Federal Government Can’t Be Audited – Part 1

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Premise: Federal government bureaucracies are mandated by law to be audited every year by the Government Accountability Office that was created to do this task in the year 2000. However, the federal government is so large and convoluted that the GAO cannot audit its myriad of bureaucracies. Yes, you read that correctly – the federal government is so messed up that it is unauditable. One of the reasons that the GAO cannot fully audit federal government bureaucracies is that they can’t even determine exactly how many there are. Yes, you read that correctly too. The list of bureaucracies on the previous page from Wikipedia is only a partial list. No complete official list exists. Sub-bureaucracies are literally hidden within bureaucracies, or more specifically, lost within bureaucracies.

Question: Does this make sense to you? Is it sensible that your government is so large and out of control that the bureaucracies created to specifically make sure the money it spends is being spent properly can’t even follow where much of the money goes? If God put you in charge of creating America would you make the government so large that no one could ever catalogue how large it really is?

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The following list is of bureaucracies for the states of Alabama and Alaska:

bureaucracies list

Conundrum: Creeple claim that the federal government isn’t big enough – that it must continually get bigger! Are you buying that?!? Basically, what creeple are saying is that you must become evermore a slave to big-mommy government – there is no choice.

[Only someone who is deeply paranoid could agree with this. Normal people are outraged!]

Explanation: Minimal government is not ever-expanding government. In fact, minimal government was buried in layers of fat decades ago. To get back to minimal would require big-mommy going on a serious starvation diet. According to creeple, that is unthinkable.

Conclusion: Government in America is an epidemic – it is completely out of control. Big-mommy is so fat she cannot be weighed – if she could even stand up long enough to step on the scale, she would crush it. This is all the result of sheeple paranoia demanding that government fix everything. Big-mommy is scarffing down cupcakes as fast as she can!

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