Political Correctness In The News

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

2) Political Correctness

1) Paranoia3) Progressive-fascism4) Neoracism

Political correctness is the second of four primary symptoms of creepleism evident in the news everyday (the other three being paranoia, progressive-fascism and neoracism).

Coined by communists of the early twentieth century, PC means to hold the party line. Unlike the ethical morals of freeple, PC is ethical-less in the sense that ethics play a near invisible role in the development of this code, which is often utilized to rationalize the removal of freedom. Instead, as is implied in its name, political correctness is based on the often shifting sands of political expediency – in effect, whatever most benefits creeple objectives at any given moment is where their so-called ethics reside. Of course, their paranoia plays a central role as well. This can often hilariously lead to straight-faced assertions that black is white and up is down, and of course, hiding the facts from sheeple to keep them uninformed. Recently, new terms to describe certain aspects of PC have been added to the political lexicon; fake news, and alternative facts. Both describe creeple propaganda used to manipulate sheeple. See if you can identify the political correctness in each of the following headlines.

Smithsonian on Why Clarence Thomas is Not in New African American Museum: ‘We Cannot Tell Every Story’

NBC More Worried by Trump’s ‘Dark Tone’ Than Firebombed GOP

WikiLeaks: Podesta lamented that a Muslim, not a white man, named as killer in 2015 massacre

CNN’s Stelter Blames Firebombing of NC Republican Office on Trump´s ´Over Heated´ Rhetoric

CNN anchor warns: ´Illegal´ for you to look at WikiLeaks

What Media Won’t Tell You: ‘How to Vote Trump’ Is Crushing “How to Vote Hillary’ on Google

Clinton: Peace talks for show are better than no talks at all

WSJ: ‘Nation Now Has Proof’ of Hillary Scandals, But Leftist Media ‘Devote Its Front Pages to the Trump Story’

Wall Street Journal Finally Lashes Out “The Press Is Burying Hillary Clinton´s Sins”

CNN’s President Says It Was A Mistake To Air So Many Trump Rallies And “Let Them Run”

Matt Drudge: Media Can’t Report on Wikileaks Podesta Emails Cuz They’re All in Bed with Hillary

Shocking But True: Hillary´s Never Asked by Media About Broaddrick

Michael Issikoff says NBC is sitting on devastating tape of Juanita Broaddrick

White House Warns Trump Not to Attack First Lady After She Savages Him

Liberal Media Ignore Recent Wikileaks Release

Clinton Campaign Boasts About Media: ‘Every Single Interviewer Was for Her’

Fact-Checkers Ignore Hillary´s False Claims About ObamaCare

POLL: 29% Trust Media ‘Fact-Checking’ Candidates

Tim Burton Fends Off White Cast Criticism

As Trump Pulls Ahead, NY Times Declares Ohio No Longer ‘Bellwether’

Pat Caddell: ‘Desperate’ Media Now Claiming Ohio Is Not a ‘Bellwether’ Because ‘Trump’s Ahead’

CIA Director: Terrorist Groups ‘Are Driven by This Ideology That Is Not Rooted in Islam

Media Eviscerate Trump As Misogynistic; Give Liberal Sleazes a Pass

UM students to decide their own pronouns

Obama´s angry clash with CNN anchor over his refusal to say ´Islamic terrorism´ as he tries to justify stance to Gold Star mother

WH Press Secretary on War on ISIS: ‘This Is Actually Just a War of Narratives’

No Statement on Terror Attacks by Obama Even as He Speaks at New York City Fundraiser Sunday Night

Obama says a low turnout from black voters in upcoming presidential election would be ´a personal insult´ to his legacy

Media Apoplectic – Hillary Clinton Former Campaign Manager Admits They Originated “Birtherism”

AP Ignores New Developments, Still Insists: ´No Evidence´ That Hillary Started ´Birther´ Rumors

Marine Corps’ top brass in Washington silences ‘women in combat’ dissent

Tampons in Men’s Rooms at University

Complaint: 9/11 Memorial Encourages Hatred Toward Muslims

Don´t anger Black Lives Matters activists by mentioning ´black-on-black crime´: What Democratic staff were told

College Freshmen Asked to Wear Buttons for Preferred Gender Pronouns

Michigan Woman May Face Fine For Hanging American Flag

Pelosi Docs Show Dems Trying Hard To Cast Benghazi As A ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Kerry: Media Would Do Us All ‘a Service’ If They Didn’t Cover Terrorism so Much

Secretary of State Wishes ‘People Wouldn’t Know What’s Going On’

‘USA Today’: Native Americans Wrong If Not Offended by Redskins

Hatred or history? Veterans Affairs quietly bans Confederate flag at cemeteries

DOJ Video Tells Cops To Ask Citizens: ‘Do You Prefer Ma’am Or Sir?’

