First Freedom Tactics

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Purpose of the Quiz: To convert as many Americans as possible to freepleism.

Assuming that you are already an established freeple, or at least a new convert, your first and continuing task is to recruit as many people as possible to read The Paranoid Quiz.

Initial Contact: If a person is already a freeple to some extent – great. If a person is a sheeple or a creeple – even better (probably the vast majority of your family, friends and social media acquaintances are sheeple to some extent). If you aren’t sure what they are – no big deal.

How to describe The Paranoid Quiz:

1) That you have found an interesting website that provides new insights into how American society works

2) That it turns out that American society has a built in trap that most people have fallen into without even realizing it

3) That The Paranoid Quiz reveals if the reader is one of these people who has fallen into this trap

4) That The Paranoid Quiz can lead a person out of this trap in less than an hour

However, if they are still resistant tell them that the quiz warns that some people might be too afraid to take the quiz. Be careful about implying that they are acting like a coward. The idea is not to make an enemy out of them – you want them to take the quiz.

Secondary Contact: Later, ask them if their scoff reflex allowed them to complete the quiz. Keep their paranoia and the person separate at first. If they did not complete the quiz tell them that you are sad to hear that societal conditioning has triumphed over them. Only if they become defensive can you then make it personal. Explain that by failing to complete the quiz that they are actually fearful of freedom – tragic. Now you can call them paranoid and a coward.

Social Media Contact: Link to The Paranoid Quiz in your social media. Link to the issue pages on the Home Page as counterarguments in your discussions with freeple, sheeple and creeple in social media or media site comments. Tell them to take the quiz. Dare them to, if need be.

[This page is from The Paranoid Quiz website. To understand the context take the quiz.]