Creeple Have Noble Motives

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Please allow me to repost from the Ted Kennedy page in the Creeple Scoundrels section:

~It is important to understand that sheeple consider creeple as elite visionaries, with pure and noble motives, since their sole aim is perceived to be to eliminate evil monsters from American society. Because their motives are deemed to be good and honorable, their subsequent actions are much less important when judging their results. The moral relativity of political correctness protects creeple from accusations of demagoguery, corruption, negligence, ineptness, lying and even breaking the law, thus allowing the creepiest of creeple to rise to the top. No failure or indiscretion is ever so egregious that it cannot be forgiven or ignored or even defended. In short, there is no guilt or shame for creeple in the eyes of sheeple.~

Sheeple are willing to overlook any creeple failure, because in their mind, at least creeple intentions are good. Creeple intentions are about fighting evil monsters. So even if the results of some creeple policy or practice go terribly wrong, they can be forgiven because the motives behind the effort were honorable. Here is an exemplary example: Over three weeks after launch, Obamacare registration was virtually impossible (even one of the program contractors testified that he could not log in as a test of the system), the insurance companies were getting bad information from the few who could miraculously register, people were losing their healthcare insurance policies, they were losing their doctors, they were losing their jobs, there was little data security, there were 700 cyber-squatters milking identities from innocent victims, contrary to administration promises premiums were going way up while the estimates given to those few who could log in were way low, and people had already lost faith in the system. Plus, the website cost five times as much as originally projected (before the launch problems). Here was creeple Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi’s response:

~ “That was our mission. We accomplished it. And we’re proud of it. Is the implementation of it perfect it every way? Not yet. But the goal of it is still the same — we’re still very, very proud of that. And not for a half a second — not a nano-second — would I say that I’m disappointed.”~

The “goal” she speaks of is the equivalent of creeple noble motivations. She sees the motivations for Obamacare as good and noble, so despite that the program itself was described in the media as a total “train wreck”, she wasn’t disappointed for “a nano-second”. Her scoff reflex allowed her to sleep easily at night without an ounce of cognitive dissonance.

Here are dozens more examples of sheeple ignoring, forgiving and even defending creeple indiscretions – all because of their perceived noble motives in the fight against evil monsters:

• For years the Obama administration Treasury Secretary creeple Timothy Geithner had refused to pay $34,000 in taxes owed despite being instructed to pay, and signing an agreement to pay. Ironically the Treasury is responsible for the Internal Revenue Service. Sheeple were unfazed by this ironic and hypocritical indiscretion.

• The creeple Democrat majority chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means from 2007 to 2010, Charles Rangel, who was responsible for overseeing taxation for the federal government, was another creeple with years of tax payment problems. Again sheeple found no problem in looking the other way. No creeple hypocrisy is so egregious that it cannot be overlooked.

• At the height of feminism a creeple President Bill Clinton kicked feminists in the teeth. Nothing so defined misogyny at the time as a manager or CEO type boss taking advantage of his female subordinates. As creeple feminists smiled through their bloody, broken chiclets, they defended Bill Clinton and attacked the women he took advantage of, even though he defined the arch type of CEO misogynist. One creeple reporter even went so far as to offer the President a “Monica” just for not also throwing abortion rights under the bus!

• Creeple Barney Frank had an illegal prostitution ring operating out of his house, but sheeple gave him a pass.

• Who can forget creeple Ward Churchill and his “little Eichmanns” commentary on 9/11? Sheeple outrage? I don’t remember any. I remember the dismissal of any criticism of Churchill.

• Creeple Senate minority leader Harry Reid declared in the middle of the Iraq war surge, “this war is lost” while demanding the President surrender Iraq to al Qaeda and civil war, and sheeple completely ignored this demoralizing of the troops, encouragement to the enemy, and obvious poor judgment.

• Creeple Senator Dick Durbin compared American troops to Nazis, Stalin and Pol Pot and received virtually no condemnation from sheeple.

• Creeple Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry went to jail for drug offenses, but that didn’t stop sheeple from re-electing him Mayor again.

• Creeple Bill Clinton with his sexual escapades may have led to the administration being blackmailed by China in regard to nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology. The House Report 105-851, otherwise known as the Cox Report, exposed a stunning negligence by the Clinton administration, revealing that warnings of security lapses were deliberately ignored and sensitive missile related technology was allowed to be shared with the Chinese through private American companies. President Clinton should have been removed from office just for placing the office of the President in a position to be blackmailed. The fact that there was ample evidence that the Chinese may have actually been blackmailing Clinton is also ample evidence of the look-the-other-way attitude that sheeple have for creeple.