Man praying at Clemson U. stopped by campus official: ‘Not a designated free speech area’

CNN Alters Trump Tweet By Scrubbing ‘Crooked’ From Hillary Moniker

Stanford is using a new system to keep track of students´ gender pronouns

Massive ObamaCare Rate Hikes Are A Good Thing, White House Says

White Lives Matter to be listed as hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center: ´Everything about it is racist´

Government: New 700,000-Word Regulation is Good for You

Pro Football Talk: Russell Wilson Moves NC Wedding Due to Bathroom Law

WashPost Bashed Bush on Katrina, Dismisses ‘Outrage’ Over Above-It-All Obama

WASH POST: USA needs illegals to ‘wash dishes’, ‘mow lawns’

University: You’re a Criminal If You Don’t Use Trans-Approved Language

Teachers told not to use ‘boys and girls’

State Dept. Spox: Emails Not Evidence of Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play, ‘Simply Evidence of the Way the Process Works’

Man upset after niece brings home waiver to ‘be excused from reciting’ Pledge of Allegiance at school

Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach apologizes after using term ´colored people´ live on-air while discussing lack of diversity in Hollywood

Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week—Yet, According to the MSM, Her Best Week

Embarrassing: WashPost Writes Clinton ´Allegedly Cheated on His Wife´

Seattle offers classes on ‘white fragility,’ to explain roots of guilt

Shock report: Feds vetting immigrants for terrorists ask if Communists, not ISIS

Princeton scrubs ‘men’ from campus

Uproar as restaurant sells ‘Black Olives Matter’ shirts

I Am Woman: Obama EPA Chief declares Agency the ‘She-P-A’

Florida Prof Penalizes Students For Using The Term ‘Melting Pot’

Trump ignites new firestorm: Gun backers might stop Clinton

Media justify anti-Trump bias, claim he´s too ´dangerous´ for normal rules

CNN Host Called on U.S. Flag Bearer at Olympics to Step Aside for Muslim Fencer

Joy Reid: People Are too Dumb to Understand Hillary´s ´Complicated´ E-Mail Scandal

CNN´s Berman Asks Lindsey Graham If Trump ´Has a Screw Loose´

´Don´t tread on me´ shirts and hats could be officially declared RACIST by the government – even though the symbol is an icon of the American Revolution

´I Was Just Joking´: Media Apoplectic As Khizr Khan Attack On Donald Trump Goes Down In Flames

Fifty times more TV network coverage for Khizr Khan than Pat Smith

Khizr Khan Has Previously Written Extensively On Sharia Law

Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia’

Muslim Dad Khizr Khan Tells CNN Terror ‘Has Nothing to Do with Islam’

Obama To Name Navy Ship After Child Molester

DNC Email Scandal: Media Peddle A Dubious Russia Conspiracy Story

Politico Reporter Begs Hillary Clinton to Hold Press Conference, Promises Questions About ‘Trump/Russia’

Pew Survey: 68 Percent Of Independents Believe America Is Too Politically Correct

The Democrats just fell for Trump´s Russian email-hack bait

Media Follow Clinton Script on Trump, Russian Hackers, Hillary Emails

Donald Trump ´accused of treason´ after urging Russia to hack Hillary Clinton´s email

CNN Commentator: Trump Asking Russia to Release Hillary Emails ‘Almost Treasonous’

Note to DNC: Stop Blaming Putin, YOU Wrote the Emails

Media won´t ask Chelsea Clinton about her father´s treatment of women

No American flags visible at DNC on Day 1

No Visible American Flags Present At The Democrat Convention

Dem Delegate Admits: ‘Common Sense Gun Control’ Is Just Code For Repealing Second Amendment

New NCAA Rule: Championship Sites Must Allow Cross-Dressing Men To Use Women’s Bathrooms, Showers

Sally Kohn Downplays DNC Email Hack As ‘Catnip For The Media’

Not Even House Hearings Can Break Nets’ Planned Parenthood Blackout

Professors threaten bad grades for saying ‘illegal alien,’ ‘male,’ ‘female’

CNN Talks Up Biden, Inaccurately Dismisses Plagiarism History

Word Non-Association at AP: ‘Hillary’ and ‘Crime’

CENSORED: Networks Spent 0.008% of News Shows on Planned Parenthood Footage

Not a Joke: Hillary Wanted How-to Book on Deleting E-Mails; Networks Skip

Networks Ignore Obama’s Broken Promises on Cybersecurity in 90 Percent of Cyber Stories

AP’s Crutsinger Predictably Ignores All-Time One-Month Govt. Spending Record

California Ban on the Word ‘Alien’ Hailed on Univision

Cover-Up: Major Newspapers Keep Hillary’s E-Mails Off the Front Page

Arrest of ‘Special Assistant to the President’ Gets Scant, Poor-Quality Press Coverage

AP’s Recall of Michael Brown Saga Continues to Distort History

Jerry Brown bans word ‘alien’

It’s an unwritten commandment of politics: Thou shalt make no mention — ever — of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Bringing up women’s biological differences from males seems as mean-spirited as talking about the state of Donald Trump’s hairdo. But you won’t hear me called a sexist pig waging a War on Men. Because making fun of The Donald on a superficial level is not just de rigueur in this Republican primary season. For a columnist, it represents a virtually required sexist double-standard.

