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What are you afraid of?

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Premise: For those with both a core and a social personality of a freeple, freedom is always the primary consideration in the governance of society. Freeple desire the individual liberties of a civilized society, but also realize that some people in a free society can act uncivilized. So, freeple cautiously allow for minimal laws, strictly enforced, based on an ethical code of values to preserve a civilized society that does not compromise freedom and encourages as high a percentage of freeple in society as is possible. This is the ideology of freepleism.

For those with a dominant social personality of a sheeple, fear is always the first consideration in the governance of society. Sheeple desperately desire a fear-free society. Sheeple as a whole are willing to voluntarily offer up almost any amount of freedom to the slavery of government control in order to produce a collective utopia where they hope that there will be no more fear. Sheeple believe that all people must be paranoid like them to achieve this utopia. This is the ideology of sheepleism.

Question: Do you wish to live uncompromised as a freeple, or paranoid as a sheeple?

Conundrum: Sheeple think of themselves as victims of society’s ills, all of which terrify them. The irony is that sheeple really are victims. They are all victims of one societal ill – conditioned paranoia.

[The cognitive dissonance that you are sensing is a good thing. It is the reasoning of your freeple struggling to overpower the fears of your sheeple.]

[Who you really are: A freeple]

Explanation: The primary fear of a dominant sheeple social personality is that it will be discovered and rejected. This attitude then attempts to get you to fear your freeple core-value of freedom. Your social personality wants you to fear your true self. In fact, your social personality is addicted to fear. You actually fear giving up fear.

Conclusion: Sheeple fear the fearlessness of freedom.

Do not allow your fear to prevent you from continuing…

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