Creeple Hatred and Violence

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Creeple put out propaganda that freeple are the hateful and violent ones, whereas, sheeple and creeple are as innocent as lambs. However, it is not freeple who are the hateful and violent ones. The societal paranoia that produces sheeple and creeple also leads to substantial hatred, demagoguery and violence. See for yourself:

• Here are literally dozens of vile, hateful quotes by creeple talk show hosts. By comparison they make Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck sound as gentle as the Dalai Lama. [2dtnul5]

• Here are a few dozen more creeple hate speech quotes from celebrities and politcos. [bdnyhy]

• Various categories examples of creeple hate speech with dozens of examples. [4agjeu3]

• The Huffington Post, the current loudest voice of creepleism on the web is filled with vulgar creeple hate-speech (dozens of examples are presented). [6cl5q9p, 67ceknm]

• Creeple miscellaneous hate and violence (extensive – hundreds of examples). [2aucavx] Here are more instances documented by Michelle Malkin: [q3my3zv]

• Seven Reasons for creeple Anti-Semitism. [4ebzfjf]

• Creeple media fret over anti-Muslim hate crimes, but virtually ignore anti-Semitic hate crimes which happen at a rate of eight times over those against Muslims. [39xh69v]

• Creeple are worried about phantom Islamophobia sentiments in America, but the creeple media ignores real Christian persecution around the world (dozens of examples). [2djsz22]

• Creeple anti-war protests are often filled with hate, violence and arrests (hundreds of examples). [497qqy7, 6bu6fr] Try a Google search for >anti-war*protest*violence< – 14 million results (include the * between the words – it is a proximity limiter).

• Bush as Hitler, Swastika-Mania: A Retrospective (dozens of examples). [nr6qrm]

• More Bush as Hitler (dozens of examples). [ye2aw4g]

• Creeple death threats against Bush 43 (dozens of examples). [m42pug, pmreu8k] Update: Mitt Romney gets his own death list in the second link.

• More death threats against Bush (dozens of examples). [ygbtgxz]

• Even more Bush hatred (dozens of examples). [l5w72x]

• And more creeple insanity (dozens of examples). [7eo27]

• September, 2006 – a creeple documentary depicted a George W. Bush assassination during his Presidency. [etxnp]

• A few more reminders of Bush hatred. [6bb3o7q]

• Creeple embrace the Cloward-Piven strategy and Saul Alinsky tactics to help achieve utopia. [2d9qr9b]

• The Marxist doctrine of creative destruction. [ydzuqdm]

• Creeple are crude. [5ux9us]

• Creeple eco-terrorism groups. [dmxphh] Try a Google search for >eco*terror< – 61 million results!

• Westboro Baptist Church – Was created and led by creeple Democrat Fred Phelps. The Westboro Baptist Church is well known for desecrating the American flag and protesting at military funerals. Also considered an ally by some creeple. [by3ml, ygrl4ug, 7tjqgo9]

• Of course creeple union violence and law breaking is very common. This Wikipedia link provides a few select instances. catalogs hundreds of instances. [4g2xjat, 3wa2cow, 3mlgpry] Try a Google search for >union*vandalismunion*intimidationunion*violence< – a run-over-by-a-train 450 million results!

• Almost all violent riots where Americans have participated that were not related to sports or war are creeple anti-capitalists and anti-globalists from progressives to communists to fascists to anarchists. [48gkv9o] Here are a couple of examples from dozens over the years: Toronto G-20 Summit [48ct83g] Pittsburgh G-20 Summit [7yyydo3]

• Large Republican gatherings also attract creeple violence. Two examples: 2004 Republican National Convention [6ny9t] 2008 Republican National Convention [7vs4e9l, 4pmx45k]

• Extremely violent and radical creeple groups. Animal Liberation Front [ndjfp] Black Liberation Army [3wzzoq] Black Panther Party [y3vdjd] Code Pink [44kl95k] Earth Liberation Front [dqlxr] May 19th Communist Organization [yeyywet] New Black Panther Party [2b66l3] Symbionese Liberation Army [9mx77] United Freedom Front [4naaz5a] Weather Underground [6anatv]

• And the beat goes on. February, 2011: [5uyl9z4] Creeple seem to have been inspired by the Lara Logan sexual assault in Egypt. [83ruyve]

• Creeple public union members also showed their civility (lack thereof) in Wisconsin: [7dgkd67, 4zuwb85, 726kcvw] The last link lists the civil congratulations of creeple after the recall shellacking. [/sarcasm]

• A new pattern has developed where creeple now attempt to intimidate their opponents by terrorizing their families and neighbors: [ckg5g2a, 4u4gpoh]

• Here is a list of creeple violence tabulated since 2004, up to 2011 (hundreds of examples): [mf2pb7w]

• The Occupy Wall Street protests have been claimed to be the left’s alternative to the Tea Party. However, unlike Tea Party rallies the Occupy protests are naturally violent. This great witticism pretty much sums up the creeple attitude: “Free speech is violence when we disagree with it, and violence is free speech when we agree with it.” The third link has a list of everything you need to know about the Occupy Wall Street protestors (only updated to Dec. 6 /11 – remember, President Obama endorsed this). [44s3628, 7dztb6u, 7kpwobv] Freeple Tea Partiers follow the law, but are penalized for following the law by creeple. Occupy protesters do not follow the law, but are accommodated and supported by creeple. [7motbyk]

• Try a Google search for >”tea party” terror< and you'll get tens of millions of results like, "The tea party's terrorist tactics", "Tea Party Terror" and "Tea Party brews terrorism". Even Vice President Biden got in on the action, calling Tea Partiers "terrorists", and President Obama called them the particularly vile term, "tea-baggers" (especially shameful from a sitting President). The idea that freeple Tea Partiers are terrorists is so laughable as to be tragic. When they have a rally they leave the venue where they rallied cleaner than when they arrived, for heaven's sake! (Terrorists leave pools of blood and body parts.) This vilifying of the Tea Party is just another blatant illustration of the extreme paranoid delusion of creeple that Richard Hofstadter warned us about in his 1964 essay, The Paranoid Style in American Politics, but of course, according to creeple we must NEVER call Muslim terrorists, “terrorists” – that would be insensitive or something. [/incredulous disbelief] You can also try searches for tens of millions more results: >”tea party” hostage”tea party” jihad”tea party” suicide bombers”tea party” evil”tea party” toxic”tea party” racist< All are phantom accusations with NO evidence or even rationality to back them up. In fact Americans agree with the freeple Tea Party who see big government as the primary problem in America, whereas Occupy Wall Street erroneously views big business as the problem. [7tzqdsn, cmtd43u]

• Here is a list of the latest tactics used by creeple to silence conservatives, including sending SWATT teams to people’s houses with fake 911 calls: [bnq2j4p, 7z6rgme]

• In Ferguson, Missouri of August, 2014 policeman Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in self defense as was proven in court and by a Justice Department report. But creeple neoKKK have used this incident to riot throughout the country with many people being hurt, arrested and even killed. The most recent violence was when two police officers were ambushed and shot outside of the Ferguson police station. The creeple New Black Panther neoKKK group has called for the execution of police officers. [n4sfd2y, lmgpvcn]

Empirical evidence illustrates that sheeple and creeple are the real haters in America. Their paranoia drives them to it.

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