Dem Chair: Tea Party Came ‘Out of the Trailer Parks’

CNN Asks Activist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos if He’s a ‘Violent Extremist’

CNN’s Stelter: Media Not Complaining About Hillary’s ‘Press Access’

Bias-Free Language Guide claims the word ‘American’ is ‘problematic’

DHS: Calling Islamic Terrorism ´Islamic´ Offends Muslims

Doctor: Don’t call them ‘baby parts,’ call them ‘products of conception’

Obama Outrageously Denies IRS Targeting Scandal on Daily Show, Nets Censor

Huge Media Cover-Up of Criminal Charges Against Obama Bundler, Gay Leader

CBS and NBC Skip ObamaCare Fraud; ABC Allows 17 Seconds

TV News Priorities: 31 Stories on Trump ‘Rapists’ Remark; Just 4 Stories on ’99 Clinton Rape Accusation

Hiding the Decline, Again: AP’s Rugaber Fails to Note Falling Shipments to Explain Flat Manufacturing Output

Major Papers Avoid IRS Scandal, Bury Hillary’s Subpoena Lie on CNN

One-Sided Take on Sanctuary Cities’ Controversy on Telemundo, Univision

PBS and NPR Ignore Clinton E-Mails in Post-Interview Coverage

Lois Lerner, DOJ and FBI Had Meeting About Targeting Obama’s Opponents, Nets Refuse to Report

Jimmy Carter: America in ‘Inevitable Decline,’ Not Obama’s Fault

Networks Blame Guns for Violent Fourth of July Weekend in Chicago

NYT Promotes Study Labeling Charleston Shooting ‘Right-Wing’ Terrorism

Jonathan Who? AP, NY Times Set the Stage For Gruber News Blackout

MSNBC’s Dyson Praises Obama’s ‘Ingenious’ Use of the N-Word

Networks Again Punt on E-Mails Showing Gruber’s Deeper Role with WH on ObamaCare

Veteran Dem Loses San Antonio Mayor’s Race; AP Doesn’t Name Her Party

Nets Ignore Revelation of Jonathan Gruber’s Close Ties to White House

MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson: Obama ‘Spoke Articulately’ by Using N-Word

American Transgender Student Forces Cambridge University To Alter 500 Year Old Dress Code

Really, AP? Published Wire Photo Has Gun Graphic Pointing at Ted Cruz´s Head

Dylann Roof’s Racist Massacre Was Universally Condemned — Why Are Liberal Pundits Pretending Otherwise?

Fox News Alone Covers Hillary´s High-Level Private-Server Libya Emails

Nets Hailed Jenner Switching Gender; Critical of NAACP Leader Switching Race

Huh? NYT Weirdly Claims Seinfeld’s Criticism of PC Calls His Man-of-the-People Status into Question

Networks Skimp on Obama Administration’s Plan to Force Diversity in Wealthy Neighborhoods

ABC Ignores Hillary’s Expanding Donor Scandal; CBS Hypes Bill ‘Defending His Family’

Networks Punt on EPA Announcing Plans to Regulate Airplane Emissions

Comedian Colin Quinn Agrees With Jerry Seinfeld: People ‘Are Too PC’

Only CBS Notices Seinfeld ‘Calling Out Millennials’ for Political Correctness

Networks Treat ‘Ice Age’ and Cooling Concerns As Punchlines, Not Possibilities

On NBC, Seinfeld Slams ‘Creepy PC Thing’ ‘Moving the Lines In’ on Comedy

MRC Study: TV News Protects Obama from His ISIS Failures, Barely Notices Critics

Networks Fail to Notice Obama Attacking Supreme Court Ahead of ObamaCare Ruling

NBC Spins for Obama at G-7 Summit after ‘No Complete Strategy’ Comments on ISIS

ABC Skips Own Poll on ‘Record Low Support’ for ObamaCare

Press Fails to Note That Weak First-Quarter Economies Have Been a Democrat Phenomenon

Immigration Poll Results Ignored on Spanish Nets … New polling showing high levels of dissatisfaction with the Obama administration’s handling of federal immigration policy

NYC Health Department proposes high-sodium warning on menus

Factory Orders ‘Unexpectedly’ Fall Again; Press Fails to Note Steep Year-Over-Year Declines

CBS This Morning Ignores Own Poll Showing Obama’s Declining Approval Ratings

Nets Slam Salt, Ignore Contrary Views in More Than 93 Percent of Stories

‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Never Happened, But Networks Keep Using It

Mika: Sanders’ Rape Remarks Irrelevant, But OK to Attack Santorum If He Had Written Them

Baltimore Mayor Stands Aghast At Challenging Questions From Fox News

Sources close to the air war against ISIS told Fox News that strike missions take, on average, just under an hour, from a pilot requesting permission to strike an ISIS target to a weapon leaving the wing.

Networks Skip Report That Their Own CEOs Are the Most ´Overpaid´

AP perpetuates tale that Benghazi attack caused by anti-Islam film

Press gobbles up Hillary’s spam campaign

Networks Skip Obama’s Private School Gaffe; Scarborough Slams

ABC and CBS Ignore Senate Democrats Voting to Block Obama on Trade

NBC Plays Up Jeb Bush ‘In Damage Control’ After Iraq Comments; Skips Hillary Ignoring Press

Larry Wilmore: ‘Muslim’ Is the New ‘Black,’ ‘Gay’

Obama LIED when he said U.S. pulled off bin Laden raid without help: Report claims President kept quiet about major role played by Pakistan to seize glory for himself

