The Conundrum as a Tactic

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

I love a good conundrum: A conundrum is most often simply defined as a riddle, however, over time it has evolved to be more nuanced than just a clever, tricky question (actually, I hate riddles). A conundrum can now alternatively convey a predicament of conviction (this is the kind that I love).

conundrum: A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma – The Free Dictionary

More specifically, I define a conundrum as this:

A cherished belief proven to be faulty beyond doubt by a perplexing quandary

This more precisely describes the conundrum that I like, and it is this kind of conundrum that can lead a sheeple to convert to freepleism. It becomes a pea beneath their intellectual mattress – a burr under their ideological saddle – and with the best conundrums, a threat to their bank account.

Conundrums are usually posed as questions – this is how I utilized them in The Paranoid Quiz. However, conundrums can also result from stigmatizing a person’s traits with contradicting and negative images of how they view them self. Or a conundrum can be presented as a quandary where holding onto a position becomes an intolerably expensive proposition. I offer all types of conundrum tactics on the Home Page.

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