Where to Begin to Win Back Freedom

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Talking heads place a great emphasis on what is commonly known as the “competition in the arena of ideas”, but at present few sheeple can be convinced of their errors through ideological arguments alone. I have discovered that this is not the elementary problem in America. This ideological battle is only a symptom of the dilemma. Yes, it must be treated, but the root cause of sheepleism is the primary obstacle to reaching sheeple – especially low-information sheeple. This root cause must be dealt with before the “arena of ideas” can effectively come into play.


……Margaret Thatcher famously said, “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” However, with sheeple outnumbering freeple, winning the argument is no longer the first step. This is important: You cannot argue a sheeple out of their position – because their position is not based on an argument. First a sheeple must be made aware of their societally conditioned paranoia. Then they must understand that they are being manipulated by creeple. Only then can conundrums posed as questions penetrate their programming, as illustrated in The Paranoid Quiz.

The real dichotomy in America is between a single, natural, core belief and a single, societally conditioned (programmed) belief. While a sheeple’s natural-born belief system (of which everyone is born with) tells them one thing, their externally acquired belief system counters with the opposite. Freeple embrace their natural-born belief system, so when sheeple capitulate to their societally conditioned belief system they automatically enter into a war with freeple, and within themselves. This is the authentic first battleground, a basic struggle between two contrary belief systems. The competition of ideas is real and important, but subsequent to this foundational problem. It is this conflict in the mind of each sheeple between two contrasting foundational beliefs that provides an opportunity to reach sheeple and convert them into freeple.

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