Network News: Cop Misdeeds Get Six Times More Time Than ISIS Terror

Clinton Political Director Gets ‘Puff Piece’ Treatment on Telemundo

NBC, ABC Ignore IRS Employees Evading Taxes and Getting Promoted

CBS Buries Own Poll: Majority Backs Religious Business Owners’ Rights

New York Times Spins Poll Results To Boost Hillary Clinton

AP Laments That Terrorists Died in Texas

Democrat: My party didn’t cause the problems in Baltimore

CNN, NPR Notice Baltimore Looters Targeting Asians; Big Three Networks Yawn

Huff Po: Don’t Worry! Bernie Sanders Is the Good Kind of Socialist

NBC Hails Bernie Sanders as ‘Not Your Typical Blow-Dried Politician’; ABC, CBS Drop Socialist Label

Press Ignoring Maryland Sheriff’s Insistence That Baltimore Cops Were Told to Stand Down, Retreat

ABC’s WNT and NBC NN Blackout of Clinton Foundation Scandal Hits One Week

ABC and NBC Continue to Dodge Bad News on the Economy

Nets Again Skip Recovered IRS E-Mails

Networks Ignore Discovery of ‘Lost’ Lois Lerner E-Mails

NY Times Blamed Reagan/Bush for LA Riots, But No Blame in Baltimore

Par for the MSNBC Course: Time Writer Blames Baltimore Riots on ’50 Years of Income Inequality’

New Republic Writer: Baltimore’s Problems Worsened Because Liberals Bought Into Conservative Policies

ABC’s WNT and NBC NN Blackout of Clinton Foundation Scandal Hits One Week

After Baltimore riots, some leaders slam ´thug´ as the new n-word

Economic Growth Slows, Networks’ Morning Shows Ignore

Networks Ignore Discovery of ´Lost´ Lois Lerner E-Mails

Members of the Media Downplaying, Making Excuses for Baltimore Riots

CNN Suggests GOP Might ‘Overreach’ on Clinton Foundation Scandal

Media’s Lynch Lobbyists Mislead About ‘Historic’ Nomination Delay, Ignore Meese

Our bubbled mainstream media got a serious crash-course in reality this week with the revelations that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio don’t hate gays, and that Bruce Jenner, who is in the process of transitioning into a woman, remains a Christian Republican.

Of course: Facebook page calls for boycott of gay businessmen who hosted reception for Ted Cruz; Update: Charity cancels event in protest

Johns Hopkins student government bans Chick-fil-A to prevent “microaggression” against gays

STUDY: How the Broadcast Networks Have Deleted Hillary’s E-Mail Scandal

CBS Moves on from Clinton Foundation Scandal; Fails to Mention New Bombshell Book

ABC, NBC Omit Arrest of Muslim Migrants Accused of Killing Christians

NBC Ignores Clinton Foundation Scandal; Paints Hillary as Victim of GOP Attacks

Cable News Channels Cover Hillary’s Fable About Her Grandparents; Big Three Yawn

Jeb Bush: Legal Status for Illegals ‘Rational, Thoughtful’

Nets Skip Liberal Label for Pilot Protester; Eager to Falsely Blame Conservatives for Violence

New York Times Dazzled by Clintons’ ‘Otherworldly Resilience’ to Scandal

Andrea Mitchell Parrots Hillary’s Talking Points on Latest E-Mail Revelation

Hillary Was Pressed on Private E-Mail Two Years Ago; CBS and ABC Skimp

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Uses 150th Anniversary of Lincoln Assassination As Occasion to Slam GOP As Racist

Networks Continue Heralding Hillary Clinton Campaign; ABC, CBS Again Omit Scandals

AP Report Shows Backlog at VA Hasn’t Improved; Networks Fail to Cover

Chris Matthews Makes Excuses for Chelsea Clinton’s Reported ‘Pig’ Snub of Secret Service

Networks Silent! DNC Chair OK with Aborting 7-Pound Babies

AP Buries, Downplays Grim Wholesale Sales Data

Politico Hypes ‘Gender-Neutral’ Bathroom at the White House

Nets Ignore Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Calling Vaccinations a ‘Holocaust’

Obamacare Penalty Starts Hitting Taxpayers, Nets Ignore in 91% of Stories

Networks Ignore Judge Denying Obama Administration Request to Lift Injunction on Amnesty

Networks Ignore Obama´s Jab at ´Less-Than-Loving´ Christians; Hype Climate Change/Health Remarks

White House Opens Gender Neutral Restroom

Idiotic claim from WH science advisor John Holdren: ‘Finally, less energy can mean more employment.’

White House: Democrats Criticizing Iran Deal Are “Principled” But Republicans Are Trying to Sabatoge

For Hillary Clinton, Excellence In Servility From The Lapdog Media

Republicans Twice as Likely To Be Targeted By Washington Post Fact Checker

Networks Fail to Cover DHS Report Alleging Preferential Treatment for Hillary’s Brother

AP: ‘Not So Clear’ That Israel Is Democratic

Networks Ignore Susan Rice Praising Bergdahl in 2014 for Serving ‘with Honor and Distinction’

As Durable Goods Deterioration Continues, AP Hides the Decline

Liberal Journos Applaud Hillary As She Jokes About Her Press Avoidance

White House: ‘Death To America’ Comments in Iran Only Meant For ‘Domestic Audience’

CBS Cheers Anniversary of ObamaCare; Uses WH Stats Passed Off as ‘Our Research Dept’

BBC Shows Wait Time for Products in Venezuela; Avoids the Why

Pew Poll Finds 59 Percent Support For ‘Completely Changing’ Federal Tax System, Networks Ignore

