf6]

• 1970s – The seventies brought the Armageddon scare of global cooling causing a new ice age. This apocalypse theory prevailed in creeple media and academia well into the eighties, until anthropogenic global warming theory replaced it. Etheist NASA scientist, James Hansen was an early proponent, but instead of being discredited by the abandonment of the cooling theory, creeple have instead elevated him even further as a champion of the newer anthropogenic global warming theory. [zz7oc, 4kwlklq]

• 1970s – Of course, the 1970s also produced panic over nuclear power plants. Creeple etheists were convinced that the technology was uncontrollable and would lead to multiple failures and untold misery and death around the world. But nuclear power is by far the safest energy source in the world. [6kqfu4t]

• 1980s – Related to nuclear power was the threat of nuclear war by that cowboy, Ronald Reagan. Creeple just knew that Reagan was going start World War Three and destroy the whole planet. Instead, he ended the Cold War without a shot fired.

• 1980s – AIDS was claimed to be a threat to everyone, but we could not quarantine the few gays and drug users that at first contracted it to keep it from spreading. It turned out not to be a threat to everyone, but political correctness against stigmatizing the gay community with international quarantines did condemn tens of millions of people around the world who practiced risky behaviors and who depended on blood products to death by AIDS.

• 1980s – Ozone depletion supposedly causes skin cancer and vision problems, but similar to all of the apocalypse theories, there is no actual scientific evidence to support this theory. Nevertheless, we’re supposed to spend mega amounts of money fighting this phantom. [y9yh373, 27wgxfb]

• 1980s – Power lines and transformers emitting EMFs are another supposed cause of cancer. Again with no scientific method behind it. [6redk, 3uonfqm]

• 1980s – The World Wildlife Fund predicted that 20% of all species around the world would become extinct by the year 2000. It didn’t happen – not even close. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has documented only 800 animal extinctions since the year 1600 out of an estimated 2 to 100 million plant and animal species in existence. [pnbd9ja]

• 1980s – American forest depletion became a major apocalypse when the terms “clear cutting” and “old growth forest” were combined by creeple envirotheists to scare urbanites into thinking Bambi and his friends would lose their homes forever, but over the last one hundred years the amount of forest cover in the United States has basically remained unchanged (it is actually marginally up since 1910). [3kdolak]

• 1990s – Second hand smoke supposedly causes lung cancer. Except there is no evidence. [3a75avn3yfxzoow37qm2]

• 1990s – Cholesterol and animal fats were targeted as the number one causes of heart disease and obesity. Society was inundated with food regulations and lectures by creeple on diet, insisting that fatty meats be substituted with carbohydrate grains, nuts, vegetables and fruits. But mankind’s digestive system has little in common with herbivores and much more in common with carnivores. Mankind’s intestines are the same relative lengths as common carnivores like dogs and cats, whereas herbivores have intestines that are up to five times longer. Carnivores, as with mankind, have a hydrochloric acid based stomach for breaking down proteins, whereas herbivores digest using a much longer fermentation process to break down carbohydrate fibers (fermentation of beans, grains and nuts is harmful to the human colon, where much of it takes place). The Inuit of the far north lived for dozens of generations on a diet purely of animal and fish proteins and fats. It has now been discovered that the real culprits of heart disease (and many other ailments) are omega-6 acids primarily derived from grain/nut/vegetable carbohydrates and oils. [6mnq3lt, yqtdcm]

• 1990s – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) became all the rage as a blanket disorder for bad behavior. Today, with the extremely broad definition, almost everyone could be diagnosed with ADHD and treated with drugs. [mfyjl2c]

• 2000s – Swine flu was whipped into a worldwide frenzy by the nanny World Health Organization and mass creeple media as especially dangerous for the elderly and very young. It turned out to be no more dangerous than other influenzas.

• 2000s – The World Health Organization again signaled another apocalypse warning that cell phone radiation could cause cancer. Again, without evidence. [82ugq]

• 2000s – The Alberta oilsands (so-called “dirty oil”) are now one of the creeple envirotheist movement’s biggest bugaboos, supposedly being a major emitter of greenhouse gases. Such nonsense. China and India are in the process of building over one thousand coal-fire power plants over the next few years that will emit hundreds of times the amount of carbon dioxide compared to the oilsands.

• 2000s – Peak oil was the creeple envirotheist movement’s scare tactic to claim that we were running out of oil in the world. Except that with fracking and other technological advancements the world now has an oil glut. Over one million oil and gas wells have been fracked in North America. 85% of current drilling is fracked in shale deposits or includes some fracking to improve or rejuvenate recovery rates in traditional wells.

