Origin and Why The Paranoid Quiz Is So Needed

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Who I am: My name is Jim Autio. I am a polite polemist from Canada who specializes in pondering big problems from outside of the box. My maxim is: To boldly think where no man has thought before… (It is said that confident people are often misunderstood as arrogant. You may misunderstand me this way – or maybe it isn’t a misunderstanding. I’ll let you decide.)

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First of the Nuclear Counterarguments 22 Essay Series

What I have done: As an ex-sheeple I have intensely researched American politics and ideology for going on twenty years. I have a link library numbering many thousands, research files by the dozens, and have written 22 essays averaging over 60 pages each, including hundreds of graphs, tables, PowerPoint slideshows, maps and images, and thousands of citation links. The 22 essays were written based on traditional ideological labels like liberalism, progressivism, conservatism, etc. whose definitions have evolved over time and now often create confusion. So I have created freepleism, sheepleism and creepleism as universally applicable ideological categories that are intuitive and cannot evolve. And I have created a condensed and updated version of my essays with practical tactics for fixing America, presented on the Home Page.

Despite the best efforts of freeple politicians, talking heads and tea partiers to resist the march of creepleism in America, on average each year more ground is lost than is gained. Yes, turnout surges as in the 2010 and 2014 elections look and feel good, but ask yourself whether they actually turned back the tide, or just temporarily slowed its advance (or if they even did that). Unfortunately, freeple Americans who are informed about the controversial ideological issues of the day have been left to analyzing and hand-ringing about these societal ills, but have few pragmatic solutions with which to engage and defeat creepleism.

What I offer: The Paranoid Quiz website will lead to a repairing of America where the advancement of creepleism is not just hindered or halted, but where it is actually reversed as America steadily becomes a freer nation again. Tactics are offered to help get sheeple to read The Paranoid Quiz. Other tactics are provided to prod sheeple to convert into freeple independent of the quiz, and with more tactics offered to rebut creeple propaganda and demagoguery. And powerful tactics are provided for the purpose of destroying the Democratic Party.

Why I do it: Although I am not an American, I recognize that in order to preserve liberty as a primary value in the world, the global march for freedom must be led by the U.S.A. No other country can do it, and if America falls victim to collectivism (as it is in the process of doing), the world is doomed to a miserable future. With The Paranoid Quiz I am doing my part by offering a comprehensive strategy for proactively transforming sheeple into freeple through a tactical undermining of creepleism and the promotion of individual liberty within a civil society.

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