60 Minutes Hypes Neil deGrasse Tyson, But Skips Fake Quotes, Errors

Not News: Federal Judge Blasts DOJ for Executive Order Deception

Media Mum: In Painting, Mother Teresa Marches with Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem

Bowe Bergdahl Charged with Desertion – Obama White House Said He Was “Swiftboated”

Dem Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Let’s not blame the victim in this bogus UVA/Rolling Stone rape story

Top Obama Official: Reading Koran Reminds Me of “Quintessentially American Values”

Reports: MSM Reporters Give Hillary Clinton Standing Ovation after She Takes No Questions, Jokes about Email Scandal

NEW REPUBLIC Writer: Word ‘Taxpayer’ Favors Conservatives, Should Be Eliminated

Student banned from class for questioning campus ‘rape culture’

Only CBS Points Out Top Obama Aide Is Working to Defeat Netanyahu

STUDY: 130,213 stories shows Obama bias in 2012 election

MSM Continues Trying Desperately To Protect Ferguson Protestors From Their Role In Shooting Police

English and Spanish Network Evening Newscasts Combine to Ignore Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal

CBS Pushes Inaccurate and Liberal Spin GOP Letter Is ‘Unprecedented’ Move

Maher: Cops Have ‘second Layer Of Blame’ For Ferguson Cop Shooting

Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd Push Lie of GOP’s ‘Unprecedented’ Iran Letter

Chris Matthews Ignores How Then-Sen. Kerry Arguably Violated Logan Act

Barbara Boxer Scolds Andrea Mitchell: Time to ´Move On´ From Clinton E-Mail Scandal

UN Identifies ‘Extremism and Conservatism’– Not Islam–As Impediments to Gender Equality

UC Irvine Student: US Flag Banned To Avoid ‘triggering’ Hurt Feelings Among Illegals

Socialist Venezuela Isn’t ‘Socialist’ in More Than 87% of Network Stories

NY Times Crops George and Laura Bush Out of Front-Page Photo of Selma Anniversary

George Stephanopoulos Wonders if Clinton’s ‘Critics Overreact’ on Email Scandal

Obama: Keystone oil ´extraordinarily dirty´

Obama: Stronger gun regs would lower homicide rate

Biden: Climate Change Denial Is Like ‘Denying Gravity’

ABC and NBC Use Covert Liberals to Fret Supreme Court Case Could ‘Kill ObamaCare’

Nets Refuse to Report Latest IRS Scandal News, ABC Hasn’t Touched in 10 Months

Mika Declares Warren Buffett Is a ‘Sexist’ for Saying Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Too Angry

CBS’s Charlie Rose on Clinton Email Scandal: ‘Why Is This Story Getting So Much Attention?’

Hardball’s Matthews Fails to See Big Deal About Hillary Emails

John Harwood Spins: Clinton Using Personal Email May Have Just Been ‘Excessive Caution’

Obama Invokes “Spirit of Selma” to Justify Replacing Black Workers With Illegal Immigrants

Top UN Climate Official Resigns After Sexual Harassment Claims, Networks Silent

AP Predictably Distorts Coverage of DOJ’s Decision Not to Charge Zimmerman

Covering Obama’s Keystone Veto, Networks Fail to Mention Americans Approve Pipeline Project

Flashback: Liberals Cheered Obama When He Questioned George Bush’s Patriotism

NY Times Stories Regurgitate Just the Government Line on Obamacare

Time Admits: ‘Only Reason’ ‘Handsy’ Biden ‘Gets Away With’ It Is He’s a Dem

CBS, NBC Barely Touch on Criticism of Obama Refusing to Use the Term Islamic Extremism

‘Illegal’ Aliens? Media Outlets Say ‘Undocumented’ or ‘Unauthorized’

Maddow Sees Biden Pawing Ashton Carter’s Missus as Precious ‘Moment’

Obamacare Created or Hiked 13 Taxes, Networks Ignore Them in 87 Percent of Stories

No Mention of ‘Christians’ In White House Statement Condemning ISIS Beheadings

Student reprimanded for saying “God Bless America”

Rep. Cummings: People ‘Come to Government To Feed Their Souls’

Obama Calls Illegal Aliens ‘Americans Just Like Us’ as He Meets with Illegals in Oval Office – So, is calling himself an “illegal”?

University to erect monument honoring anti-police ‘Occupy’ protest

Trayvon Martin’s father to keynote ‘black excellence’ gala

How the language police are perverting liberalism – (Written by a liberal because he got thrown under the bus) Is this some kind of joke?!? PC personifies liberalism!

White House embarrasses itself with claim Taliban is not a terrorist group

Oxford University Press bans mention of pork and pigs in books to ´avoid offending Muslims or Jews´

NYC Mayor on ID Cards For Illegals: ‘Don’t Want’ Them ‘To Feel Like Second-Class Citizens’

On CNN, Rangel Brushes Off Cuba Harboring Cop-Killing Terrorist

CBS’s Nancy Cordes Only Plays Up Split in GOP on Cuba; Frets Blockage of Ambassador

Top Politico Reporter Abjectly Apologizes for Making Bill Clinton Mad With News-Making Question

Immigration activists stop pretending it’s not about more Democratic voters

How to Fix Poverty: Write Every Family a Basic Income Check

Sharpton: Blacks Can´t Act Decently Without More Government Payouts

Unreal: UFCW Demands Walmart Pay $15 Per Hour, While Thousands of Its Members Earn Far Less

