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Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama

Premise: Imagine if Sarah Palin was so dumb, I mean SO DUMB, that she spent two million dollars of her own money on lawyer’s fees fighting court cases around the country to keep a personal document secret that she actually claimed would exonerate her if released to the public, and then after three years she ended up releasing the document anyway? Now just imagine if Sarah Palin was so blisteringly, blitheringly, laughably, nonsensically, ludicrously, inanely, imbecilically, doltishly, mindnumbingly STUPID that she would just throw away two million dollars for NOTHING!!!

It has been reported that from 2008 to 2011 Barack Obama spent up to two million dollars on legal fees to stop anyone from accessing his birth certificate. He then released it to the public. Many sheeple consider President Obama perhaps the most intelligent President in history. (Huh?)

Prior to publicly releasing the birth certificate Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health went to the state archives in 2008 and 2009 and inspected the document. She reported that she found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten. During the second inspection Fukino was accompanied by an Archive official who did not contradict Fukino’s assertion that the document was half typed and half handwritten. Her media testimony was pointed at by creeple as proof of Obama’s citizenship.

Birth Certificate

100% typewritten

Question: As can be seen, the document released to the public by the White House is 100% typewritten (signatures by definition are handwritten and need not be noted as such – nobody would expect them to be typewritten – duh!). How do you suppose that perhaps the most intelligent President in history, after spending up to two million dollars to keep the document secret ended up with a document that does not fit the description of the document inspected twice by and reported on by Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health?

Conundrum: The issue here is not whether Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, but as to the authenticity of the first document inspected by the director and the second document released by the White House. At least one of these documents must be a fraud. Which do you think it is?

[It is hard to scoff off the blatant contradiction between a sympathetic eye-witness account that was at the time touted as proof of the authenticity of the document she reported on, and the actual released document that does not match her testimony. But a creeple can and will do it. Will you?]

Explanation: Here is another curious thing. In January of 2011, before the White House release, the Democratic governor of Hawaii, a personal friend of Barack Obama, his mother and his grandparents publicly set out to determine the authenticity of the birth certificate. He went to the same archives where Dr. Fukino had previously viewed the document on two separate occasions, and it wasn’t there. This was the governor of the state. The archive staff would have dropped everything to find that document for the governor. The document above is made to look as a bound photocopy or scan (from the curvature in the upper left corner the binder was large, containing many other documents), so if it is authentic it was obviously photocopied or scanned at the archive and need never have been removed. Again, why could the governor and the archive staff not find it, but Dr. Fukino did twice previously? How did the White House end up with a photocopied or scanned version bound in a heavy binder? What do you think Barack Obama was doing for three years while he spent up to two million dollars to keep his birth certificate secret? Is there something on the first document that he doesn’t want the public to know?

Conclusion: Regardless of where Barack Obama was born, something just does not smell right here. It wasn’t Sarah Palin who spent two million dollars to keep a document secret and then released a document that does not fit the description of the only known eye-witness to officially report on the document prior to its release, but that had gone missing after the eyewitness report, only to miraculously appear again just in time for the White House release. Only Barack Obama has been that stupid (and lucky) – or that … [you fill in the blank]. (Here are some suggestions: deceitful, duplicitous, slick, mendacious, fraudulent, dishonest, phony, surreptitious, slippery, deceptive, insidious.)

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