LGBT Libertinism

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Premise: Homosexuals used to be viewed as sexual deviants based on what were then considered decisions of abhorrent behavior, but today gays are considered immutably born homosexual, outside of their decision-making process. The reasoning of this suggests that homosexuals cannot help who they are – it is ingrained into their sexual orientation – so they must be accepted for who they are naturally born as. Sounds reasonable if true.

The current cultural definition of a homophobe is someone who irrationally hates gays. This is reasoned because someone who refuses to accept that gays are born as homosexual, are the true deviants, who supposedly make objectionable decisions of hate towards gays.

Question: But what if those who object to homosexuality are not doing it based on a decision of hate, but based on their own naturally inborn sexual orientation? What if they are not in fact homophobic, but are immutably born homonauseated in their sexual orientation?

Conundrum: After all, what normal person makes a decision to be nauseated at the thought of pedophilia (sex with children)? Normal people do not have to make that decision – the thought of sex with a child is nauseating because a normal person is immutably born with this as an element of their sexual orientation. The same is true in the case of bestiality (sex with animals). Normal people are born nauseated in their sexual orientation at the thought of sex with animals being accepted as normal behavior. Or what about incestophilia (sex with close relatives), exhibitionism (exposing genitals in public), voyeurism (peeping), hebephilia (sex with children in early puberty), coprophilia (sexual arousal from feces fetish), urophilia (sexual arousal from urine fetish), klismaphilia (sexual arousal from enemas), paraphilia (sexual arousal from objects fetish), frotteurism (sexual arousal from rubbing against strangers), sadism (sexual arousal from the suffering of others), and necrophilia (sexual arousal from corpses)?

There are literally dozens of these sexual derivations that are naturally nauseating to a normal person at first mention, needing no thought or decision making process, because their inborn sexual orientation immediately rejects them as abnormal sexual deviations through an immediate anxiety of nausea. Normal people are immutably and naturally born in their sexual orientation as pedonauseated, bestonauseated, incestonauseated, exhibitionismnauseated, voyeurismnauseated, hebenauseated, copronauseated, uronauseated, klismanauseated, paranauseated, frotteurismnauseated, sadismnauseated, necronauseated, and homonauseated.

[Again we see that creeple reasoning upsets their own apple cart.]

Explanation: If homosexuality is justifiable based on it being a part of an immutable, inborn sexual orientation that must be accepted and respected culturally, then homonausea is also justified since it too is an element of a person’s immutable, inborn sexual orientation that must also be societally accepted and respected for the same reason.

Conclusion: Creeple illogic is two-faced, contradictory and hypocritical. Creeple are the real bigots. Being born nauseated about abnormal sexual deviations of nature is entirely normal. Not being nauseated about that which is abnormal, is itself abnormal – libertinism.

Society does not celebrate pedophilia with special days, parades, marriage rights and other rights. And society does not celebrate hebephilia, bestiality, incestophilia, exhibitionism, voyeurism, hebephilia, coprophilia, urophilia, klismaphilia, paraphilia, frotteurism, sadism, or necrophilia with special days, parades, marriage rights and other rights. Please explain to me why homosexuality should be paraded, celebrated and given rights in society as supposedly a normal sexual orientation when it clearly belongs on the above list of sexual abnormalities which naturally and normally nauseate normal people?

Solution: Society needs an attitude change. As with the above listed sexual deviations, homosexuality is nothing more than a defective orientation, just as are poor eyesight, or malformed limbs as a result of one’s birth. We do not publicly celebrate poor eyesight or physical handicaps. Public celebration and promotion of homosexuality must stop for the sake of civility in society. As long as an activity does not break the law (like transvestic fetishism or homosexuality), what a person does in private is their own affair. But if creeple want to make a public issue out of an abnormal sexual behavior like homosexuality or transgenderism, that is where they have crossed normal people’s naturally inborn sexual orientation of nausea toward sexual deviations.

Creeple refer to the homonauseated as homophobes to stigmatize them as illegitimate opponents of the homosexual agenda. This begs the question to creeple: What does legitimate opposition to the homosexual agenda look like? Creeple will answer that there is none. In fact, we have now seen that the homonauseated have a legitimate right to oppose the homosexual and transgender agendas based on their immutable, inborn homonausea derivation of their sexual orientation.