AP Pair More Worried About ‘Impact’ of Rolling Stone’s U.Va. Gang-Rape Story Fail Than the Truth

WashPost Art Critic Wants Elephant-Dung Picture in New Virgin Mary Art Exhibit

The Rolling Stone Fiasco Is Terrible News for Rape Survivors

Rolling Stone’s disastrous U-Va. story: A case of real media bias

Obama White House Pushes Public Schools To “Honor” Mike Brown

Media Adore ‘1 in 3 Campaign,’ Censor Women Who Regret Abortion

ABC, NBC, Telemundo, Univison Ignore News 30K Lost Lois Lerner Emails Have Been Recovered

ABC, NBC Ignore Latest EPA Regulations On Businesses

Dana Carvey: Liberal Satire Is Not ‘Edgy,’ Dennis Miller Is Edgy — And He’s ‘Brutalized’ For It

Obama’s deceitful claim illegals will ‘pay their fair share’

CNN’s Bash Brushes Off ‘Constitutional Professor’ Obama’s Past Immigration Remarks

He found the Jonathan Gruber videos — and no media outlet would call him back

Silence: CBS Ignores Obama’s Massive Immigration Flip-Flop

NAACP has yet to congratulate, acknowledge, or even attack Scott, Love, and Hurd — now America’s three most powerful elected black Republicans

CBS Yet To Acknowledge Obama’s Executive Order Flip-Flop

Media Stands By Serial Plagiarist Fareed Zakaria Despite Wave of New Charges

Melissa Francis- CNBC Told Me Not to Criticize Obamacare

On ‘Net Neutrality,’ ABC Headline Paints Obama As Seeking ‘To Rescue The Internet’

Politico- ‘The Democrats’ Favorite Denier’ Senator Jim Inhofe

Chuck Todd Laments Obama As ‘A President Whose Potential Wasn’t Realized’

Nets Cheered ObamaCare ‘Sign-Up Surge,’ But Bury New, Low Numbers

Angus King- Gruber Who-— Fox & Friends ‘Cruel’ to Question ObamaCare

CBS Gives Bill Nye Platform to Denounce Those Who ‘Deny’ Climate Change

Pelosi and Salon Writer Agree- ‘Voter Suppression’ Explains Dems’ Midterms Debacle

Nets Ignore Video of ObamaCare Architect Crediting Law’s Passage on ‘the Stupidity of the American Voter’

WaPo’s David Ignatius- Obama Is ‘Perhaps the Least Political President in Modern U.S. History’

Salon Writer- American ‘Worship’ of Police, Military a ‘Childish Trait’

onathan Chait- Right-Wingers Have ‘Deep-Seated Anxiety’ and ‘Deep Suspicion’ About Black Voters

Hillary- ‘Don’t Let Anybody Tell You’ That ‘Businesses Create Jobs’

Vox’s Amanda Taub- Reax to Canada Attack Shows ‘We’ Are Biased Against Islam

Press Continues to Virtually Ignore Michelle Obama’s Campaign Speech Gaffes

And There They Go Again — Liberals Play the Race Card

Andrea Mitchell Frets- Will Canada ‘Discriminate’ Like U.S. After 9-11-

Bozell & Graham Column- The Terrorist-Sympathizing Opera

What election- Big 3 networks ignore anti-Obama election

CNN’s Costello- Violent Assault of a Woman is ‘Disturbing’ – Unless It’s Bristol Palin

Liberal Diversity- All Four ‘View’ Hosts Bash Catholic Church

CNN anchor, liberals give grins and thumbs up to violence against the ‘Right’ women

CNBC’s Harwood Reacts to MRC Study, Excuses Media Silence on Midterms

O’Reilly Cites ‘Stunning’ MRC Study on Nets Ignoring Midterms; Carville Tries to Dismiss It

WashPost Buries Own Poll Showing Historic Low for Obama, More Energized GOP Voters

NBC Skips Harsh Report on Violent Illegals, Makes Time for Horror Films

ABC, NBC Continue to Ignore Report on Violent Illegals; Cover Real Housewives Jail Sentence, Marlins Fan Instead

AP Relays WH Howler- $483B Deficit Is ‘Return to Fiscal Normalcy’

Thomas Roberts, Sam Stein Defend Hillary’s War on Bill’s Women- Just a ‘Spouse’ Dealing with a ‘Personal Family Matter’

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner- ‘Distressing’ Canadian Rampage Seen as ‘Terrorist Act’

AP Downplays Key Poll Finding- Democrats’ Advantage Among Women Is Gone

NBC Newscasts Avoid NBC’s Latest Bad-News Poll for Dems

NBC Covers UNC Academic Fraud Scandal, Yet Skipped Academically Fraudulent Democratic Senator

The New Civil Rights Division Head Wants to Decriminalize Possession of All Drugs

One Week Later- Networks Still Ignore Houston Sermon Subpoena Scandal

Networks Fail to Cover Gaffes from Democrats Wendy Davis and Mark Udall

CBS, NBC Ignore Results of Michael Brown’s Autopsy

Bozell- Network Censorship of Houston Mayor’s Subpoenas Part of Left’s ‘Relentless Assault on Free Speech’

Press Covers For Crist’s Tired Excuses For Florida’s Jobs Freefall on His Watch

Ed Schultz Slams Party Apostate Jon Stewart for Criticizing Dems’ Hypocrisy on Campaign Spending

Katha Pollitt’s Pro- Reclaiming Abortion Rights, reviewed.

