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So, now it has been revealed that as a sheeple you have been societally conditioned by creeple propaganda throughout your life (as was I). Creeple are frauds who claim to really, really care about minorities and the disadvantaged, but whose actions prove that they really only care about empowering and enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense. They want you to be paranoid of evil monsters out there everywhere so that they can trick you into thinking that by voluntarily giving up your and everyone else’s freedom that they will create a fear-free utpoia (all while continually creating new fears everyday with which to manipulate sheeple). Through no fault of your own you have been conditioned to buy into their lies. Creeple have turned you from who you were born as – a freeple – into a cowering sheeple.

Here are the two most important questions in your life right now:

1) Will you be able to sleep tonight?

2) And whom do you wish to see in the mirror tomorrow morning – a sheeple or a freeple?

. . .

OK, you are now done. This is the end of The Paranoid Quiz itself. I suggest that you share the quiz with everyone that you know, especially your closest circle of family and friends.

However, there is much more for you in this website if you truly wish to become informed about freedom and the deceptions of creeple. I can help you adapt and transform into your new life as a freeple.

I’ll make a promise to you: Give me a couple of weeks of your spare time and you will never look back. Together we will reshape America into a modern image of her founders’ vision – a nation of freedom without fear.

If you want to learn about freedom without fear please continue…

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