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Background Information

Origin and Why The Paranoid Quiz is So Needed
Who I am, what I offer, and why I do it

Where to Begin to Win Back Freedom
You cannot argue a sheeple out of their sheepleism.

Creeple Are Experts At Propaganda
Creeple use propaganda to scare sheeple.

Why Propaganda Works
Two thirds of people are susceptible to propaganda.

How Societal Conditioning Works
When a healthy self-interest is overcome with an unhealthy group-interest

Cognitive Dissonance and the Scoff Reflex
A reflexive dismissal of cognitive dissonance

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The Paranoid Quiz Strategy

The Paradigm
What to expect in the Quiz Hub

Cowards and Morals
The key to reaching sheeple is to appropriately appeal to their moral values after bypassing their scoff reflex.

The Freedom Strategy
*What you need to learn and what this website offers

Deprogramming and Exit Counseling
Creepleism is in many ways similar to a cult.

freeple – People who desire as a societal principle that every responsible and capable person be able to direct their own lives within the framework of a civil society with minimal laws, strictly enforced, based on an ethical code of values that does not compromise freedom and encourages as high a percentage of freeple in society as is possible. Everyone is born as a freeple.

sheeple – People who have been societally conditioned with a paranoid attitude that imagines that society is saturated with evil monsters. American sheeple believe that these imagined evil monsters can only be overcome by removing their and everyone else’s freedom and replacing it with a collective society run by a combination of progressivism and fascism – progressive-fascism. Sheeple actually believe that true liberty can only be achieved when elite visionaries (creeple) direct everyone’s lives – modern slavery.

creeple – People (creepy sheeple) who are a product of societal conditioning resulting in extreme paranoia and hate. American creeple believe that in order to overcome imagined evil monsters in society that they must control everyone’s lives by taking away their freedom and replacing it with collectivism through an application of progressive-fascism.

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Types of Tactics

First Freedom Tactics
Where to begin: Send all newbies to take the quiz. Freeple should reread the quiz a few times to become familiar with it. **Freedom Tactic: Ask everyone you know whether they would prefer to direct their own life or have others do it for them. Whatever they answer, suggest that they take The Paranoid Quiz to discover who they really are. **Freedom Tactic: Suggest that in your opinion no one can really make an informed vote without first taking The Paranoid Quiz. **Freedom Tactic: Demand that The Paranoid Quiz be required reading for all college freshmen. **Freedom Tactic: Give The Paranoid Quiz link as a bonus gift in a birthday card, or in a best wishes card.

Words as Freedom Tactics
*The words of political correctness are rooted in paranoia. We need to use words and labels grown from the soil of freedom.

The Conundrum as a Tactic
*Conundrum – A cherished belief proven to be faulty beyond doubt by a perplexing quandary

Tactic Rules
*Making tactics work

Introductory Tactics
**Freedom Tactic: Where to start

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Destroying the Democratic Party

How to Destroy the Democratic Party
*To end the domination of creepleism in America the Democratic Party must be destroyed.

Reverse Robin Hood (from TPQ)
***Freedom Tactic: Ask a sheeple if they believe that Republican tax cuts are a reverse Robin Hood. Then ask a sheeple, when they are going to pay back their stolen tax cuts? ***Freedom Tactic: Demand that the Democratic Party pay back all contributions over the last thirty years that have come from creeple who have not paid back their stolen tax cuts over that time. ***Freedom Tactic: Demand that the Democratic Party adopt a policy of never accepting campaign contributions unless the contributors have publicly disclosed proof that they have paid back the up to thirty years of stolen tax cuts that they may have received.

Shame Rich Democrats (from TPQ)
***Freedom Tactic: Ask 1% / billionaire / CEO type Democrats if they have paid back their stolen tax cuts. Post their answers to the internet. ***Freedom Tactic: Or just ask any Democrat that you know that has paid taxes when they will be paying back their stolen tax cuts. If they don’t understand or resist, direct them to read The Paranoid Quiz.