ABC Gives 17 Seconds To Own Poll Showing ‘Democrats Sweating’ Before Midterms

Why the White House Won’t Admit Obama Is a Drag for Democrats

ABC, NBC Ignore Announcement of Murder Charges for Benghazi Suspect

Teenage Obesity Increased During First Two Years of First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program

Kristen Stewart- ‘Judging the Detainees at Guantanamo Bay is ‘F-cking Evil’

CBS Buries Results of Own Poll Showing Poor Ratings for Obama, Democrats Ahead of Midterms

No Sympathy for ‘Racist’ Bill Maher, Hoist by Own Petard

ABC, NBC Ignore Report Claiming White House Lied About Prostitution Scandal

Van Jones- Dems Should Use Ebola As Campaign Talking Point Against GOP

Nets Fawned Over Wise Jimmy Carter, But Skip Him Trashing Obama

Top Gov’t Doctor Spins Second Diagnosis of Ebola in US as ‘The System is Working’

Obamacare Poised to Cause Insurance Cancellations, Networks Silent

Liberal doves run as war hawks – James Hohmann

Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal Chosen to Deliver Commencement Address At Goddard College

CBS Hits Gov. Christie Over ‘Bridgegate,’ Allows Obama To Blame Intelligence Community For Growth Of ISIS

New Evidence in Plagiarism Case Against Liberal Reagan Historian Rick Perlstein

Some National Media Skip Oklahoma Beheading, But Dwelled on Oklahoma Botched Execution

Huffington Post Twists Studies to Claim Armed Resistance Doesn’t Help in Shootings

‘Big Three’ Ignore Jailed Marine’s Mother Testifying Before Congress

Over 300,000 Face Deadline to Prove Eligibility for ObamaCare Subsidies; Nets Omit

NBC Tackles Claims of Anti-Muslim Bias in NFL, Skipped Islamic Extremism in Oklahoma Beheading

’60 Minutes’ Audience Craters For Obama Interview; Press Keeps His Name Out of Coverage

ABC, CBS Ignore News That the Intelligence Community Actually Did Warn Obama About ISIS Threat

NBC’s Williams Praises Global Warming Marchers Despite ‘Mountains of Trash Left Behind’ – Hypocrites.

No -Sectarian Materials- Allowed- California School Bans Christian Books From Library – Muslim books embraced as diversity.

Networks Refuse to Cover DOJ Shutting Media Out of Ferguson Town Halls – Covering up.

Anti-Semitic, Pro-Terror Opera to Premiere in New York – Cultural diversity.

ABC, NBC Ignore Leon Panetta’s Criticism of Obama’s ISIS Strategy – Protecting Obama’s butt.

Kerry Tells ‘Morning Joe’ That Islamic State Not Driven By Islam, With No Push Back – Nodding heads.

NYT, AP Ignore Large Contingent of Socialists and Far-Leftists in NYC Climate March – Burying heads

Press Ignores Errors, Inaccuracies in Burke’s Plagiarized ‘Jobs Plan’ – Look the other way.

Esquire- ‘CNN Employs, Gives Airtime To, Defends a Plagiarist’ – Cover eyes.

AP- It’s Not Plagiarism When Scott Walker’s Democrat Opponent Does It – Now, if Scott Walker had done it…

JOKE Sentence For Buffalo Gun Critic Dwayne Ferguson – No doubt, his motives are good.

CNN President- ‘Complete Confidence’ in Zakaria, Despite New Plagiarism Scandal – No wrong by a creeple is too wrong to forgive or ignore.

Book Bias- Networks Cover Liberal Bestsellers 2-1 Over Conservative Ones – I am actually surprised it is only 2-1.

Blog- Obama Forbids FBI to Use Religion in Identifying Terror Threats, as ISIS Recruits Openly in U.S. Mosques – Can’t connect terrorism to his “religion of peace”.

ABC Refuses to Identify ISIS/ISIL as ‘Terrorists’ or Victims as ‘Christian’- Creeple would so much prefer that it was Christian terrorists terrorizing Muslim victims.

‘Big Three’ Continue To Downplay Clinton-Obama Scuffle: ‘A Good Time Was Had By All’- Doesn’t look good when creeple at the top of the pyramid fight. Media creeple cover so that sheeple don’t find out. (Keeping sheeple in the dark and feeding them manure.)

Jose Diaz-Balart Teams Up with Telemundo for a Sympathetic Portrait of ‘The Coyote Way’- Up is down and black is white. What’s next – pimps are like loving fathers?

CBS’s Axelrod Praises Twitter’s Ferguson Protests; Omits How Featured Protester Hoped Rioters/Looters ‘Keep at It’- Creeple hate and violence approved from the top.

Before Being Obama Flack, Jay Carney Claims He Was ‘Old-Fashioned Journalist’ Who ‘Didn’t Take Sides’- When there is only one good side and the rest are a bunch of evil monsters, one is always on neutral ground. [rolls eyes]

Pelosi: Qataris Have Told Me ‘Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization’- And Israel is a giant evil monster. Got it!

Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn’t violate ‘community standards’-Creeplecommunity standards.

