The War On Children Is the Real War On Women

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Premise: Creeple accuse freeple of operating a war on women. But let’s see who really is conducting a war on women, and let’s see how much creeple really hate freedom. Creeple since Roe v. Wade in 1973 have enthusiastically endorsed the cold act of dispatching 25 million unrealized women in the U.S., depriving them of their freedom for the sake of selfish convenience. Creeple target suppressed women as evil monsters that must be terminated to create their creepletopia.

Question: If that isn’t a real war on women, could you please define for me what is?

Conundrum: And here’s the rest of the war. Think of a woman who has just had her pregnancy terminated with an aborticide. She knows that in just a short while she could have been lovingly holding her newborn in her arms. Pushing a woman to participate in an aborticide leaves her as a diminished person by placing her in one of two possible positions, either racked with guilt, and/or left with a colder value of life in general. Of course, the goal of creeple is the latter – the colder the result, the more likely that women will defend and participate in fighting other imagined evil monsters in order to create creepletopia.

[Will you scoff off the deaths of 25 million deprived women who have had their freedom denied to them even before birth?]

Explanation: Aborticide is not unlike what Islamic extremists do to children to turn them into cold, unquestioning followers (sheeple). They force them to watch and then participate in gruesome executions so that they become better defenders (killing machines) of the “faith”. In the same way the act of aborticide can solidify the belief in a woman that evil monsters must be dealt with at any price – even death. 25 million women have been sacrificed in the name of depriving them their freedom in order to create other women who will support the fight against all other imagined evil monsters.

Conclusion: Aborticide is the ultimate denial of freedom – a denial to be born and the opportunity to direct one’s own life. 25 million casualties and millions of mothers turned into cold killing machines – now that’s a real war on women.

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