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So what do sheeple fear? Well, almost everything.

Evil List A


Premise:  Paranoia drives sheeple to find evil monsters hiding beneath every overturned rock. Sheeple then demand subjugation to government control in order overcome these imagined evil monsters, even if at a great expense to everyone’s freedom.

Adjacent is a sample list of evil monsters (this is a small sample – hundreds more will be presented later). You may not recognize everything in these lists, but be assured that other sheeple most definitely see them as evil monsters.

In fact, you probably have your own pet fears where you have demanded that evil monsters be eliminated to help create a fear-free society. Of course, for a sheeple the only way to eliminate these imagined evil monsters is to take away the freedom that supposedly allows them to be evil monsters in the first place.

Evil List B

Question: Would you agree that someone who sees much of these lists as representing “evil” is desperately paranoid?

Conundrum: Because if you consider that these lists describe normal, it is hard to imagine what your idea of paranoid would look like.

[I hope you are having a difficult time scoffing off these lists. Sheeple paranoia imagines evil monsters everywhere attempting to thwart the creation of a fear-free utopia.]

Explanation: Sheeple are paranoid of directing their own life because they fear that alone they cannot possibly cope with even a tiny fraction of the many evil monsters that they imagine are out there in American society. So they give up their and everyone else’s freedom in the hope that these evil monsters can be overcome. Of course, anyone or anything that opposes this “noble” fight is also considered an evil monster (meaning of course, that all freeple are evil monsters as well).

[Your affliction: Societally conditioned paranoia]

Conclusion: This paranoid attitude of evil monsters out there everywhere is what identifies sheeple as sheeple.

Ignore your scoff reflex and please continue…

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