Democratic Party Apology

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7th of 8 Creepleism Pages – Hypocrisy In Action

Premise: With a majority in the House of Representatives in 2008 and a majority in the Senate in 2009 creeple Democrats passed resolutions apologizing on behalf of the government to African Americans for historic slavery and the Jim Crow segregation laws. This was disingenuous, to say the least. It was not so much the government who was to blame for slavery and segregation. It was the Democratic Party itself. They were the driving political force behind both. The government was only the tool that Democrats used. Republicans fought against slavery and segregation with that same government tool every step of the way. It isn’t the Democratic Party that is known as the Grand Old Party (GOP). Remove the Democratic Party from America’s history and you will have removed the worst of America’s history.

Question: Isn’t it really the Democartic Party that owes an apology for their forced implementation of slavery and segregation?

Conundrum: Creeple Democrats portray Republicans as the party of racism, yada, yada, yada. But it is the Democratic Party that throughout the history of the United States who has been the protagonist of racism, segregation and slavery (virtually all slavers and segregationists were Democrats – virtually all who opposed were Republicans). It has always been Republicans that have fought for the equal rights of blacks. If the Democratic Party really had had an epiphany in the 1960s as they claim, they would have at that time abandoned their party name in shame (and stopped re-electing racist incumbents). The fact that they did not reject these racist incumbents, renounce the party’s history of racism, change their name, and have not apologized, tells you that their attitude has not changed and that they are still proud of their party’s shameful history.

[As someone who likely supports the Democratic Party, do you feel even a little shame?]

Explanation: Again, creeple Democrats have pulled the wool over your eyes. They lie to you about history and then attempt to portray themselves as caring for the plight of black communities today. But have rich white creeple given back those supposedly stolen tax cuts from poor black Americans that they have kept for the last three decades? No. Has the creeple Democratic Party apologized for its sordid history against black Americans? No.

The scoff reflex allows creeple to sleep just fine

Conclusion: Based on the actions of creeple Democrats they care no more today about the black community than they did 100 years ago. But they sure can talk a good game – a hypocritical game!

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