It used to be considered that homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Now homophobia is considered an intolerant attitude. It used to be that homosexuals had to hide in the closet. Now the homonauseated must hide in the closet. It used to be that the homonauseated publicly hated and persecuted homosexuals. Now it is homosexuals who publicly hate and persecute the homonauseated. (This all equally applies to the transexual issue as well.) Both have to live in society side by side without being at each other’s throats. Since at the moment undesirable societal friction is the guaranteed result of this conflict, all of society should voluntarily practice what the American military successfully used for years – don’t ask, don’t tell. Homosexuals and transgenders don’t ask or comment about homonausea and trans nausea, and homonausics/transnausics don’t ask or comment about homosexuality or transgenderism. Neither are celebrated or granted special rights for their respective aspects of their sexual orientation. Both homonausea (and transnausea) and homosexuality (and transgenderism) are kept private and respected as such.

Gay and transgender ” marriage” are, in fact, acts of homoaggression and transagression. It is as much an attack on the norms of the majority of Americans born with homonausea and transnausea as immutable derivations of their sexual orientation, as insisting on marriage between adults and ten-year-olds would be an attack on the norms of Americans born with pedonausea as an immutable derivation of their sexual orientation. In fact, all public displays of homosexuality and transgenderism as in movies, television shows, parades, etc. are acts of homoaggression and transaggression against the homonauseated/transnauseated.

Pushing everyone into the closet who are immutably born nauseated by abnormal sexual behavior is not the answer – it is fascism. Fascism is how the homonauseated used to react toward homosexuals, and fascism is how creeple operate today toward the homonauseated/transnauseated. For the sake of a civil society both must stop. For instance, gays and trans must renounce gay and trans ” marriage” as an homoaggressive or trans aggressive offence against the norms of a majority, homonauseated/transnauseated society. And the homonauseated must accept homosexuality and transgenderism as a legitimate act in privacy. Freedom and legitimate rights are not the result of fascist demagoguery and aggression, no matter which side is doing it.

To Creeple Readers: OK – all of you creeple can now ignore your own logic about inborn immutability that you use to justify homosexuality as normal, and begin your demagoguery of me, and thus prove my point that it is indeed you who are fascists who can’t or won’t accept your very own argument turned against you.

If my homonausea/transnausea-as-normal-because-of-immutability-argument is not allowable for me, then your homosexuality-as-normal-because-of-immutability-argument is not allowable for you. If you deny my side of the argument, you also deny your own side of the argument.

Think of it this way, creeple. Are you immutably nauseated at the thought of sex with children and at the thought of accepting pedophilia as normal? Normal people are. And most normal people are also immutably nauseated at the thought of same-gender sex and at the thought of accepting homosexuality and transgenderism as normal public behavior. You are just going to have to live with that. You can make a war out it (by acting fascist, as you have been), or you can come to peace with it. For the sake of a civil society, please make the right choice.

[Mind you, most creeple who read this will only skim through it and won’t get the argument anyway. Why hear out what an evil monster has to say? Better to just save time, skip over it and begin the hate right away – progressive-fascism.]

Update Dec., 2017: I could give other examples, but here is something which describes my position. My partner and I recently went on a Caribbean cruise and were seated in open seating on the first night with a gay couple, David and Ernie. They didn’t identify themselves as gay, it was just obvious – obvious like my partner and I were a heterosexual couple. Later, they told us that they had been together for ten years. They were slightly younger than us and could not have been better cruise companions. We had a lot of laughs, and talked to them many times throughout the rest of the cruise, including watching a show in the theater together, and sharing a breakfast on one morning. The fact that they were gay never came up, and the fact that we were heterosexual never came up. We would cruise with them again anytime. My homonausea was never triggered. It is the pushing of the homosexual agenda that triggers homonausea, not gay people. They did not “agendize” their homosexuality in any way. Here is another “gay” man that we could definitely share a dinner, a breakfast, a show and a cruise with: ‘Don’t call me gay’, says Italy designer Stefano Gabbana

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