Affirmative Action Racism

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Premise: Creeple make a great show about how minorities are discriminated against in job hiring and education (and of course, sheeple agree). They demand affirmative action (or more accurately, affirmative racism) where minorities are given preference over Caucasians in employment opportunities and college acceptance. This is a universal principle of the Democratic Party to address supposed white privilege.

Questions: If white creeple and sheeple really think that the job market and college acceptance is skewed toward them, shouldn’t they resign their jobs or quit their college and demand that they be replaced by a minority? After all, didn’t they get their job or school placement unfairly? Have you ever heard of even one example of a creeple or a sheeple giving up their job or college placement because affirmative racism was not applied to their positions? Have you ever heard any of them ever apologizing for stealing (in their minds) their careers from some more deserving minority?

(As an aside, how would you feel about your plumber being hired based on affirmative racism? What about your stock broker? How about your pharmacist? Or what about your doctor? Should they have to wear a badge and have it marked on their business cards that they did not acquire their positions because they were academically qualified, but only because they were race qualified?)

Conundrum: It only stands to reason that if marketplace hiring and college placement is unfair, as white creeple and sheeple vehemently claim, then these same white creeple and sheeple with college placements and resulting careers have taken advantage of minorities, but only then demand that other white people be penalized for their transgressions.

[Freeple believe in merit based equal opportunity, and so have a clear conscience. How’s your conscience?]

Explanation: Notice the hypocrisy of those white creeple and sheeple who have admittedly stolen their college placements and careers from minorities. White creeple and sheeple that got a job and/or college placement without affirmative racism being applied first, in order to be fair and caring (because creeple and sheeple really, really care [/sarcasm]) should quit and demand that a minority have a favored chance of replacing them. In fact, any white creeple or sheeple that got their college placement and resulting job without affirmative racism first being applied should have to pay back for the success they stole (in their own minds) from a minority that they illegitimately displaced. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s accomplishments began by stealing college placements that they did not deserve (in their own minds). Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid – ditto. Most creeple journalists fall into this category. Certainly, many successful creeple entrepreneurs also. In fact, you can bet that most successful white creeple stole their careers from minorities based on supposed white privilege. (White creeple Senator Elizabeth Warren even went so far as to steal a coveted college placement by pretending to be a minority – beyond shameful!) They all should have to pay it back – and make public apologies.

(As another aside, I would like to see creeple insist on hiring or utilizing only plumbers, stock brokers, pharmacists and doctors that got their positions through affirmative racism.)

Conclusion: White creeple don’t really care about jobs and college placements for minorities. They care about being seen to care about jobs and college placements for minorities, and keeping their stolen careers (stolen, according to them) and all of the resulting benefits for themselves, while they demand that others should pay the price for their deceit. More shameless hypocrisy!

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