Label the Democratic Party
***Freedom Tactic: Always label the Democratic Party, The Party of Death. If they ask why, direct them to read this page.

The Roaring Twenties vs. The Dirty Thirties
***Freedom Tactic: Explain to a sheeple that both the 1920s and the 1930s began with severe economic depressions, then ask, if it was possible to magically restart either the regaling prosperity of the Roaring Twenties, or the grinding poverty of the Dirty Thirties, which one would they choose? Use their answer to explain freeplenomics and creeplenomics.

Clinton Surpluses
A textbook case of creeple propaganda **Freedom Tactic: Ask a sheeple, if the Clinton surpluses were so great, and the Bush deficits were so bad, why didn’t Obama revert back to Clinton’s last budget?

The Bush Deficits
Creeple lie about their attitude to government. Again, listen to what they say – and then look at what they do. **Freedom Tactic: Ask a creeple why Bush’s deficit spending wasn’t considered “stimulus” as was Obama’s deficit spending?

Everett Dirksen Vs. The Democratic Party
Republican freeple led to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. **Freedom Tactic: Ask sheeple who wrote and led the Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Racist Democrats After 1964
200 incumbents opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and were re-elected by racist voters for decades afterwards. ***Freedom Tactic: Ask sheeple to list Republican freeple who opposed the civil rights movement?

Democratic Party Reparations
The Democratic Party must pay compensation for feeding off of the African American community for two hundred years of slavery, segregation, and opposition to civil rights. ***Freedom Tactic: Tell a sheeple that you agree that reparations should be paid to the African American community. Get them to agree. Then explain that it was the Democratic Party that was responsible and should pay (and should pay the Republican Party as well). **Freedom Tactic: Call them Slave Party Reparations.

Affirmative Action Racism
Successful white creeple support affirmative action, but only for those entering the job market, not for themselves. **Freedom Tactic: Always call affirmative action affirmative racism. **Freedom Tactic: Ask the creeple 1% when they are going to pay back for stealing their college placements and jobs from minorities?

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Abortion Aborticide

Not About a Woman’s Body
What abortion is and is not
***Freedom Tactics: Always call abortion, aborticide. And always challenge feminists in their claim that aborticide is about the right of a woman to decide about her body.

Slavers, Feminators and Subhumans
Despite what creeple say, they do not believe in “universal” human rights. ***Freedom Tactic: Call pro choice supporters and advocates subhumanists. Make the comparisons with Nazis and slavers.

subhumanist – The subhumanist divides people into humans deserving of rights and subhumans deserving no rights. In American history two specific groups represent subhumanist ideology – those who produced slavery in early America, and those who support aborticide today. Slavers viewed African Americans as subhuman, pro-ciders see the preborn as subhuman, neither deserving of any human rights.

The Real War On Women
25 million women have been sacrificed in the real war on women. **Freedom Tactic: Always describe aborticide as the ultimate denial of freedom. Focus on the denial of freedom. Always describe aborticide as anti-freedom. Make pro-cider sheeple and creeple defend denying freedom to the preborn. Make aborticide an issue of freedom. When they defend with, “What about the freedom of the pregnant woman?” counter first that freedom is only truly freedom if it is freedom for all. Second, point out that by turning women into killing machines the creeple goal is to generate more devoted and determined followers of creepleism, which is all about denying freedom to everyone.

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Global Warming Paranoiding

Climate Science Challenge
Perhaps no single issue illustrates creeple/sheeple paranoia as universally as does “climate change”. The Climate Science Challenge is a separate website specifically designed to debunk the deeply paranoid theory of anthropogenic global warming.

