A Summary of Your Life

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Here is a summary of what you have learned about yourself in The Paranoid Quiz:

• You thought you were all about freedom, but you have learned that your social personality was actually opposed to freedom.

• Through little fault of your own, societal conditioning had led you to think irrationally (as it did to me).

• Societal conditioning had led you to fear freedom.

• You have been manipulated by creeple who took advantage of your conditioned paranoia.

• You have been enslaved to collectivism by creeple.

• You now realize that you were two people – a freeple and a sheeple.

• Your conditioned paranoia caused your sheeple social personality to dominate your inborn freeple.

• You weren’t always honest with yourself, but you are now learning to be honest with yourself.

• Now you desire to be freed from being a sheeple, to become solely a freeple.

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