How Societal Conditioning Works

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

The capitulation described in the Asch study is known as Uncle Tom Syndrome, where a subject feels threatened and submits to demands in order to thwart the threat. In this case the subject complies with the group to alleviate the threat of being singled out. In a more practical sense this is a description of group-interest over self-interest. A healthy self-interest would be demonstrated by the subject preserving their own integrity by standing up for the self-evident truth against the group pressure to accept what is obviously untrue. Many subjects in the Asch study willingly sacrificed their own integrity to remain harmonious with the group and so willingly allowed themselves to be manipulated. They each became their own Uncle Tom.

This is how societal conditioning works. Through an abandonment of healthy self-interest (individual liberty) to unhealthy group-interest (collectivism) what is obviously untrue can be comfortably accepted as truth. In Solomon Asch’s study two out of three subjects capitulated to the collaborating group at some point. This means that just on the societal odds alone there was a two out of three chance you and I would be born to end up as an Uncle Tom to at least some extent. And look at me – I was a sheeple. And here you are – a sheeple. The luck of the draw was against us.

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