A Message for Creeple

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Glad to see that you recognize who you are – a creepy sheeple. So, you managed to scoff your way through the whole quiz, huh? Of course, you didn’t read everything. Don’t deny it – you skim-read most of the quiz (or you didn’t read it at all), because you were too afraid to actually read it (you’re a coward). After all, it was created by an evil monster and it is obviously a trap for the weak-minded (which isn’t you – LOL! [/sarcasm]).

Evil Monster

Watch out for evil monsters hiding beneath every rock!

…………….Well, you are right – it is a trap. A trap to transform people who fear freedom into people who embrace freedom. Scary!

Go ahead and poke around the Home Page. Check out a few pages if you dare, but watch out for evil monsters lying in wait for you. If you think that you will find something to prove that the quiz is all a fraud, good luck with that. If you think that by knowing what tactics I teach that it will somehow help you defend creepleism, good luck with that too.

But, a little advice. Don’t look too closely, lest you end up being converted into a freeple. What a tragic development that would be. You come here to spy the quiz out, and then you end up trapped by that very same quiz. The horror! You might actually end up embracing freedom and repudiating your creeple propaganda, demagoguery and hate. Think about it – you might turn into an evil monster! LOL!

Image: Kathryn Rotondo [82rd8ku]

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