Cognitive Dissonance and the Scoff Reflex

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Cognitive dissonance is a mental anxiety produced when new information blatantly conflicts with a previously settled viewpoint. Much of the quiz website is based on asking simple questions that will trigger cognitive dissonance in you. The extent of your cognitive dissonance will illustrate to you the extent of your paranoia. Through exposure to cognitive dissonance your paranoia will be incrementally removed.

WARNING – However, be alert for the scoff reflex – a reflexive dismissal of cognitive dissonance, created as a defense mechanism by your paranoid social personality.

By defensively scoffing away conundrums in your thinking you are displaying a level of paranoia where your social personality is actually refusing to deal with reality.

The scoff reflex can be so strong that it can actually reject blatant evidence that a person has been conned. For instance, a sheeple with a strong scoff reflex, after capitulating to the corroborating participants and agreeing that two unequal lines are indeed equal, when told of the corroboration may even reject this information and refuse to admit that they have been played.

For example, if at first you could not accept the contradiction between your inner core and your social personality in regard to the exposure of creeple propaganda that tax-cuts-steal-from-the-poor, and that creeple actually do not care about the poor, but instead have kept those same supposedly stolen tax cuts, or if you are even now still attempting to somehow rationalize this blatant conflict, that is your scoff reflex in operation.

The scoff reflex is a defensive rationalization produced to protect your paranoid attitude from contradictions that prove to you that your social personality is indeed irrationally paranoid.

Shut it down immediately whenever you sense it. (I’ll remind you to be aware of it.)

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