Why Propaganda Works

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Want to know how the propagandizing works?

Solomon Asch Study

Solomon Asch conformity study – subject is second from the right at table

………………In the 1950’s Princeton social psychologist Solomon Asch illustrated in a study that many people will conform to a group viewpoint even if they disagree with that viewpoint and it is against their own self-interest to do so.

A group of collaborating participants and one unwitting subject who was unaware that the other participants were collaborating, were asked to identify two lines of equal length drawn on cards mixed with other lines of differing lengths. The collaborating participants in each test group were first secretly instructed to on specific occasions choose two lines of unequal length and insist that they were the equal lines.

Asch found that only about one-third of the singled out subjects consistently stood up for the plainly obvious conclusion that the collaborators were wrong in their choice of lines. In other words, two out of three subjects could not consistently stand up for the self-evident truth that was clearly on the board in front of them when pressured by the other secretly collaborating participants in each group.

Beginning in the 1980s the Democratic Party creeple collaborators began a propaganda campaign claiming that freeple tax cuts steal from the poor. Republican freeple were made to look cruel and greedy in the eyes of sheeple, who are the equivalent of the capitulating subjects in the Asch study. But sheeple ignored that creeple kept those same tax cuts that were supposedly stolen from the poor.

Sheeple have been tricked and coerced into accepting the creeple lie of tax cuts being stolen from the poor as two equal lines. Will you now end your capitulation?

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