The Freedom Strategy

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

 Creeple have an agenda. Freeple now have a strategy to counteract that agenda.

The TPQ website specializes in four areas:

1) Foundational explanations of the history, sociology, psychology and ideology of creepleism

2) Profound, thorough yet succinct issue counterarguments

3) Planting seeds in sheeple that can lead them to immediately or eventually transform into freeple

4) Labels and language to defeat creepleism with one-sentence or even one-word replies

I don’t just explain the wheres, whats, whens, whos and whys, but also the important hows. How to understand sheeple and creeple, how to respond to sheeple and creeple, how to destroy creeple arguments, how to counterpunch creeple demagoguery, and how to lead sheeple to freeple conclusions.

What the tactics are NOT:

1) This is NOT just another rehash of campaign and recruiting ideas repeatedly used in books written as responses to the infamous Rules for Radicals

2) This is NOT just hopeful proposals for amendments to the Constitution that will be ignored by creeple just as they ignore the existing ones

3) This NOT just raw, raw “let’s go prove them wrong” commentaries of the same old platitudes of “taking back America” that have not taken back America

4) This is NOT just dreary complaints of how creeple are ruining America with no corresponding strategy to counteract them

America can only be truly fixed by converting sheeple into freeple. (This is important, so I’ll repeat it.) America can only be truly fixed by converting sheeple into freeple. I offer simple, practical freedom tactics derived from a multi-part strategy that can be used in your everyday life for targeting sheeple in conversations, emails, text messages, message boards, article comments, on Facebook and Twitter, in blogs, columns, media reports, with call-in shows, and even in speeches, and radio and television pundit discussions. Some can be used in amicable ways with family, friends, co-workers and in the media without creating any acrimony, while others are for direct confrontations with hostile creeple. You don’t have to become an activist to use them. You just have understand how and why they work.

Who needs to know them: Every freeple that desires to help free America from the grip of creepleism needs to at least learn how to steer sheeple to The Paranoid Quiz. Those more motivated should learn to apply the more direct freedom tactics taught here. If you genuinely wish to learn how to help fix America I suggest two things:

1) All big-name media conservatives need to be politely but emphatically encouraged to get on board. The higher the media saturation level, the sooner that America can be fixed.

2) Open a folder on your computer and take note of every profound insight that you discover in this site. Do it now. Start by re-examining the quiz. Don’t just read this site – study it as if your very country depends on it – because it does!

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