Federal Government Can’t Be Audited – Part 2

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XDF Hubble

XDF Hubble Telescope image composition: The area of the image is equivalent to a 1/50 of a full moon comprising of thousands of galaxies. The Milky Way, which is not a particularly large galaxy, contains 500 thousand million stars. It is estimated that there are more than 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

Realizing the truly massive size of big-mommy government is a lot like attempting to comprehend how many grains of sand there are on earth, or how many stars make up the universe – these concepts are all mind-boggling!

Premise: Since the GAO audit responsibility turned out to be an utter failure (explored on the previous page), in 2011 the Office of Management and Budget was given the responsibility to report the quarterly performance of government programs. As of 2013 the OMB, like the GAO has been incapable of fulfilling its mandate because it also cannot determine the full extent of government programs! Why it was thought that the OMB could be any more successful than the GAO is a mystery that may never answered. But leave it to big-mommy government to create two bureaucracies to fail at basically the same purpose – determining how monstrously huge big-mommy is.

Question: Is that how you would attempt to solve the problem? After 11 years your first agency that you created to determine how big and how well run big-mommy government is has completely failed at its purpose, so you assign another agency to duplicate the failure. Does this make sense to you?

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The following list is of bureaucracies for the states of Alabama and Alaska:

bureaucracies list

Conundrum: Only creeple would think that failing to be able to determine how big the federal government is should be solved by making big-mommy government even bigger with more failure. [pulls hair out!]

[Kind of tough to scoff off this sort of ridiculous nonsense, don’t you think?]

Explanation: Paranoia demands ever more government to fix societal problems. However, paranoia makes sheeple blind to the fact that government is the problem.

Conclusion: Big-mommy government is so fat that even she doesn’t know where she ends and the rest of the universe begins.

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