The Homonauseating Agenda

Homosexuality Versus Homonausea
How to delegitimize the homosexual agenda using their own argument against them. ***Freedom Tactics: Always use the following terms in counterarguments to the homosexual agenda. When they call you a homophobe, tell them that you were in fact immutably born homonauseated, and that by calling you a homophobe they are illustrating that they are nothing more than a homofascist. Explain that demanding a public acceptance of so-called gay marriage and other so-called gay rights is essentially a homoaggression of pushing the homonauseated into the closet.

homolibertinism – Homolibertinism is where homosexual activity crosses the line into licentious public behavior – a hedonist undermining of the civil society.

homofascism – Homofascism is where homosexuality crosses the line into the intolerance of fascism – a deliberate and malicious act to undermine a civil society.

homonausea – An immutable inborn disposition of a person’s sexual orientation where the thought of homosexuality as normal brings on a nausea of moral anxiety.

homoaggression – An attack (act of homofascism) on the norms of the homonauseated majority of society. For instance, so-called gay marriage. This is no less an attack on the homonauseated than advocating marriage with ten year olds is an attack on normal people who are pedonauseated.

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Other Writings from this Author

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Contains the Nuclear Counterarguments 22-Essay Series originally published in 2012

Climate Science Challenge
A parallel website to The Paranoid Quiz dealing specifically with the theory of anthropogenic global warming

MetaChristianity Book Series
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Your Life will Never be the Same

A Summary of Creeple
A summary of what you have learned about creeple in The Paranoid Quiz

evil monster – A metaphor for everything and everyone that manifests sheeple and creeple paranoia. Evil monsters can be issues, entities, ideas, words, or events that by their perceived nature are somehow a threat or obstacle to attaining a utopia where all fears have been eliminated. Evil monsters can also be anyone who advocates positions seen as evil monsters or opposes creeple attempts to create a fear-free utopia.

A Summary of Your Life
A summary of what you have learned about yourself in The Paranoid Quiz

A Message for New Freeple
You have questions – I have answers.

A Message for Creeple
*Hey creepy! Let me tell you a little secret…

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Everyday Creepleism Symptoms

The Closed Minds of Creeple
Why creeple are always battling an army of straw men and imagined evil monsters

Paranoia In The News
Evidence of just how ridiculous creeple paranoia is in the news everyday

Political Correctness In The News
Political correctness – a cancer in the societal thinking process

Progressive-fascism In The News
The next evolutionary step from progressivism is an adoption of fascist tactics.

progressive-fascism – The progressive ideologue believes in a bottom-up Trotsky-like utopia, hoping to persuade the general population into acceptance of collective rule. The fascist demands a top-down Musolini-like governmental control, often irrespective of the law, where utopia is coerced onto the citizenry. American progressive-fascists (creeple) still feel the need for bottom-up support of sheeple, but embrace top-down coercive control to fight evil monsters.

Neoracism and the NeoKKK In The News
***Freedom Tactics: Want to know how to shut down a creeple throwing around accusations of racism? Go on offense – call them a neoracist. Call them a neoKKK. If freeple make these terms a part of the common political vernacular, watch the cockroaches scatter when the light is turned on.

neoracism – A race-based demagoguery (weapon) which began in 1980s America where a Caucasian opponent, without merit, is accused of racism for the purpose of damaging their reputation and/or shutting them up, and discrediting their counterarguments. Also when a minority is accused of betraying his race for not holding politically correct views (often includes vicious name-calling and demagoguery). Neoracism is also displayed as “the soft bigotry of low expectations” when a minority is excused for a failure or indiscretion simply because he is a minority.

neoKKK – Black supremacists and sympathizers who have adopted the attitude of the KKK from the early twentieth century which today presumes white guilt in spite of any exonerating evidence, with demands of harsh restitution, often outside of the law. These lynchings can be either physical (knockout game, swarming, riots, looting) or rhetorical in the use of neoracism. The neoKKK can be recognized by their vicious prejudice, hate and propensity for violence or a rationalizing of it (e.g. Black Lives Matter).

