Agency and Structure

Real Ways To Reclaim Freedom For America

There are two contrasting aspects in sociology which describe the balance between being a creeple, a sheeple and a freeple. Agency describes the degree of desire to direct one’s own life. Structure represents external (societal) influencing factors that place limitations on one’s agency. Individual agency is the ability and desire to make choices for oneself. Freeple possess a sound foundation of individual agency. However, through external structural/societal factors paranoia can develop in a person to become a powerful influence on their agency. Collective agency – commonly known as herd mentality – is a fearful desire to have elite visionaries direct one’s life in order to provide protection from all of life’s perceived evil monsters. Creeple and sheeple are derived from structure that produces a desire for collective agency – paranoia.

Sheeple display considerable structurally-generated paranoia in the form of collective agency (a fearful demand for conformity), but not to the extent that it entirely consumes their decision making process. Sheeple can still be led to distinguish that their paranoia is an irrational thought process of external origin which can be rejected and abandoned.

Creeple, on the other hand, are entirely consumed by their structurally-generated paranoia to the point of no return. When it comes to their paranoid attitude, their individual agency has been so subsumed into a collective agency that they subordinate their free choices and demand that all others also subordinate their free choices to an all-powerful collective will. Subsequently, the single most terrifying aspect in a creeple’s thought process is to have their paranoid attitude revealed to them, which then produces a virtually impenetrable scoff reflex. This paranoia of having their paranoia exposed results in an anything-goes attitude which accepts all-out tyranny as a solution if deemed necessary.

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