Michael Moore

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Premise: Creeple documentary producer, Michael Moore proclaims that “capitalism is evil … you have to eliminate it”. Of course, he has only said this since he has become a 1% multi-millionaire from selling his films in the same marketplace he calls “evil”.

Question: Isn’t what Michael Moore really saying, ‘I’ve made my millions from capitalism – now it is time to scrap it!’

Conundrum: This is like some pimp declaring “prostitution is evil” after making his millions. Or like some drug dealer proclaiming that “heroin is evil” after banking his millions. Shouldn’t creeple Michael Moore donate all of that “evil” money he has made in that “evil” free-market capitalism to some good cause and cleanse his conscience?

[Mr. Moore obviously has a substantial and very active scoff reflex – and no conscience to cleanse.]

Explanation: This is typical of 1% rich creeple. They claim to disdain the rich (they don’t see themselves as part of the 1%) and disdain how the rich become rich, while excusing themselves because they mouth politically correct platitudes about the rich.

Conclusion: Creeple don’t care about the poor – they care about being rich and being seen to care about the poor (and not being seen as rich).

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