Cowards and Morals

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

Ground Zero: It is often claimed by freeple that sheeple are amoral, but only psychopaths have no moral grounding. Indeed, America is fighting a civil war of moral principles. Freeple have their ethical morals. Sheeple have their own morals that are buried beneath their paranoia – remember, they were born as freeple as well. Guilt and shame affect all equally, but must be targeted carefully at the morals present to be of effect. It is through targeted moral counterarguments and stigmatization that the sheeple scoff reflex can be overcome. The sting of strategically aimed moral wounds will be just as biting to any secular sheeple as to any pious Christian preacher caught cheating on his wife.

Freeple must appeal to the moral base of sheeple and creeple. Ultimately, their ideological base of paranoia amounts to cowardice. And no one wants to see them self in the mirror as a coward. Freeple must calculatingly target sheeple as the cowards that they are to penetrate their protective armor of self-lies. To push back, freeple must make creeple feel like cowards, or preferably worse, for engaging in their demagoguery and propaganda. Freeple must learn to use sheeple and creeple paranoia against them. You will learn to do these things here.

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