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The Democratic Party is The Party of Death:

Virtually everything that the Democratic Party has ever stood for has resulted in death – and Democrats are entirely satisfied, and often proud of their track record.

It began with the Democratic Party enabling and defending slavery, resulting in the deaths of millions of slaves, and hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Civil War.

Then came the KKK, the Taliban-wing of the Democratic Party, mass murdering black and white Republicans. Segregation produced poverty and poor healthcare in the black community, resulting in more death.

The Democratic Party perpetuated the Great Depression with their fascistic policies, destroying American prosperity, and condemning many to needlessly premature deaths.

The Democratic Party has always been sympathetic to communist rulers like Stalin and Mao who each mass murdered more than 60 million of their own citizens.

Che Guevara was an Argentine communist revolutionary in the 1950s and 60s noted as a ruthless murderer, but seen as a statesman by many American Democrats.

In the 1960s the Democratic Party embraced environmentalism which led to the banning of DDT, a very effective and safe mosquito pesticide, that has resulted in tens of millions of mosquito borne disease deaths over the following decades.

The Democratic Party began the Vietnam War, but never intended to win it, and in the end cut funding and military support to the South Vietnamese, allowing the North to easily invade and take over. Overall deaths in both North and South Vietnam were estimated at 1,313,000. This also greatly aided the takeover of Cambodia by Pol Pot which led to the infamous “Killing Fields” and millions of civilian deaths.

The Democratic Party with the Great Society welfare system created permanent inner city ghettos with whole neighborhoods now run by gangs where murder and drug deaths are rampant.

In the 1970s the Democratic Party pushed to protect abortion from legal prosecution. Tens of millions of deaths have resulted.

Also in the 1970s the Democratic Party entrenched CAFE standards on automobile manufacturing which reduced car mass and subsequent protection in collisions, resulting in many needless deaths over the following decades.

Gun-free zones have been created by the Democratic Party, which are especially attractive to mass murderers who virtually always target them.

The Democratic Party embraced the political correctness in the 1980s that AIDS was a universal problem, and opposed quarantining homosexuals and intravenous drug users who were the actual early carriers and transmitters of HIV, leading to decades of needless American deaths. They then elected Bill Clinton as President, who as Governor of Arkansas knowingly sold tainted blood products around the world taken from infected inmates, thus leading to many more needless deaths.

The Democratic Party objected to the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, instead desiring that he be allowed to continue mass murdering on average 100,000 Iraqis per year, often utilizing brutal systems of torture.

The Democratic Party sympathizes with the fascist Muslim organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah who desire to mass murder Israelis.

Under President Obama’s no-combat-policy in Afghanistan there have been three times as many American casualties than during the Bush presidency.

The Democratic Party’s political correctness of not allowing bombing of enemies if any civilians might die has led to prolonging of wars with the result of many more civilian deaths at the hands of America’s enemies.

The refusal of the Democratic Party to keep ground troops in Iraq has led to the creation of ISIS who have killed tens of thousands and promote terrorism around the world.

The Democratic Party uses the hoax of global warming to deny third world countries cheap carbon sourced energy, preventing their economic and healthcare growth and leading to many needless deaths annually. (The Democratic Party also seems to hate birds, subsidizing windmills which kill tens of millions of birds each year.)

The extremely high costs of Obamacare has put health insurance out of reach for many Americans resulting in needless deaths.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to send military support to save U.S. ambassador, Christopher Stevens when under terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya (which is like attacking the United States itself), while falsely and knowingly claiming that the incident was the result of a protest gone deadly.

The Democratic Party supports the domestic hate and terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, who desire to kill police.

The Democratic Party is The Party of Death. Always refer to them this way. Send those who object to this page, and to The Paranoid Quiz.

[Of course, secularism is also a tenant of the Democratic Party, and secularism is the religion of death: Go to Secularism]

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