• With Presidential Directive 24 what has subsequently been known as the Wall had been set up to prevent the FBI and the intelligence community from directly communicating and sharing information that might have exposed illicit Chinese money laundering that was going into the Democratic Party. PDD24 placed all decisions to do with symbiotic intelligence investigations by the FBI and various intelligence agencies in the hands of the administration, effectively allowing them control of who knew what other agencies knew. The Wall was confirmed in a 1995 Justice Department creeple lawyer Jamie Gorelick memo that said:

~Because the counterintelligence investigation will involve the use of surveillance techniques authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ACT (FISA) against targets that, in some instances, had been subject to surveillance under Title III, and because it will involve some of the same sources and targets as the criminal investigation, we believe that it is prudent to establish a set of instructions that will clearly separate the counterintelligence investigation from the more limited, but continued, criminal investigations.~

This is the same Wall that prevented identification of the 9/11 hijackers as active terrorists even though the data was available – the Wall made it impossible to connect the dots. And this was the same creeple Jamie Gorelick who was appointed to the 9/11 Commission – a huge conflict of interest. Sheeple however, never had a problem with any of these things.

• The creeple group New Black Panthers in the 2008 presidential election intimidated voters outside a polling station in Philadelphia and sheeple had no problem with the fact that the Obama Justice Department deliberately covered up the seriousness of the incident.

• Creeple Congressman John Murtha claimed that Marines “killed innocent civilians in cold blood” and refused to apologize when the evidence exculpated those Marines, and still there was no outrage from sheeple.

• Creeple Democrat operative Sandy Berger was convicted of stealing and deliberately destroying secret government documents and was still excused by sheeple as being “sloppy” and that he made an “honest mistake”.

• Creeple Democrat House member William Jefferson was videotaped by the FBI receiving a $100,000 bribe, most of which was later found hidden in his freezer. Were there immediate demands by fellow creeple and sheeple for his resignation? No. In fact the creeple Congressional Black Caucus strongly backed Jefferson, even supporting his continuing on the House Ways and Means Committee.

• Former President creeple Jimmy Carter is well known for his Palestinian sympathies to the point of public anti-Semitism, but sheeple generally ignore and even cheer these on.

• Creeple broadcaster CBS knowingly used and defended fake documents to slander a sitting President with the aim of bringing about his electoral defeat, and many sheeple still today accept the absurd adage created to describe the incident, “fake but accurate”.

• Members of the 1970s creeple domestic terrorism group, the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Mark Rudd and Kathy Boudin all ended up teaching in American colleges as respected intellectuals. Ayers and Dohrn especially have been heralded as heroes by creeple. Even terrorism isn’t enough for sheeple to distance themselves from creeple with the correct perceived motives.

• Having committed plagiarism didn’t disqualify creeple Joe Biden from being elected to the Senate many subsequent times and eventually as the Vice President.

• Almost unknown in the U.S., but well known to most Canadians, was the Tainted Blood Scandal where in the 1980s creeple Governor Bill Clinton oversaw the sale of HIV and viral hepatitis infected blood from Arkansas prison inmates to the Canadian blood system (and others around the world). This resulted in tens of thousands of Canadians infected. Right up until today the creeple American media has never shown any interest in this outrageous story.

• A creeple Democratic presidential candidate was exposed as cheating on his wife and having a love child well before the primaries were over, and the disinfecting creeple media dismissed it as a non-story, and sheeple in general, who loved John Edwards, collectively yawned. It seems he was even considered as vice presidential material by Barack Obama, and then it turned out that his creeple wife was in on the scam, covering up for him in order to get a chance to live in the White House.

• Despite that creeple consistently and violently riot at organizational meetings like the Republican National Convention, the G-8, G-20 summits, etc., sheeple pay lip service to these events and instead attempt to cast peaceful, law abiding freeple Tea Party events as evidence of the so-called violent right in America. A stark contrast is that no freeple Tea Partier has ever been arrested at a freeple Tea Party event, whereas at the creeple Occupy Wall Street protest in NYC hundreds were arrested.

