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~ “In the election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln said the question was whether this Nation could exist half slave or half free. In the election of 1960, and with the world around us, the question is whether the world will exist half slave or half free, whether it will move in the direction of freedom, in the direction of the road that we are taking, or whether it will move in the direction of slavery.”~ – John F. Kennedy

JFK was the last Democratic President who did not move America significantly to the ideological left. There is no doubt that JFK saw a leftward movement toward the communism he so despised as a move toward “slavery”, and a move to the right as a move toward “freedom” (exactly the same as the TPQ Ideology Scale). In fact, it was the rightwing Republican minority leader, Everett Dirksen that often rallied support for the President against his own resistant Democrats. With his hard stance against communism and his massive tax cuts, it could be argued that JFK indeed moved America to the right “in the direction of freedom”.

Question: Which direction do you want America to move? Toward slavery or toward freedom?

Conundrum: Creepleism propagandizes that it defends your liberties. But does it? Isn’t liberty about making decisions for yourself and directing your own life? Creepleism wants to enslave you to collectivism – the same collectivism that JFK despised.

[Only someone conditioned to fear liberty would want to embrace the slavery of collectivism.]

Explanation: Here is how creepleism defines liberty; limiting what vehicles you can drive, limiting what you can eat, limiting what healthcare is available to you, limiting what media is available to you, a bureaucrat setting your thermostat, forced unionization, forcing you to pay more for supposedly green energy, determining your fitness for a job based on race or gender, denying educational choice for your children by forcing them to go to public schools and pay twice if you choose otherwise, forcing you to pay higher taxes to bail out your reckless neighbor’s mortgage, or your bank’s debt, or fat-cat unions, and re-taxing your hard earned savings which have already been taxed in order to deny that money going to your children when you die. Creepleism denies liberty in every aspect of your life and even your death. Creepleism is where the government denies and coerces citizens’ choices about how to live their lives – progressive-fascism.

Freepleism is where citizens direct the government’s responsibilities and abilities to limit a citizen’s choices. Freeple are against government limiting what vehicles are available for consumers. Freeple are against the government arbitrarily determining what foods may or may not be available. Freeple are against denying you healthcare choices. Freeple are against government interference in the media in any way. Freeple are against the “Smart Grid” where some faceless bureaucrat decides what temperature your house should be. Freeple are against forced unionization and the denial of secret voting so unions can intimidate workers who vote the ‘wrong way’. Freeple are against forcing you to pay more for supposedly ‘green energy’ that produces no discernible benefit. Freeple oppose forced race and gender preference requirements in employment hiring requirements. Freeple are for all types of alternate educational choices, including private schools, parochial schools, charter schools and home schooling, without having to pay twice. Freeple do not believe in bailing out your neighbor’s poor credit decisions or your bank’s or fat-cat unions. And freeple do not agree with taxing your money twice and denying your children your hard-earned savings at the end of your life. It is freepleism that promotes and defends liberty in your life.

Conclusion: Control is the underlying function of creepleism. Liberty is the foundation of freepleism. Creeple demand all citizens voluntarily or forcefully give up their liberty to external creeple control. Creepleism is a type of voluntary subjugation to top-down control, and for those who resist, a forcible slavery. Sheeple and creeple are both slaves and slavers, at once enslaving themselves, and forcing their slavery on everyone else. Freepleism is the freedom to live without coercive control.

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