Tactic Rules

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

The tactical approach:

Always be polite with sheeple. Don’t allow a sheeple to genuinely accuse you of being rude or hateful. Remember that the goal is to transform sheeple into a freeple, not to intellectually beat them up and alienate them. Keep the goal in mind even when they are abusing you. At most chide them for letting their latent creepleness show. You must illustrate an attitude of being above it all. Don’t be arrogant about it, but show them that they can’t get to you with their demagoguery. Tell them flat out that your compassion for them and the country demands that you honestly attempt to turn them into a freeple. Tell them that you do not take their abuse personally, that you understand that it is their scoff reflex as a result of their societal programming that is lashing out.

Avoid politically correct language and imprecise words like “liberal” or “conservative”. These generally mean different things to different people. Call yourself a “freeple” and define it for them – as a person who believes in freedom within a civil society as being the most important element in directing your own life and in governing America. Then tell them what a “sheeple” is – a person who is paranoid of a civil society and are therefore willing to give up directing their own life in an effort to assuage that fear. Ask them if they think that they are a freeple or a sheeple.

Choose one or two or maybe three tactics and learn them VERY well. Focus on them. Become an expert on them. You must able to answer any question relating to your tactic with confidence, without hesitation. Make a Favorites folder with links relating to your chosen tactics to be used as references for you and to present to sheeple through social media.

Only ask questions that produce a quandary. Never ask questions that invite a sermon in return. Don’t get sidetracked into arguments. This is important: You cannot argue a sheeple out of their position, because their position is not based on an argument. Only conundrums posed as questions can penetrate their societal programming.Often a premise must be used to set up a conundrum. The premise must be short, simple to understand and agreeable to the sheeple target. The conundrum is then usually presented as a question, but sometimes as a connecting of dots. Either way, they must turn the lights on inside the sheeple target’s head. Focus on producing a conundrum that you can use to undermine their scoff reflex and paranoia.

Creeple have evolved words to into definitions that suit themselves. Steer the conversation to freeple language. Ask them if they know what freeple is? Ask them if they know what societal conditioning is? When you use the words of freepleism, like freeple, sheeple, scoff reflex, etc., you will naturally generate questions from your targeted sheeple. You must be able to present the definitions clearly and precisely.

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