• The creeple group Association of Community Organizations for Reform (ACORN) was involved in a multitude criminal voter incidents and funding frauds over the years with whistleblowers coming forward, and was exposed as thoroughly corrupt by a series of sting videos, but sheeple and creeple were largely silent and often defensive in regard to ACORN. Creeple Democrats were embarrassed into supporting a defunding of ACORN in some spending legislation, but the creeple Obama administration reinstituted funding for ACORN through federal agencies instead. Creeple cheered a reinstatement of a corrupt ACORN.

• Creeple Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner was exposed for lying about relationships with women online, sending them lewd photos of himself, and falsely accusing freeple of hacking his social internet accounts, but this was not enough for top creeple Democrats to call for his resignation. Hoping he could survive a House Ethics investigation creeple Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pointedly would not demand his resignation until a week later when he was perceived to have become a liability to the Party. Weiner must be wondering why he so quickly got thrown under the bus when creeple Bill Clinton was raised as a hero for committing real crimes and placing the presidency in a position to be blackmailed.

• Former Democratic Senator and Governor creeple Jon Corzine, as CEO of derivatives broker MF Global said he didn’t know what happened to the 1.2 billion dollars in missing client funds. Despite that the creeple Occupy Wall Street protests were currently apoplectic with the Wall Street one percenters supposedly stealing money from the 99%, apparently they have no problem with this creeple one percenter seemingly caught in the act. One creeple journalist excused it as just a “victim of the alpha-male curse”.

• Despite the disastrous opening of Obamacare, after two weeks virtually no creeple or sheeple called for the head of Secretary of Health and Human Services creeple Kathleen Sebelius. She did not offer to resign, and the creeple President said he still had “full confidence” in her.

• PolitiFact presented creeple President Obama with the 2013 Lie of the Year award for repeatedly claiming “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it”. Asked about receiving the award the President responded that he should be excused for his lie because “my intentions have been clear throughout”. In other words, he should be excused because his motivations were good. Of course, that is more than good enough for sheeple.

• Obama administration Attorney General creeple Eric Holder is the first sitting cabinet member to be held in contempt of Congress, for lying to Congress over the Fast and Furious gun scandal where hundreds of guns were deliberately sold to a Mexican drug cartel so that American guns could be blamed later when inevitably used to murder people. This would then be used as leverage to demand gun control legislation. Except that the plan has been exposed. But of course, sheeple have completely excused creeple President Obama, his creeple administration and creeple Eric Holder. Despite that two U.S. federal agents were murdered with these guns, creeple Holder’s motives were pure, so there is no need to hold him to account, according to sheeple.

• Of course, creeple President Obama and his administration are excused for multiple indiscretions and defended with accusations of racism:  the Solydra bankruptcy, photos showing Obama affiliated with the New Black Panther Party, the Fast and Furious deal selling guns to a Mexican drug cartel, the Pigford payoff, the non-recess “recess appointments” that break the tradition of separation of powers, the Benghazi fiasco, IRS fascism beginning the day after the head of the IRS worker’s union visited Obama in the White House (they weren’t going to allow another Tea Party election victory in 2012 – didn’t work), EPA fascism similar to that of the IRS, the AP phone records seizure and the prying into emails and phone records of a Fox News reporter, arbitrary collection of phone records of millions of Americans, NSA data vacuuming over the internet, ICE releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants with criminal records, the leaking of a whistleblower’s confidential memo to smear him, and administration officials using covert email addresses for who knows what, arbitrary changes to the Obamacare law, executive amnesty, etc.

• And then there is creeple Hillary Clinton. There’s the very suspicious cattle futures trades – nobody is that lucky, and she certainly isn’t that good. There was Travelgate where she had all of the employees at the White House travel office fired so she could bring in friends from Arkansas. She hid the Rose Law firm billing records from the Whitewater investigation. She completely botched Hillarycare. She ran the White House “bimbo eruptions unit”. She lied about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia. The Russia reset button was embarrassing for the United States. She lied about the reason for the Benghazi terrorist attack and refused to immediately send in support to save the lives of those who needlessly died. Finally, there is the private email account scandal while Secretary of State. Funny how in the minds of sheeple and creeple none of these indiscretions disqualify her from becoming president, whereas Mitt Romney putting his dog in a carrier on the top of his car was enough to disqualify him in the minds of sheeple. Also funny how she said, “Every nation has to be either for us, or against us,” a week before President Bush did, and creeple didn’t care that she said it – but Bush was a reckless cowboy for saying it.

Utilizing the scoff reflex sheeple can excuse and defend any creeple indiscretion based on the justification that creeple have noble motives of eliminating evil monsters to create a creepltopia.

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