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Premise: With a majority in the House of Representatives in 2008 and a majority in the Senate in 2009 creeple Democrats passed resolutions generically apologizing on behalf of the government to African Americans for historic slavery and the Jim Crow segregation laws. This was disingenuous, to say the least. It was not so much that government was to blame for slavery and segregation. It was the Democratic Party itself. They were the driving political force behind both. When Republicans controlled the government they dismantled Democratic Party slavery and the Jim Crow laws. So it wasn’t some neutral government that was responsible – it is the Democratic Party today who holds the sole blame.

This is important: Remove the Democratic Party from America’s history and you will have removed the worst of America’s history.

It is often claimed that America today lives off the avails and profits of historic slavery. Black Democrats occasionally demand monetary reparations from the government to the African American community for the past sins of slavery and segregation (recently, the UN demanded that reparations be paid).

Is it not curious that white creeple Democrats never get on the reparations bandwagon? In 2009 and 2010 Democrats controlled the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Why didn’t they pay out reparations when they had no political opposition to stop them? Here’s one reason why: They don’t support reparations because they want to keep blacks poor and enslaved to the Democratic Party.

Here’s another reason: It wasn’t the American government per se that was the driving force behind slavery and segregation. It was the Democratic Party. Allow me to elaborate: The mechanism of government was just the tool of the Democratic Party. Blaming the government for slavery is like blaming the gun for a bank robbery, or blaming the car for a car-jacking. In the 1850s the Republicans were driving the car when they abolished slavery – then the Democrats car-jacked it as a getaway car to rob a bank – to implement their Jim Crow segregation laws. It wasn’t the car’s fault!

Question: Shouldn’t the Democratic Party apologize and pay reparations to the American black community for the Democratic Party’s past slavery and segregation laws?

Black Republican Congressmen

There were 1,500 African American officeholders during the Reconstruction period (1865–1876) – all were members of the Republican Party

Conundrum: Creeple Democrats portray Republicans as the party of racism, yada, yada, yada. But it is the Democratic Party that throughout the history of the United States who has been the protagonist of racism, segregation and slavery. Virtually all slavers, segregationists and members of the KKK were Democrats. Virtually all who opposed and were persecuted by the KKK were Republicans. Over 3,000 documented black and white Republicans were murdered by the KKK, a type of paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party (an early equivalent of Mussolini’s Blackshirts and Hitler’s Brownshirts). Essentially, the Democratic Party had declared Jihad on the Republican Party, first through the Civil War, and subsequently through the KKK. (A rhetorical Jihad using demagogic accusations of racism continues today.)

And being a black Democrat today is no excuse. There were black slave owners during the time of slavery who profited from trading black slaves – just as today’s black Democratic “civil rights leaders” profit from keeping black Americans indentured to the Democratic Party by keeping them ghettoized (segregated) and poor (enslaved to the welfare state). Ask yourself, “Who has suffered most during the Obama Malaise under the first black President?” Black Americans.

The American government under the control of the Democratic Party upheld slavery in early America and created the Jim Crow segregation laws and the KKK. It was the Republicans when in control of the government who freed the slaves, and who fought against the Jim Crow segregation laws and the KKK. Let the organization responsible for the atrocities pay reparations – the Democratic Party.

[Today, creeple Democrats want you to be enslaved to their collectivism. They have a rich history of slavery, subjugation and thievery.]

Explanation: I am strongly in favor of reparations for the African American community. The freedom of a civil society demands accountability for past wrongs. For almost two centuries the Democratic Party has been financed by slavers and segregationists and racists who have deliberately profited from the subjugation of African Americans (later you will learn in detail how they are still doing it today). Creeple Democrats are always ready to give away other people’s money. This time let it be their money that they give away. Creeple Democrats are always willing to put the country into debt for their demands. This time let the Democratic Party go into debt for the demands of history. I am sure that freeple of all races will unite behind black Americans in demanding reparations from the Democratic Party.

Let’s state this plainly: If the government could somehow generically apologize for its history, its first apology would no doubt be for not getting rid of the Democratic Party almost two centuries ago.

[Creeple demand that others pay for their transgressions.]

Conclusion: Creeple – hypocrisy is their name. And knowingly stealing from the poor and profiting off of oppression of the black community is their game. The Democratic Party should be shamed into paying the reparations that they owe. If creeple Democrats care as much as they claim that they do (and they claim to care a lot), let them pay reparations for their party’s past sins from which they have benefited, since their party is where it is today from feeding off of two centuries of black oppression. In fact, the Republican Party should also receive reparations for past persecution – the KKK lynched Republicans for the Democratic Party. Did you get that? Let me repeat it: The KKK lynched both black and white Republicans for the Democratic Party! Let the Democratic Party pay reparations – after they all pay back their stolen tax cuts money, that is.

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