Not About a Woman’s Body

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First Things First: Always call abortion, aborticide. To abort is what a pilot does when it is too foggy to land his plane. The word abortion is just a generic word for the action to abort. As a suffix cide refers to death, as in pesticide or insecticide. With each aborticide someone dies, just like when terminating vermin or insects.

Premise: Feminism claims that aborticide is about a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body. This began with the infamous Margaret Sanger who wrote in 1914 that every woman should be “the absolute mistress of her own body”. (It has to be about a woman’s body, because if it isn’t, the father would have equal say.)

Question: But what about terminating a late-term pregnancy – the woman’s body is no longer a factor. Her body is already conformed to the pregnancy, so the choice about her body has already been long since taken. So it is obvious that a late-term aborticide is no longer about the woman’s body, but simply about an execution. How could the extermination of a fetus, that would otherwise be viable outside of the womb, still be a decision about the woman’s body?

Conundrum: The woman’s body is now irrelevant to the choice at hand. Neither an aborticide nor a birth can turn back the clock on the decision she made to progress with the pregnancy to late term. Her body is the same whether she aborts or gives birth. Whatever her decision, she is still looking at the very same months of recovery for her body from the pregnancy back to her normal physique. The sole feminist argument of choice in regard to her body no longer applies, but the fact that feminists insist it still does is actually very revealing. It tells us that, in fact, that the supposed right to an aborticide in principle is not about a woman’s body. If it was they would cease their claim in the case of a late term pregnancy where the choice about the woman’s body has long since been made to continue with the pregnancy to late term.

[An aborticide is the ultimate scoff – the scoffing off of a life.]

Explanation: The woman does not need to see her born baby if she so wishes. It can be immediately put up for adoption and she need never have anything to do with it again. It will be just as if she had aborted it, but the baby gets to live. The mother’s body then goes through the same transition it would have to experience whether she aborted or gave birth. Killing the child would not change that, so again, the decision is not about her body.

Conclusion: The feminist principle on aborticide being justified based on the supposed right of a woman to make a decision about her body is falsified with a late-term pregnancy. It is no longer about her body – she already made the decision to proceed with a late-term pregnancy. The feminist principle on aborticide is actually much more sinister – it is about the right to kill.

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