A Summary of Creeple

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Perhaps in a corner of your mind you are desperately hoping that some clever creeple can “save” you by proving that everything you read in The Paranoid Quiz website is all lies. Sorry, that isn’t going to happen. I am not a math genius or statistics wiz, or an activist who can casually twist truths to suit my political purpose (since I believe in ethical morals I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night). My only purpose is to get you to agree with freedom. No lies are needed for that. Everything presented in the quiz and the rest of the website is based on readily available quotes, data and empirical evidence available over the internet, with a little logic applied.

Here is a summary of what you have learned about creeple in The Paranoid Quiz:

• Creeple are creepy sheeple who fear and hate freedom.

• Sheeple consider creeple elite visionaries (their “betters”) – they are blind to the fact that creeple are actually aggressive, extreme paranoids. Creeple are paranoid of anything that they do not control.

• Creeple play on sheeple fears: Creeple are like mushroom farmers – they keep sheeple in the dark, and feed them manure.

• Creeple will turn almost any issue or person into an evil monster if it may provide an opportunity to gain more power.

• Creeple, while claiming to really, really care for the poor, keep what they claim is stolen money from the poor.

• Creeple are chronic liars, deceptive manipulators and massive hypocrites.

• Creeple have enslaved you to their collectivism, however now you desire to be freed from their manipulation – don’t you?

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