Creeple Apocalypses Since The 1960s
**Freedom Tactics: Don’t call them environmentalists. They think that they are all about the science, but mother earth is their goddess and science is their enemy. Call them what they really are – envirotheists. Always remind them of the failures of their apocalypse syndrome.

apocalypse syndrome – An irrational compulsion to see and defend apocalyptic scenarios (gigantic imagined evil monsters), no matter the contrary evidence, the corruption of so-called supporting evidence, or a lack of legitimate supporting evidence.

envirotheist – (etheist for short) A cult member of envirotheism, the worship of the earth as a type of deity where the supposed solving of environmental issues are considered crucial religious steps toward achieving utopia. There are many denominations, represented by various etheist organizations who focus on a variety of environmental issues. The UN has been completely proselytized, especially when it comes to global warming paranoiding. American creeple are all cult members.

Still Have Doubts About Sheeple Paranoia?
Commonly known as the low-information crowd, most sheeple are so ignorant and obtuse that they are tragically funny (and scary, since they can vote).

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Creeple Scoundrels

Ted Kennedy
Creeple icon – sleazy human being. **Freedom Tactic: Ask sheeple to list one positive accomplishment attributed to icon, Ted Kennedy.

The Obama Scoundrels List
We just saw that Ted Kennedy is considered a creeple icon despite being a huge failure as a human being. Barack Obama comes in a close second, but for different reasons. **Freedom Tactic: Send a link to Obama sycophants.

Michael Moore
**Freedom Tactic: A lot of people should ask creeple 1%er Michael Moore why he hasn’t given away those evil profits he made from free market capitalism to cleanse his conscience. And why he hasn’t paid back those tax cuts he stole from the poor. Just quote him and then ask him. Get it on video if you can.

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How Eepleisms Work
(read in numbered order)

1) Origin
Where freepleism began

2) The Remaking of a Freeple
Abraham Lincoln has some advice for us.

3) The Paranoid Style
Sheeple and creeple go way back in history.

4) Ameriphobia
The difference between administering a country and ruling a country

5) Ideological Walls
The difference between viewing a society as civilized and imaging a society as needing to be civilized

6) Agency and Structure
The difference between desiring to direct one’s own life and desiring to have others direct one’s life

7) Creeple Have Noble Motives
Fighting evil monsters to create a fear-free creepletopia

8) Freeple Have Evil Motives
Because freeple oppose creepleism, they are seen as evil monsters with evil motives.

9) Creeple Hatred and Violence
Finding evil monsters beneath every overturned rock eventually leads to an attitude of hate and violence.

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How to Measure Ideologies
(read in numbered order)

1) Ideological Scales
The best way to measure ideologies is by how they approach freedom.

individual liberty through a civil society – Combining a freedom-to-choose (directing your own life) with a civil society culminates in what is known as individual liberty. Individual liberty cannot exist without both elements combined. Freedom allows for individual choice, while the civil society sets minimal limits based on moral values to resolve competing interests, and ensures a protection of indelible rights. Both must be present in balance to create a society of individual liberty. A civil society is defined by a law system that is strictly enforced, based on freedom, ethical values and indelible rights. When laws are not strictly enforced the door is opened to fascism where those enforcing laws (politicians and bureaucrats) give out preferential treatment (think Hillary Clinton not being indicted by the Obama administration Department of Justice), and where enemies are unjustly punished (think of Tea Party organizations being unfairly targeted by the Obama administration Internal Revenue Service). When laws encroach on freedom and indelible rights the result is statism where regulation and bureaucracy impose unjust restrictions and obligations and remove choice (think Obamacare). When libertine values are substituted for ethical values in law-making and accepted norms one ends up with anarchy and nihilism, which ultimately leads to tyranny (think transgender bathrooms). When politically correct values replace ethical values fascism results (think of illegal immigration not being considered illegal). Individual liberty through a civil society combines a freedom-to-choose (directing your own life) with a strictly enforced code of law that protects indelible rights, and an ethical moral code of conduct within society. Remove or replace any element of the civil society and individual liberty is oppressed by the resulting tyranny.

Ameriphobia – Sheeple and creeple are paranoid of everything America was created to stand for – especially individual liberty. **Freedom Tactic: Always identify sheeple and creeple as Ameriphobic.