Biden- ‘Businesses Are Hiring at Historic Rates’- What he meant to say was, “Businesses are hiringpart-timeworkers at historic rates.” And “More jobseekers have given up looking for a job than have found work in 49 of the last 50 months.”

Execution or exodus, Iraqi Christians face grim choice- Christians? Meh. Now, if they were gays…

Lefty Blogger- IRS Scandal Exists ‘Only in the Fevered Imaginations’ of Propagandized Right-Wingers- Scoff reflex.

University of Wisconsin Faculty Votes to Apportion Grades by Race- Why not just give everyone an A? Well, except whites – they get a D.

Richardson- Opposition to Illegals ‘Nativist’ Tea Party Trying to Keep ‘America Pure’- This from a Democrat – the party of slavery, segregation and ghettoes.

Border is ‘Under Control,’ Says Sheila Jackson Lee- Up is down and black is white.

Reid- Southern border is secure- Up is down and black is white.

WH- We’ve ‘Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community’- Libya, Syria and Iraq are lawless states. Egypt and Turkey are in turmoil. African nations are besieged with Islamic terrorists. Pakistan is on the verge of civil war. Israel and Hamas are at war. Iran and North Korea are building nukes. China is threatening all of its neighbors over the South China Sea. The Ukraine is in a civil war. Russia is building spy and naval bases in Cuba and other Caribbean nations. America is being invaded by criminal aliens. Yup. Nothing to see here. Move along…

NBC Avoids the Word ‘Illegal,’ Highlights ‘Migrant Families’ and ‘Immigrants’- It’s hard to defend breaking of the law, so just pretend no laws are being broken.

CNN’s Cuomo Mocks IRS Scandal During Immigration Segment; Asks ‘Where is the Humanity’ to Help Kids at Border- Tactic: Ignore the corruption here by directing you toward the corruption there.

Juan Williams on the IRS Scandal- ‘There’s No News Here!’- The politically correct mantra of the corrupt and those who defend corruption.

ICE Removes ‘Alien’ from Term for Illegal Immigrant Children- Black is white, up is down.

Obama- US Always Has Been a Nation of Immigrants- Convenient how he doesn’t delineate betweenlegalandillegalimmigrants.

New York Times- Ugly for Americans Against Illegal Immigration to Wave American Flags, Chant ‘USA’- That damnable rule-of-law thing.

University offers female students extra credit for not shaving their armpits- Uh… this is nuts. Who needs to go into debt for the rest of their life fornot shaving their armpits? Why not just ask each enrollee whether they are a feminist and hand them a diploma if they answer yes. Why bother with all of that teaching, assignments, and tests and stuff?

We are the product that Facebook has been testing- Join Facebook – the great internet experiment where you are the mouse that they infect and then dissect. But it’s all OK. They’re creeple, so they are doing it for a noble cause – filling their pockets.

Black Unemployment 10.7%, More Than Double White Unemployment 5.3%- Shush! How did this get out?

Sheila Jackson Lee Brings Lollipops to Illegals, Says Border Crisis Not National Security Threat- Yeah – they’re all just innocent little children. No drug mules, no criminals, no terrorists, no diseases. Sheila checked every one of them out – they’re all pure and innocent, I tell you! • Corkins, Dorner: Embarrassing Liberal Links to Killers Still Missing From New York Times – When you fear the news, simply don’t print it.

ABC Ignores New Benghazi Revelations Showing Disengaged Obama – Or don’t broadcast it.

AP Uses Excerpts From Dorner’s ‘Manifesto’ on Various Pols, Omits Effusive Praise of Obama, Denunciation of His Critics – And don’t print it again.

ABC Gives Sen. Menendez Six Minute Interview With No Questions About FBI’s Hooker Investigation – Protecting their own.

For Second Week in a Row, Press Says ‘Jobless Claims Fall to 5-Year Low’ as Actual Year-Over-Year Claims Rose – Paranoia prevents the creeple media from reporting bad news.

Media Cheered Obama’s ‘Party Time,’ Bashed Bush’s ‘Lavish’ Second Inaugural – Well, of course, Bush was evil.

CBS Evening News Ignores Own Poll Showing 74 Percent Support Armed Guards in School – Paranoids also casually ignore information that contradicts the agenda.

NYTimes Buries Own Poll Findings Showing Support for Armed Guards in School, Blaming Hollywood – More ignoring of inconvenient data that contradicts the accepted mantra.

U.S. Press Won’t Report That Egypt’s Constitution Is Sharia-Based — And Socialist – Best to keep the masses ignorant.

Another NBC Reporter Refuses to Cover Chicago Teachers Union Ties to Socialist Orgs – Defending the groupthink with silence.

New York Magazine Reports Fox News Gun-Control Blackout….Without Watching Fox News! – Reporting the template.

ABC and CBS Skip News of Tim Scott’s Historic Senate Appointment [UPDATED, ABC Spiked in Morning] – Fear of getting ahead of the official talking points.

Bloomberg News hid conflicting fiscal-cliff poll numbers, pushed results favorable to Obama – The whole truth is scary to creeple. Better to leave some of it out so your side looks better.

ABC, CBS, NBC Are Censoring Footgage of Union Thug Violence in Lansing – A symptom of creeple paranoia is the willingness to play stupid.

NYTimes Provides More Pro-Union Coverage from Michigan; Union Protest Violence Ignored – More playing stupid.

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