• 2010s – The Keystone XL pipeline is considered an apocalyptic danger to America and the world. But the XL is just an addition to the already built and running Keystone pipeline which has been transporting oilsands bitumen for years. Where’s the apocalypse that the original Keystone pipeline should have caused?

• 2010s – Many consumers have bought into the organic-foods-are-better and genetically-modified-foods-are-toxic propaganda. Ever since Silent Spring pesticides have been portrayed as poisonous to humans, supposedly driving up cancer rates. However, a study of farmers who are exposed to pesticides at much higher levels than consumers has found that these farmers have a lower rate of cancer than the public at large. Other studies have found no health benefits from consuming organic food. It is estimated that organic agriculture is so inefficient that if all agriculture around the world was converted to organic farming two billion people would starve to death. On the other hand, no studies have found problems with genetically modified foods despite envirotheist hysteria. So-called “golden rice”, a GM rice which naturally produces vitamin A could practically eliminate blindness among the world’s poor with no negative side effects, but simply because enviro-creeple have proclaimed it an evil monster to be shunned it is not being distributed to those poor. Organic meat means that diseased animals must suffer without medical intervention (where’s PETA when you need them?). Organic vegetables and fruits are more susceptible to carrying human pathogens. And if you think that “certified organic” means that products are tested to conform to organic standards, forget that – the whole system is based on self-reporting. So you as a consumer have no assurance that high-priced, organic labeled food is in fact organically grown (especially imports), or whether that manure that was used as fertilizer was sufficiently composted to eliminate any nasty microbes.

• 2010s – Recently, excessive salt intake, supposedly because of modern processed foods has been targeted by creeple as a cause of heart disease. First of all, there has been no excessive salt consumption. Average consumer intake of salt has been determined to be the same today as it was 50 years ago. Second, too little salt is actually what is bad for you. It turns out that people consume salt the same way they consume water. When the body is dehydrated a person becomes thirsty and consumes water to resume the proper balance in the body. When a person is low on sodium they have a craving for salt. That is why salt consumption is the same today as it was 50 years ago. As with water, the body regulates itself. [n289uhn, ky3sqbn, o2uu9g3]

• 2010s – There are also some developing apocalypses on the horizon. There is ocean acidification that is supposed to destroy the great reefs and fish stocks – it isn’t. There is an oldy-but-goody making a comeback – resource depletion. Julian Simon put that one to bed decades ago. Then there is the biodiversity collapse apocalypse – more nonsense. There is fracking supposedly causing earthquakes and polluting water tables. Millions of wells have been fracked over the last fifty years and there is no evidence to link it to either. Another even scarier one is oxygen depletion – just more apocalypse hype.

• 2010s – There is also the ongoing “beepocalypse” where envirotheists claim that honeybee populations are rapidly declining around the world, supposedly leading to starvation for the whole planet, while, in fact, real world empirical evidence shows that honeybee populations are increasing and have been for years. [jebzrkm, kewox9j]

• Of course, there is the ongoing imagined apocalypse of anthropogenic global warming which will be dealt with separately.

Questions: Would you classify these failed apocalypse scenarios as examples of quality science and reasoning, or paranoia? Is it any wonder that confidence in the scientific community has been declining for decades?

Conundrum: Creeple like to think of themselves as founded in science and logical thought, supposedly unlike mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging freeple. In fact, the list on this page undeniably proves that it is creeple who are hysterical doomsday cultists that are anti-science, willing believe almost any nut with an apocalyptic scenario, regardless of its lack of actual catalogued evidence, or lack of adherence to scientific principles, or even reason. In effect, they are nothing more than envirotheists, worshipping mother earth as their goddess and cursing the progress of capitalism as their devil.

[These imaginations could be described as an apocalypse syndrome – a delusional compulsion to see apocalyptic scenarios as a result of paranoia, no matter the lack of any affirming evidence.]

Explanation: Creeple play stupid and imagine evil monster apocalypses around every corner. Sheeple play along. All of the above apocalypse scenarios imagined by creeple and sheeple ended up in the reject bin of history. None of them occurred. These supposed apocalypses offer great opportunities for creeple to enforce more government control – how convenient for creeple, and destructive for America.

Conclusion: Creeple paranoia creates these apocalypse scenarios, but being opportunists, creeple’s supposed solutions virtually always end up empowering creeple and removing more freedom from Americans.

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