2) World Views
**Freedom Tactic: Ask a sheeple if instead of the Crusades warding off the Islamic invaders, would they have preferred that the Muslims had overrun Europe and Asia?

3) Secularism
**Freedom Tactic: Point out to a sheeple that secularism is the world view of mass murderers.

secularism – A godless world view with a saturated history of mass murder. **Freedom Tactic: Always point out that mass murder is a consistent result of the rule of secularism.

progressive-fascism – 1) Lawless governance at the whim of a governing elite 2) When laws are made to punish opposition and empower allies 3) Governance based on propaganda and demagoguery **Freedom Tactic: Define American creepleism as progressive-fascism.

4) Corporatism
**Freedom Tactic: Always point out that fascists and Nazis are authoritarians, which make them types of creeple. Hitler was elected as a progressive, and evolved through progressive-fascism into an all-out, mass murdering secular fascist.

5) Minimalism
**Freedom Tactic: Ask a sheeple if after the overthrow of subjugation to the British king, did the founders envision subjugation to government instead?

6) Anarchism and Nihilism
Anarchists and nihilists are at the opposite end of the ideology scale from minimalists. They do not believe in the individual liberty of a civil society with minimal laws strictly enforced.

7) Secular Nihilism
Timothy McVeigh was an admitted secular agnostic who claimed that “science is my religion” and whose best friend was Gore Vidal. Does McVeigh sound like a rightwinger?

8) Libertarianism
The cake-and-it-too ideology. Libertarianism is inherently self-destructive – freedom without the civil society.

9)Liberalism, Progressivism and Conservatism
Contemporary liberalism and progressivism are both types of creepleism that support collectivism. Conservatism is the closest contemporary ideological label to the individual liberty of freepleism within a civil society.

freeple, sheeple, creeple – Freeple love freedom. Sheeple fear freedom. Creeple despise freedom.

10) Full Ideology Scale
One is either for freedom, or not.

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Governance Indicators
(read in order presented)

1) Freeplenomics vs. Creeplenomics
There are basically two opposing branches of economics. To fully understand either, one must first understand need and demand.

freeplenomics – An economic ideology focusing on providing more economic freedom to encourage prosperity, including lowering taxes, removing regulations, reducing government spending and decreasing the size and influence of government.

creeplenomics – An economic ideology focusing on reducing economic freedom to provide creeple with societal control, by constantly expanding government influence in the marketplace and by picking winners to be rewarded and losers to be penalized – progressive-fascism.

2) Keynesianism
Contrary to common belief, Keynesian economics is only a theory – it has never been tried.

3) Austerity vs. Stimulus
History tells us that austerity leads to prosperity, while stimulus produces malaise.

4) American Economic Timeline
History reveals how the restoration of freedom leads to prosperity, while the removal of freedom produces malaise.

5) War On the Economy
LBJ’s War On Poverty has turned into a war on the economy.

6) Tax Cuts vs. Tax Hikes
History tells us that tax cuts benefit government revenues through more prosperity.

7) 494 Creeplenomics Economists
Recent history tells us that creeplenomics economists do not understand the economy.

8) 209 Creeplenomics Economists
Recent history again tells us that creeplenomics economists do not understand the economy.

9) 2008 Financial Crisis
Creeplenomics created the 2008 financial crisis and the following malaise.

10) 10 Governance Indicators
History tells us that freeplenomics produces more prosperity and a better society then does creeplenomics.

11) Blue State vs. Red State
Examining the ten most needy states tells us that creeplenomics produces more need than does freeplenomics.

12) Texas vs. California
Comparing Texas and California tells us that freeplenomics creates more prosperity than does creeplenomics.

13) Cities Deprived of Freedom
Examining the ten most needy cities tells us that creeplenomics produces more need than does freeplenomics.

14) Governance Indicators Summary
Freeplenomics produces prosperity. Creeplenomics produces malaise.

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