Blue State vs. Red State

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Need and Demand: By now you probably won’t be surprised to read that need and demand works at a state level just as it does at a national level.

Premise: Creeple insist that red state/blue state comparisons based on presidential election results illustrate that red Republican states receive more money than they contribute to the federal government, while blue Democratic states provide that money. Creeple then conclude that red states are “welfare states” supported by blue states. But presidents don’t govern states, governors do. If we look at the highest percentage of the states’ budgets comprised of federal dollars and the governors of those states from 1968 to 2011 we see that 8 of the top 10 “welfare states” have been majority blue Democratic states:

1. Mississippi D27 R16     2. Louisiana D26 R17

3. Arizona D19 R24     4. South Dakota D8 R35

5. Missouri D23 R20     6. Tennessee D22 R21

7. New Mexico D27 R16     8. Montana D30 R13

9. Georgia D34 R19      10. New York D24 R19

Welfare States

Question: Can you accept that it is majority creeple-governor-run states that are in fact mostly the “welfare states”?

Conundrum: Creeple set the standards by which states should be judged as “welfare states”, but used poorly correlated parameters (presidential election results). Using more precisely correlated parameters (governors) we can see that as with the governance indicators discussed on the previous quiz page, it is creeple who are the poorest governing stewards of individual states. (Is it not curious that creeple do not celebrate “welfare states” when they think they are run by freeple, but defend and promote a federal welfare state as ideal?)

[Scoffing this off won’t make it go away either.]

Explanation: Again we see evidence that governing based on freedom produces better results than governing based on collectivism. In fact, it is hardly surprising that the worst “welfare states” have been mostly governed by collectivist creeple. Welfare (taking from some to give to others) is a primary principle of collectivism.

Conclusion: States that are run based on collectivism are more likely to be “welfare states”.

Need and Demand: Run a state based on need and you are likely to get a welfare state as a result.

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