The Paradigm

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Paradigm (definition):
A model of systematic thinking shared by a group – in this case, freepleism
What this website offers:
The paradigm links listed on the Home Page are a combination of…
examples of everyday creepleism,
explanations of how creepleism works,
explanations of how freeplism works,
explanations of numerous ideologies,
explanations of types of capitalism,
explanations of how the economy works,
illustrations of how the current government works poorly,
explanations of why the current government works poorly,
counterarguments to creepleism issue arguments,
counterarguments to creepleism reasoning,
freedom tactics for transforming sheeple into freeple,
and freedom tactics for destroying creepleism and restoring freedom to America.
Freepleism Paradigm Goals:
1) To destroy creepleism in America
2) To convert as many sheeple and creeple into freeple as is possible
3) To elect freeple to run federal, state and municipal governments
4) To destroy the Democratic Party and transform the Republican Party
5) To create a multi-party system where parties try to out-freedom each other
6) To remove laws, regulations, practices, and corruptions that impede freedom
7) To replace creeple media with freeple media
8) To replace creeple education with freeple education
9) To produce racial harmony and reduce libertinism
10) To implement a free, prosperous and civil society for all
The Freepleism Paradigm of a Civil Society:
1) Maximum individual liberty for each citizen to direct their own lives
2) A model of minimal governmental administration
3) An attitude of individual, corporate and organizational volunteerism and charity
4) Laws that reward and encourage volunteerism and charity
5) Minimal criminal and civil laws, strictly enforced
6) Demographic replacement through respect for ethical morals and family values
7) A strong military and intelligence system to protect American freedoms
8) A goal to proselytize the world with freepleism

In short, a civil society is a set of laws and ethics whose primary purpose is to safeguard individual liberty.

Bad news and Good News:

I have bad news for you. The American constitution has proven to be a weak defense against the unrelenting encroachment of creepleism. Without a majority of Americans willing to proactively support and defend it, the constitution has been ignored by creeple, with the result being an incessant loss of liberty. In effect, the constitution has essentially been rendered irrelevant. The good news is that The Paranoid Quiz website provides a new, proactive freedom strategy to defend and restrengthen the constitution by regaining a strong majority of freeple in America by going on offence against creepleism.

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